Least Racist States In the U.S.

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1 California California

I am originally from New York and moved to California in high school. I will say that California is probably the least racist state in America. This is based on a comparison to most of the states in the US. Racism does exist here, but it is not a prominent as in New York, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania (ooh ooh), Boston, Texas (thumbs down), Georgia, etc. The hate scale is rarely used here. It is true that most races have a good general respect and I must say that I have met a good number of people from diverse backgrounds who have a real sense of what the world should be like. We (Californians) do not necessarily tolerate ignorance in general. It's the opposite here. The people who talk prejudice are looked at like they are not normal... And it's probably because it shouldn't be. I have considered moving out of state because the exaggerated cost of homes and rents but... I know that there is no place like California. Trust me, race relations is a stressful thing to deal ...more

I am from a very culturally diverse family and have grown up in California. People here are really laid back and accepting. Naturally, there is a bit of racial awkwardness when you encounter the unavoidable and very occasional narrow minded person. When I do though, I like to ask them where they are from and generally speaking, they aren't even from here. My brother moved his family (interracial couple with kids) to tenessee for a year and they could not stand it. What a culture shock! They said the racism there was unbelievably scary. There were many parts of town they couldn't visit as a family due to the risk of a racially motivated attack. They came back with such appreciation for the laidback attitude of the average Californian. Here in San diego we don't have to worry about staying out of certain neighborhoods if you are the wrong color. In a town where it is not uncommon to see someone walking around in sweats and sandals Interracial couples and mixed kids (at least in San ...more

I've lived in southern Cali over 30yrs and have to say that racism exists, sometimes blatantly, depending on where your at. In the Inland Empire the American-Mexicans have nerve to be openly racist, murderous & hostile towards blacks, even though most of us share the same skin tone as them or have Hispanic relatives. In Orange county there's select areas that whites & Asians display subtle racism. LA & San Diego act more dignified so it's based on where u live and not so much the color of your skin. No matter how educated or refined we are, we're hated as a group instead of being judged individually. I don't understand why it's so difficult to be treated fairly, esp since the US is so interracial now that most of us have relatives of other races, many mixed with black. Mix us with ANY race and the child is black, no matter how fair the skin or fine the hair. Strip off the nation's outer skin and we're all the same color underneath. Racism is ignorance!

All types of different people live in Cali so its almost never rasist

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2 Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts, officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is the most populous state in the New England part of the northeastern region of the United States.

The State of Massachusetts is in fact Racist... It has the kind of old Racism from Slavery that is well hidden for only brief periods and comes out when questioning Merits and Accomplishments... And then it is "Oh But you're Black, or you're not even white " as if you are Not suppose to Achieve due to Ethnic background... And there is the Assumption that you are on Welfare because of Ethnic background... I am a Doctor and I have gone through many years of Schooling and Dedication and I can Not ignore what I have seen and experienced, I choose to Tell it like it is and remain Honest...

I have to strongly disagree. While the city of Boston and other Progressive and diverse cities surrounding are not racist. The state as a whole is still very racist. I grew up in Boston and as a kid never encountered any issues. As an adult, however, moving into several areas outside the city, the reaction to my African American husband and biracial children was complete opposite. Towns like Wilmington, Woburn, Canton, nice rural areas where you would want to raise your family, are all riddled with racism. We experienced it, so did our children in schools. Only people who have not lived outside of the Metro a Boston area can truly say this state is not racist.

I am Indian and I have lived in MA for the last 16 year. This place is the best for immigrants.

I grew up in MA and I swear I almost NEVVVEEERR heard anything racist. I don't know what it's like in other parts of the state but my town is in the Middlesex county and though I wouldn't call it diverse, there are definitely many people of different races and as far as I know, most of them aren't facing so much racism.

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3 Washington Washington Washington is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States located north of Oregon, west of Idaho, and south of the Canadian province of British Columbia on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It is the only state named after a president.

I've lived here for many years. My girlfriend is black and I am white and I have 0 tolerance for racism. I have never experienced outright racism in Washington. The northwest in general is a great place for people looking for a haven away from the rest of this bull racist country

Washington is probably the least racist state. For many decades it's been a mecca for mixed-race marriages; mixed-race couples and their children are safest and most accepted here. Racism is not tolerated here.

On the socially conservative rural East side of the state they hate, hate, hate the liberal urban West side of the state (split by the Cascade mountain range), and that includes hatred of the imaginary black "welfare queens" of Fox News lore that they imagine are swarming all over Seattle, but that doesn't translate to racism toward real black people they encounter personally on the East side.

I lived in Washington State from when I was a small child till I left for graduate school in my mid twenties. I am of Samoan-African American heritage and am PROUD of the state I am from. I do not think there is a place in this country where one could say racism does not exist. So I will not try and make that claim. In Tacoma for example, there was an event similar to that which occurred to 'Black Wall Street' in Tulsa Oklahoma, where Chinese-American's were forced out of their homes, murdered, and their business destroyed, all by white residents. And while most of that sentiment is in the past, it does linger. Like it does in the rest of the country. However, through the years racial relations and the incorporation of minority community influence have only improved. Once could reference the lives of Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, or Carlos Bulosan as examples of minority success during years plagued with racial strife in the rest of the country. Once could reference the influence and ...more

Racisim does exist in washington!

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4 Oregon Oregon Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Oregon is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the north by Washington, on the south by California, on the east by Idaho, and on the southeast by Nevada.

I just got back from Oregon on a seven day trip. I was surprised to see so many white people. I felt the racism the very first day but I ignored it because there were other people of color there and coming from California I was oblivious to racist looks or attitudes. But then I really felt it as I traveled from the north to the south. It wasn't an isolated feeling I felt it from one city to the next. We were six female Hispanic adults, all related, and we all have money. That didn't matter. I just felt we were not welcome and people were not friendly, at all. Other people I know have not had that same experience, therefore, I was open to vacationing. I will never go back due to the unfriendliness of about 99% of the people. There are Mexicans there in Oregon but they are hard to find. the last day we saw three protests in the streets that read "Impeach Obama'" "No Amnesty for Illegals'" and "Diversity is codeword for white genocide." I am so happy I did not see these protesters until ...more

Oregon State is one of The Most Racist States I have ever seen in my life. They are Not liberal unless you are referring to gay people and even then they are Not liberal enough to gays. This is a state of very nasty, disgusting Racist history when it was actually illegal for any minority of any class or ethnic background to enter into the state, and they abused the Indians already living within the state. The same Racism exist now in 2016 within the state of Oregon. This is Jim Crow masked with hidden Kkk sheets and the misuse of the word liberal. The state is not liberal at all. This is a very racist state of present day racism, bigotry and confederate flags supporting slavery. For the record I am a caucasian/ white male with a masters degree. I am originally from Switzerland and I believe all people should be treated equal and fair. This is not the state for fair and equal treatment. In fact it is the exact opposite.

Most of Oregon is very racist

I have no clue where these people went, cause its all wrong

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5 Colorado Colorado Colorado is a state in the United States encompassing most of the Southern Rocky Mountains as well as the northeastern portion of the Colorado Plateau and the western edge of the Great Plains.

Behind closed door Colorado I a very racist state. Denver is very diverse but Colorado Springs and smaller cities do not welcome others that are different especially blacks

Some parts of Colorado are even more racist than the south, I'm not kidding, just go to Weld County. - RogerWatersfan1999

In an interracial marriage. Live in the Springs! Love, love, love Colorado. I'm black and the hubby is white. 3 lovely biracial children. From zip lining to white water rafting to the local coffee shop, we only get treated as non labeled humans. So refreshing! Colorado is amazing!

Colorado in general is a mixed bag. Denver is very diverse and you will not find much racism. Other areas such as Boulder, Fort Collins, Durango, and other College towns are the same.
However, Colorado Springs and the Eastern plains are very racist and be carefull of those living in the middle of nowhere in the west they are often Cliven Bundy types that hate everyone and will shoot before they ask any questions. The segregation around the Denver suburbs and the mountain resort towns comes from economic class and less from race and this can be pretty bad.

Originally from NY, and been in Colorado almost 7 years. I'm black, hubby is white, and have two children. We all love it here. We started in Colorado Springs, then moved to Peyton. Only one racial incident in the years we've lived in Colorado. We love it here.

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6 Maryland Maryland Maryland is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, bordering Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Who the heck put Virginia, South Carolina, and Louisiana on here?!? - Therater2

In a multiracial family and felt very comfortable living in Maryland. Now live in North Carolina and hate it. People are just very ignorant when it comes to tolerance.

Maryland is one of those states where racism is not tolerated. The police force here is somewhat biased and racist but this is all be cause of a lack of adequate training and just hiring the wrong people. I love Maryland and would say it is the ideal place to raise a family. Now, its an expensive state but you get what you pay for. Housing holds its value and there is generally an acceptance by all. I think the only divisions seen here are economic (financial). After visiting several states, I would agree that Maryland ought to be at the TOP as least racist state.

Maryland is indeed friendly. I've lived in California Maryland for a few years but in Maryland close to 30 years. I've noticed however in California, racism exists and it's truly shocking. Minorities racist against minorities. In Maryland you will see some of the wealthiest African Americans in the U.S. overall you can't choose better when it comes to cultural awareness, job opportunities.. and much more..

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7 Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii is the 50th and most recent state of the United States of America, receiving statehood on August 21, 1959.

LEAST racist - so far I'd have to say no place I've been, or tried to get a job in, with my higher education and dark skin. That is my criteria. So I guess I'd have to vote for Hawaii on this one because even though I only visited my now-late-uncle there for a little while in the 80's, it seems that since dark-skinned Native Hawaiian Islanders/Pacific Islanders are the majority there and if it's true that they "hold all the cards" then that would make Hawaii the LEAST racist state for a dark-skinned Choctaw Indian with a higher education. Every other state I've been to or lived in or tried to get a job in, it seems, I get treated like "uneducated, "black" trash" when they see me and wind up not getting the job I came for and looked perfectly fine for on paper and even over the phone in the telephone interview - but when they see me, it's, "um, er, uh..." some lame excuse for something and then I never hear from them again.

In all fairness any poll asking people which is the ...more

LEAST racist state? As someone with brown skin and multiple higher education degrees, I haven't found one yet. Well... Maybe Hawaii. Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders look like me and if they really do "hold all the cards" there, then that would be my answer. I would say "New Mexico" but there's rampant racism against Native Americans there, and there too people treat this Choctaw Indian like "black" so, no, can't vote for New Mexico. The first state where I can go and NOT get treated like a race I'm not, and get and KEEP the job I'm qualified for based on my education, will get my vote. Notice that I use the FUTURE tense in that sentence... So from the time I've spent in Hawaii visiting my now-late uncle, I'll vote for Hawaii on this one.

As a Hawaiian, unfortunately, racism does occur here. If you are a person of color, you won't have a problem here. But oddly enough, people of the white descent are often bashed. Although it is not common, the locals are just sensitive to the history and tension we have to white people. It is mostly the lack of respect the two cultures have towards each other most of the time. In other words, if you're respectful, the locals will be too.

I am mixed and believe I look Hawaiian. It's the only place I was able to live in where I felt I belonged. I was stationed there in the military and had to leave to go to Ft. Meade, MD. Because I don't look black, I don't feel like I"m treated fairly here. The cast system is white, black, and then other. Even though I"m highly educated and an Air Force veteran, I've never been employed in Maryland. I've always tried to get a job near where I lived, but was always rejected. I eventually had to get a job in VA even though I had a Top Secret clearance.

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8 Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota is a state in the Midwestern United States. Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd state on May 11, 1858, created from the eastern half of the Minnesota Territory.

I grew up in Minnesota for most of my life. Most people there are very friendly and open to one another. Most people in Minnesota are not racist, but there are a few pockets of ignorant folk here and there, and I guess that can't be helped. Minnesota definitely has a spot up here, though.

I think people from Minnesota are quite unbiased also. I have lived on both coast however I have found that black people in Colorado springs are the worst bigots I have encountered.

Minnesota is the most friendliest state of all. it is also the best place to raise a family

I am from Minnesota and is is true I'm half african American sometimes I get looks here and there whenever I am in the store or the mall somewhere, even walking in the park I get looks too

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9 Illinois Illinois Illinois is a state in the midwestern region of the United States. It is the 5th most populous state and 25th largest state in terms of land area, and is often noted as a microcosm of the entire country.

I can't speak for other cities, but Chicago is one of the most segregated, racist cities in the U.S. The city is essentially divided by north (good) and (south). The political corruption is so bad however, that they do everything in their power to conceal the true racial demographics and crime statistics in an effort to keep the tourism dollars coming in. The police are basically just holding the barricade that divides the south side from the north so it doesn't APPEAR to be such a bad city. Don't be fooled. The crime is much worse than what you see in the news, and the crime is a direct consequence of the racism and segregation.

In the Chicago area especially in the city is very and to find racism, considering is a very democratic area, as you get to the suburbs racism gets a little bit more common admiring the fact I live in the western suburbs I sometimes or rather rarely face discrimination because I am Mexican. But as you get to the rural part especially the southern part you start to notice more racism and it gets more republican and I been to the southern part before and I felt like I was in the deep south

Southern Illinois touts their alleged southern pride. I grew up there years ago. Sad to say I feel it's a ruse. Sundowning in the past and overt racism in today's society. I'm embarrassed to have that area as my birthplace.

This state is a complete democratic state, so I'm wondering how it's #25

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10 New York New York

I've lived in 7 states and New York is probably the 2nd most racist of the 7 (#1 being Pennsylvania). Since minorities are often given preferential treatment under the law, there is a great deal of racism. For example, De Blasio, the mayor of NYC, recently proposed lowering the high school entrance requirements for members of the Black race and the Latino race, while keeping the same, higher standards for Whites, Asians, Indians, Native Americans and others. This creates undue tension amongst the races. People will know that Blacks and Latinos entered the school partially because of their race. Less people will hire Blacks and Latinos because the entrance standard for them is lower. As a Latino myself who went to one of these schools, I've already been, albeit jokingly, told that the fact that I went to one of these schools was sole because of my race and because the lower standards for my race meant that I didn't have to compete at the same level as Asians, Whites, Indians, etc. New ...more

I lived in New York most of my life and have seen people's lives destroyed because of racist legislative policies in regards to the courts and the police and their tactics. The poor and minorities are singled out for intimidation, harassment and abuse by law enforcement, especially if they happen to live in high crime neighborhoods. Most New Yorkers don't see color unless you are in their neighborhood, that is when color becomes an issue. The racism is systemic. It is not something anyone would admit to but it's reality is found in the lack of affordable quality housing, employment and education.

Been living here since I was born, no one here ever discriminates literally, never! Best state for immigrants since most come here and build the city.

I've lived in wny my entire life and would say racism is light to mild but there are vast minorities so everyone has respect for each other if you show respect back. I think the buffalo area has a strong unity and most desire to be open minded and show respect

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11 Texas Texas Texas is a state in the USA. It is the second largest by area and population. Its largest city is Houston.

Sorry but Texas is the most backwards state in the U.S.A. Very racist, ultra religious fanatics, and totally ignore the poor and minorities whenever they can. Just look at the laws past in the year 2013 alone and you have to agree. The most uninsured population in the nation, and they do everything they can to prevent the population from getting health insurance or Medicaid. Dallas seems to be the most pretentious city, and segregated, more so than any other major metro area in Texas. San Antonio is the most diverse and friendly city. Just remember if you do come here, that this is the most conservative and religious state and is controlled by conservative politics and over reaching religious organizations. We will be moving as soon as possible!

I live in Texas and for the most part when I moved to the North part I had no problem with the racist ones like in the east part... Texas might have racism but people who aren't racist that live here certainly don't put up with it my family for sure isn't cause I'm mixed and my grandmother took me in when my real mother neglected me - -ddlovesyou-

I live here too and in Southeast Texas and East Texas are very racist. But thank God we' re moving back to Corpus Christi, Texas where Whites are friendly to other races. Diversity here we come!

I'm from East Texas and have family that lives there... my family for sure isn't racist... by the way I'm mixed (black and white) - -ddlovesyou-

Someone wrote that austin is "they most accepting..." however austin is highly DIVIDED. Blacks on the east side and whites on the west, and hispanics? This came about during the "separate but equal" time and still exists today. When you accept, you eventually integrate. You will know this has happened when your city starts to look like the citizens in say, san francisco (i.E., blending of ethnicities). People marrying (or not) and choosing to have children with people from other races-- generally attracting others for who they are, not just what they look like. When the white darkens and the dark lightens, it's a sign of blending and tolerance. The times I've been in the south, including Texas, I see "white", "black," "hispanic/latin" and not a lot in between. Just an observation.

I have lived in Texas my entire life. You might find a racist here or there but in general everybody is rather colorblind.

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12 North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. The state borders South Carolina and Georgia to the south, Tennessee to the west, Virginia to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

NC used to be a place for great education, jobs, and cultural inclusion (in some places). But now with our current government, we have allowed discrimination to become law. We have one of the worst states for education, we have allowed Duke Energy to get away with the coal ash spill, and now we force the police to pull over citizens for driving 1 mph over the speed limit instead of tending to more important matters such as cold cases or the thousands of sexual assault kits that are sitting in evidence and have not been touched. The police turn a blind eye to racism and violence such as the Trump supporter striking a protestor unprovoked (caught on film while the police just watched and arrested the victim). State employees can not get raises and if they do it has to be approved by the board of governors (you read that correctly, apparently they don't have anything better to do ). We sabotaged our own film industry by placing a higher taxes on film makers which caused a lot of film ...more

North Carolina is a racist state. If you do not think so get in trouble you will see.

North Carolina is so so very racist, especially Winston Salem, and the city is filled with uncle tom's and aunt tom's especially from our aldermen, city council members and the chief of police.

That is wrong

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13 Kansas Kansas Kansas is a U.S. state located in the Midwestern United States. It is named after the Kansa Native American tribe, which inhabited the area.

I lived in Lawrence, Kansas for 2 years with my half Korean-half British friend (I'm black). We were treated with open arms and many of the locals were extremely kind to us. They'll go out there way to help you with directions and we were invited to many parties despite being probably the only two people of colour in our neighborhood. I can't speak for the whole state of course because I heard Kansas City is kinda segregated when it comes to race relations but overall I had a great experience

I lived in Kansas for almost 3 years. Very accepting place on the surface.. A real "village" feel where outsiders were accepted and welcomed in a very formal way especially in Kansas City and surrounding areas, but as you go farther the other direction, it's all white and anything non white is foreign and to not be associated with or trusted.. Just "get your gas and go" type feel.

I lived in Wichita for 13 years. Kansas gets my vote for nicest people. It take a while to break the ice but they are humanist first. They are religious people and race comes way down in their list. I loved living here, had tons of friends and dated a lot.

Definitely a welcoming state. - Randomator

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14 New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey is a state in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. It is bordered on the north and east by New York, on the southeast and south by the Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Pennsylvania, and on the southwest by Delaware.

Have lived in Jersey most of my life to only say it had gotten worse. South Jersey allows the KKK to hold rallies and march down the street spewing their hatred. I will never go back their until that ceases to exist.

I've lived in North Jersey most of my life, and I can honestly say that the only racism I've experienced was from other minorities. Most, not all white people here are polite and accepting. As long as you aren't committing a crime most people are accepting. I live in Jersey city so it's a mecca of minority groups, we have Indian Square, and a large Hispanic population. So its very mixed, their does exist some disparity in certain regions. But for the most part the Northern part of Jersey is a great place. Full of Indians, Mexicans, Salvadorians, Filipinos, Africans, Egyptians, and countless others.

Central to North Jersey I have noticed has very minimal race problems but I wouldn't be surprised if south jersey is racist. Up north by Newark and what not where I am is completely fine.

There was a neo-Nazi rally years ago moved from Cherry Hill New Jersey to next door Haddonfield marching past a gay bar where 200 to 300 dangerous neo-Nazis protested. The police had to come - to protect the neo-Nazis - as 700 Jews descended on them. Lucky for the neo-Nazis the police provided protection because if they had not it was likely the Jews would have torn them apart. Where does this happen? Central New Jersey not far from Philadelphia. There were good news articles posted to the Web at News sites - Which were all removed after links were made to them - and now the history has not so quietly dissappeared. I know of a German Colonel whose family had to move from Woodcrest in Cherry Hill a part of Camden County New Jersey citing fear of the Jewish community there. Just a few years later in North Jersey the JDL blew up Tscherim Soobzokov in Paterson placing a bomb in his front door and it was only later the Freedom of Information Act revealed he was a commando Nazi death dealer ...more

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15 New Mexico New Mexico

I grew up in Albuquerque (1984-2001) as well and am multiracial (white, black and native). I have also been called a n***** a few times, most people assume I am puerto rican and categorize me as one of "the Mexican people". I love the state for many reasons but there is a lot of racism here especially between Hispanics and Mexicans and Whites (European descendants). The darker you are the worse it is and I can't tell you how many times I have heard hispanic (Spanish dependents) talk horribly about whites. They are quick to claim hispanic to differentiate themselves from the whites but they are white so I don't understand this hate.

I lived in Albuquerque from 1978-1981. People were very friendly, there wasn't an African American in sight, but people were prejudice against the Mexican Americans in my high school: known as cholos. Every Friday a fight would break out involving them and they got a bad rep. However, I felt the public school system did not promote family values, and at the time there were few amenities for families near our home.

I do not know what era this is regarding, but this is not true in 2016.

The only American state that is not full of arrogant snobs

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16 Michigan Michigan

I live here and I am African American and I have the same amount of white friends as blacks. I go white and black bars. Strangely if I don't see white people like when I went to Atlanta I felt uncomfortable.

I lived in Michigan and found it to be a very racist state. I will not go there to visit after my experiences there. I recall the KKK holding a rally on the steps of the Capitol Building in downtown Lansing.

I love Michigan! It seems like a calm cool place where it's fun, no tourist attractions. But it's great that they aren't racist there. Everyone is mixed: Catholics, Whites (Me), Blacks, and Jews (Me). That's great!

I live in Western Michigan (Kalamazoo) but am not originally from here. Institutional racism here is alive, well and rampant, but outwardly people seem friendly.

I can't say that I have experienced much blatant racism here though, except in smaller pocket areas.

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17 Vermont Vermont

Extremely racist state. If you are white you will be welcomed with open arms. If you are any other color period you will experience systematic racism from employment (no matter how qualified you are for the job) to even checking out a library book.

Their "vehicle inspection" system is designed to weed out the "undesirables" by making cost of the repairs necessary to "pass" easily into the thousands. And since there is no adequate bussing system the commute necessary to make it to work is nigh impossible if you aren't a 9-5'er (see employment).

I'm Mexican but I'm retiring I served my country The United States of America in the Army for 28 years I am proud of my race but I have only an American flag in my car and home. I was born in Chicago and love the snow so I want to take my Mexican wife and retire in Vermont it looks green and beautiful like the rolling country side of Germany. I hope the white people will accept me I love them and I work hard, I don't bother nobody and I don't drink my wife is now an American citizen and has graduated college working as an RDH, she's a good girl, Christian like me.

I grew up in Vermont and I'm black, white and native American. I'm in my mid 50's now and the first time I ever heard a racist comment was when I left the state. I remember in high school the KKK came to New England to recruit new members. They were escorted out by the police as protesters ranted and yelled for them to leave and never come back. Vt is an independent state, an old hippie state and peace, love & happiness is the norm.

I am a brown immigrant (Middle Eastern) living in rural Vermont. It is one of the least racist places I've been in America. Initially I was surprised as the state is 97% white. People here work hard and everyone has treated us as equals. I have not heard any anti-Islamic or immigrant comments and feel almost no discrimination.

I have also interacted with several Vermont Blacks and they have the same opinion as me.

However, in one way I have found Vermonters may seem a bit racist - let me explain. Most of the blacks here are not multi-generational African Americans but African immigrants. In our rural community there are interactions with people from Africa (Ethiopia, Sudan, etc), but there is almost know interactions with African Americans from places like New York or Georgia. Due to this lack of interaction there is not much empathy for national African American causes. For this reason more liberal parts of the states might support BLM loudly while rural area's do not. ...more

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18 Mississippi Mississippi

This is the most racist state out there. when I went there a white woman threatened to slap me across the face because I was standing too close to her. I am Jamaican, and in my Jamaican accent I said "come slap me den nuh! " that means come and slap me if you dare and she said oh I'm sorry you are Jamaican I laughed my ass off

Mississippi is the worst stupid white trash poor scumbags

RACIST state in deed. My mother, and most of my family members are all from Mississippi. I visited there once when I was seventeen, I've never been back, hated it. But, if that doesn't convince you, do the research Mississippi Jail Lynchings of 1990's. (almost 140 years after slavery) and they're still getting away with lynching black people.

What, how did Mississippi get on here?!? Whatsoever a bunch of idiots...

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19 Utah Utah Utah is a state in the western United States. It became the 45th state admitted to the Union on January 4, 1896. Utah is the 13th-largest, the 31st-most populous, and the 10th-least-densely populated of the 50 United States.

I just want to say that after reading all the other comments, I'm shocked. I'm not from Utah, but rather an AF brat, so I've been around. A black person may disagree with me because I don't live their reality, but as a white person who is extremely sensitive to racism bigotry because I was raised in a box of crayons everywhere I went, because of the military, I don't feel any racism here toward blacks as far as white people talking about them or wishing they weren't here or wishing them ill will or anything else. That isn't true about Hispanics. Racism runs deep against Hispanics. It probably has something to do with the of crimes committed by them the jobs that are given them with the excuse that white people won't do those jobs. I'm sure there's more to it. While Utah hates on Pres. Obama, it is because he's a democrat not because he's black. Utah elected a female black republican congresswoman, Mia Love. Her color seemed irrelevant at election time. Things are changing. We recently ...more

Growing up in Utah, we had many different ethnicities and people from different backgrounds, from all over the world (South America, Africa, the islands, many parts of Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean). My own parents and grand parents who have been in this state forever would only address people by man or woman, boy or girl... The one who drives that truck, or the one who's in nursing school. Not by their ethnicity. It wasn't until I started hearing different languages that I realized there were some things that made us unique from one another. But even then, my classmates and my parents were all eager to understand the different ways people communicated with each other. I've been to 13 states, and lived in 5 and Utah was the last Racist of all of them and It really makes me want to go back.

I moved here in 1995 because I thought the people here would be good Christians. Yeah ~ they're not. I'm half Spanish and Australian and my husband was Danish, so my children are mixed. Some if the statement's that have been made are "get out of the way Mexican" (to my son in high school). A woman looked at my son and slammed down the lock on her car door. My son is olive skinned. I was put off by a statement that was made in the main church "marry within your own race". They refer to a park by me as taco park ~ what? There are so many instances I want to give but I haven't got the time. I work for the state and I hate it here. They treat everyone who's not caucasian like dirt Although they work very hard to get people to join their coven to get their tithing but will still treat you less than human which is really weird considering how rampant drug abuse and pedophilia is out here? I have four children and they either have completed college or are still in. But ...more

20 Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska is a state that lies in both the Great Plains and the Midwestern United States. Its state capital is Lincoln.

I love Nebraska and I always will. It is Definitely not racist, I mean for Pete's sake it's motto is "Equality before law"

We do let black and people in every store and restaurant in the whole state except South Omaha they do shoot a lot of black people there that's mostly all.

Well I live here and I'm black and they are hella racist. Granted, it's the insidious kind of racism, where no one says anything to your face, but once you turn around wooo boy.

There isn't a lot of affirmative action.
Which is either super racist or super not racist depending on your politics I guess.

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