Top Ten Reasons Why the Legend of Zelda Is Better Than Call of Duty

The Top Ten
1 Better Story

This list reads my mind.

This list is exactly true.


2 Better Gameplay
3 Much More Innovative

This should be top 1, Heavy! Please give me specifc reasons why Better Story is top 1 other than it's not just a guy has to rescue a girl.

that's true.

4 Bigger Worlds

In call of duty, your restricted to a small arena. But you can actullay explore in Zelda!

5 Every Game Is Different

Yeah, that is true.

6 Not Worn Out
7 More Diverse Worlds
8 Better Weapons
9 Better Exploration
10 Better Worlds
The Contenders
11 Better Quests
12 No Annoying Five Year Olds Online

Annoying zelda fans? you mean the ones who keep saying that zelda and link have a romantical relationship (In games that they don't have) and the ones who only make fanart, right?

I generally agree with this list but Zelda fans can be annoying too.

Zelda fans are annoying, but COD fans are worst.

13 Better Level Design

Can we really call the overworld and dungeons "Levels"

The only good Call of Duty levels are All Ghillied Up and Shock And Awe.Zelda has great levels

14 More Appropriate

Yes Zelda is more appropriate than call of duty

YES. But some scenes are a bit scary.

Call of Duty is like an 18, most Zelda games are 12s bus some are 7s.

15 Better Character Names

Kind of.

16 It Has Groose
17 It Doesn’t Get Repetitive
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