Top 10 Lesser Known Horror Movies


The Top Ten

1 Suspiria

Pure masterpiece from master Argento. I love almost everything by him but Suspiria is really special - one of his best works along with Tenebre - Alexandr

Great flick from the master Dario Argento. A great mix of art & gore make this late 70's flick a classic. -

I agree that this is VERY overlooked and unappreciated. It is unique and few films have ever been like it.

2 Cannibal Holocaust

Me and my friend watched this in the middle of the night (not one of those movies but oh well). The good gory memories. XD - fireinside96

3 The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue

By Spanish Director Jorge Grau and set in England. This Zombie Flick made only a few years after Night of the Living Dead a must. A great story line and lots of good death makes Night look like a Kids movie. -

4 Santa Sangre

From Alejamdro Jodoroesky this movie is a weird one. That is all I will say -

5 Deep Red

One more from Argento a classic slasher. -

6 Zombi 2
7 Changeling

This movie was absolutely terrifying! - fireinside96

8 Twitch Of The Death Nerve

From Master Mario Bava. See if you can pick out all the murders that films like Friday the 13th stole. -

9 Cemetery Man

Another great zombie flick. Very artsy with some dark humor. -

10 The Gates of Hell

From Lucio Fulci what it lacks in acting it makes up in blood. -

The Contenders

11 Spring Break Shark Attack
12 Martyrs
13 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
14 Tamara
15 Session 9
16 A Serbian Film
17 Tenebre

Once again Argento unleashes gore and art in one great slasher flick. -

18 Deep Star Six
19 The Coroner
20 House IV
21 Thirteen Ghosts
22 Dead Alive
23 Salo
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