Top Ten Archaic Words

Archaic Words are words that have no use in the modern age but did have significant use back in the medieval ages. It's not recommend to use them in everyday conversations or in the internet, hence the name "archaic". Unless you're writing a medieval-based fiction or non-fiction, here are some archaic words to consider using. Just an idea.
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1 Armipotent
2 Ambodexter

You might associate this word with using two hands at first, but this word is actually used to call out people who are deemed distrustful. This is a clever word if you want to banter with someone who's two-handed.

3 Aforetime

Another saying of the word "formerly" as in before time.

4 Ballarag

Archaic term of the word "bully".

5 Athwart

Archaic word for "across".

6 Gardyloo

Means "mind the water" from the French phrase "garde a l'eau" or "Prenez garde a l'eau" (beware of the water). Back in the medieval ages, people would shout this phrase out to warn people passing if they're dumping down waste from chamber pots coming from the windows above the upper floors. Hygiene is often ignored at that time.

7 Brainish

Don't confuse this word with "smart". Brainish actually means being impulsive or it could mean passionate.

8 Caliginous

Borrowed from the Latin word "caligo" meaning gloom, darkness. It may be also be borrowed from the middle french word "caligineux"

9 Daggle

It's just like the word "wade" which means walking through water or mud, but in this archaic term you drag your feet through the mud.

10 Twattle
The Contenders
11 Glout

An old word for making a frown as if you're pissed off.

12 Betimes

Means earlier than usual, as in waking up earlier than your usual routine.

13 Prithee

Means "pray thee". Basically an archaic version of the word "please"

14 Bibliopole

Someone who buys and sell rare books.

15 Bookcraft

This is simply to describe authorship, or used as a compliment of how good an author is.

16 Hellkite

A kite that flies in the 3rd depths of the hells (nah just kidding.) Hellkite is used to describe someone as cruel.

17 Joyance

This is an old term for describing someone as joyful.

18 Eyen

Basically an archaic plural term of eyes.

19 Mickle

Another old term to describe something large.

20 Holp

Older archaic version of the word "help".

21 Swain

An older word for a male servant. It is also used as a fancier word for a male lover.

22 Doth

An archaic word for "do"

23 Nowhence
24 Abraid

An older word for the verb wake up. It also means to make a sudden movement.

25 Oftwhiles
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