Top 10 Lesser Known Heavy Metal/Rock Guitar Riffs of the 70s

Unlike Iron Man by Black Sabbath or Kashmir by Led Zeppelin these songs are less known .And some of the less known heaviest guitar riffs of 70s .

The Top Ten

1 Bird of Prey - Uriah Heep

This is an amazing song and yes - it's very underrated. Glad to see it at #1. - Metal_Treasure

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2 Not Fakin It - Nazareth
3 Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll - Blue Oyster Cult UListen to Sample
4 Ogre Battle - Queen UListen to Sample
5 Natural Thing - UFO
6 Speed King - Deep Purple UListen to Sample
7 Tie Your Mother Down - Queen UListen to Sample
8 Into the Fire - Deep Purple UListen to Sample
9 Stone Cold Crazy - Queen UListen to Sample
10 Electric Funeral - Black Sabbath UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Working Man - Rush UListen to Sample
12 Teenage Nervous Breakdown - Nazareth
13 Free Wheeler - Nazareth
14 Mistreated - Deep Purple UListen to Sample
15 The Shed (Subtle) - Rainbow UListen to Sample
16 Victim of Love - Eagles UListen to Sample
17 Shylock - Buffalo
18 Crash Course in Brain Surgery - Buffalo
19 Satori - Flower Travellin' Band UListen to Sample
20 Plastic Shotgun - Night Sun
21 Witchy Woman - Eagles

Top 10 for sure

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22 Kill the King - Rainbow UListen to Sample
23 Larks' Tongues in Aspic, PT 1

The riff right after the intro(after the drum build-ups, also) isn't the heaviest, or in the same sense as some other bands, but it's definitely a heavy riff by a 70's rock band, never the less a Prog rock band.

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24 Sympathy - Uriah Heep UListen to Sample
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1. Bird of Prey - Uriah Heep
2. Not Fakin It - Nazareth
3. Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll - Blue Oyster Cult


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