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I have an Uncle who is married and who's lived in Orange County (Anaheim) since the mid-1960's. We are a mixed race family and his wife is white. He retired about 15 years ago as a chair of a department at a prominent university there. They love California, and raised their children there. While they've heard people express views that were a bit ignorant, it is rare and most people openly rebuke such ideas. My Uncle appears to be white, but lets everyone know he is mixed when race discussions come up. I've always wanted to live in California - advanced ideas regarding green living, culture, the arts, education, health and fitness in the forefront of every day life. No city is perfect I imagine, but I'm extremely tired of people who hate. No decent person should have to live near them or have their lives cheapened because of their lack of character.

I have to agree highly with this one. California is probably one of the most ethnically diverse states in the U.S. The college I go to, which is Riverside University, is filled with people of different races, mostly white, black, Mexican, and Asian. Racism does exist, and I've seen many examples of it, but it's not common here. I'm also glad to see that so many young people here aren't hateful. They show others true respect, no matter what color their skin is. Some of my friends have racist parents, but they pay no mind to their bickering, and I deeply appreciate that. All the young people out here who have no intent on being prejudiced will definitely play a big part for the future for sunny southern Cali. - Mcgillacuddy

I grew up here in an affluent majority white but still somewhat diverse coastal town. Lived in the city (SF that is) for about 17 years now. Have friends from all different walks of life, and a daughter who is mixed race (white/black). Not sure if it's California or san francisco but mixing races and generally liking or disliking people for who they are as a person is pretty standard here from my experience. A lot of mixed race couples and children in our social circle as well as in the city and bay area as a whole (white, Asian, black, Indian, etc.). Highly educated, progressive population as well which I'm guessing contributes to the low ignorance, high tolerance levels. No matter what race you are, as long as you don't come across as scary (looking to hurt someone), unlikely anyone would bat an eye...and if they do, they are probably hitting on you ;).

As a "colored" person (they still say that here in Texas) I found California to be a break from all the racism I experience I Texas. Imagine, white people who don't mind Obama, are considered for the environment, and really don't care about your ethnicity. A place where I feel like an American, even though I'm not white. That's California.

California's diversity is astonishing. While our country tends to be seen as vastly diverse, it becomes very difficult to see that in the numbers. Where it is crystal clear, is when noticing the individual state. Yes, there are many states that lack the diversity people expect, but California never disappoints to grow in diversity. By 2014, Latinos overpassed whites in the overall population of California, and this diversity continues to increase as of 2016. Of course, like any other state, there are always going to be those racially intolerant people, but they do not represent the states entirety.

No ethnicity is a majority in California. In fact, nobody (either Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, Asians) even makes up 40% of the population. (As of the latest Census estimates)

Many races/cultures have colorful enclaves lined up in the cities of LA, SF, and SD. Sacramento was once called "America's Most Integrated City" by TIME Magazine (not just diverse, integrated)

Not saying there isn't a few problems here and there, but California has to be among the 10 least racist states, considering the diversity of the population (either in cities, suburbs, and even some small towns)

... And even the politicians too!
Mayor of LA - (Jewish, half Mexican)
Mayor of SF - (Taiwanese)
Attorney General - (half-black, half-Indian)
Both US Senators are Jewish
One GOP gubernatorial candidate (Hindu Indian)

In the 21st century, no high-profile racial law has passed, which is too much to say for many other US states (Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, etc). Although ...more

Can't imagine living anywhere other than California, despite our insanely expensive cost of living. My daughter is mixed-race and it's not something people blink an eye about. In fact, 19 of the 24 kids in her private school class are mixed race: African am/white, Asian/white, east Indian/white, afr am/Asian, etc and all are very educated families (i.e., 6-7 digit earners). I've considered moving to less expensive parts of the country but it seems most places (as a whole) are not as evolved as we are here. People really need to get out of their small towns and explore the world a little. At minimum, educate yourselves, people. If you didn't know, we ALL originated (and later migrated) from Africa over 200,000 years ago!

I was forced to move to Florida from Cali because of my Dad's job... Lets just say it is a HUGE difference. People are hella ignorant and racist. I cannot stand it. No matter the race everyone down here is very small minded. It is a wake up call to us on how race still matters in the South.

I'm an Afghan male and was born in California in 1989. As I can say is that there are good people here who welcome any race to their society in California. When my dad, families and relatives came to California they were welcomed and treated good. I lived in California for my whole life. People in California are strict and they don't tolerate racism. As for myself I don't like racism and I love everyone as who they are and where they come from. I live in Fremont and there is a huge Afghan community and other cities like Elk Grove, Tracy, Manteca, Dublin, Pleasanton, San Ramon where I am familiar with have a huge Afghan community.

California is extremely diverse. Specially the areas of Southern California and the bay area by SF. I moved to the US when I was 15 and developed a very diverse group of friends. I've dated girls from other races, mainly white girls. If you go to places like the inland empire though you'll have a lot of bitter poor white people who hate anything but themselves. If you move closer to the coasts you will find diversity and everyone just getting along.

I was born and raised in California, and totally agree with this post. I have been to over 30 states and California is by far the least racist. And if your looking for the opposite, try northern Nevada. Fallon Nevada, for example, is DISGUSTING. I suggest only racist whites move to Fallon. It's a total hole.

California is not as racist as the south such as Georgia, Virginia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, and Texas but. California is racist against black people but not toward other races. They are very much diverse but Hispanics, Asians, and Whites are more repected and accepted. It is very hard for a black person to find work especially in Sacramento.

I've lived in California all of my life. Although there are some ignorant people in California, a lot of people practice tolerance. When I traveled across county in my teens I couldn't believe how prejudice people were as I headed towards the east coast.

I'm Japanese, and I lived there for like 7 years. Everyone there treated nicely, and even other races were treated as same as me. Also, I asked everyone whether they had racial discrimination, they all said no. They said they have jokes, but not harmful. I wish I can live there in the future

I'm 16 years old and having been living in California for 15 years. I live in the silicon valley, which is a hotspot for immigrants and diversity. Here, there is practically no racism what so ever. No hate crimes or anything, especially in this area. Of course there are always some racist individuals anywhere you go, but as a whole, most of California is a very laid-back, super accepting place, and is a great place to live.

California the least racist? Is this a joke? There is definitely racism in California, it's not the most racist state though, but it's still up there. Race riots in public schools? Rodney King? Mexican gang members ethnically cleansing black neighborhoods? One of the largest neo Nazi skinhead groups in the country? No, these things didn't happen in the south, they happened right here in California! States that are racially diverse tend to have more racism.

Now that I'm finally 18 and about to finish my bachelor's, I can not wait to move back to California. Although it maybe more expensive at least there is less awkwardness than Texas.

I gotta say that California is culturally the most diverse state in all of the US, but I'm here in this small town near the coast where people want a school where students are selected, and guess what? There are only 10% Mexicans and Blacks. Don't be fooled, there is racism in California. But lower compared to other states.

Least racist state I have ever lived in, and I have lived in over ten and traveled to 45

Racism exists in every state somewhere. Just because states like Mississippi and Alabama USED to have slavery doesn't mean they have as much to this day. Same as California-just because it has Hollywood and is the most popular state, it is not completely free of racism. - Garythesnail

Who the back put California on this least?!?!? A lot of the rich white folks are racist in this state! Cause they hide it doesn't mean their not!

I grew up in Minnesota, and I moved to California about 3 years ago. I have to say since coming here, I have faced almost no racism. For most people I have met here, it seems that people really are as "color blind", as the phrase goes, as possible.

The best state in the USA. It can stand as a separate country if it wants to be. it would be the 5th largest economy in the world if it stood as a separate country.

People hate us because we celebrate diversity. We love everything that is different. The central part of the state is a bit different - but still a hell lot different from the South. Also, haven't yet met anyone from Indiana yet in California.

It's very hopeful to know that there's a place somewhere in the US., I could be proud to be an American. Being free to live in your skin without being hated for it, is something I pray we all can experience.

All Californians have immigrated here from either other countries or other states, plus California used to be part of Mexico until the US took it away. Not much racism happens here because we have been victims of racism. Plus we have a lot of different ethnic groups, it's insane. (Especially in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco) - WhoareuCanada