Top Ten Important Things About Friendship

Friendship is very important in life.

Here's a list of the best things about friendship.
The Top Ten
1 Love

When you are nice to someone, you make friends with that person, and it takes love to do so.
Love is important and involves doing things to make others happy.
That's part of life, and it helps make someone your friend.

Depends what type of love you're talking about. It has many forms and variations.

2 Respect

When you want to be with someone and make friends, you should do something nice to that person, you should respect that person, if we want to make friends.

3 Helping Others

When someone wants help, you should do it for that person, it makes that person happy.

4 Fun

When you do nice things to someone, you make friends with that person, and that makes life more fun.
That's what we need in life, friendship and fun, when someone wants to be with you, you want to be with the other, and have fun with that person, that's what makes life enjoyable.

5 Sharing

Sharing is very important, you want to take turns with others, and enjoy what others do.

6 Discussing Good Topics

When you want to talk to that person, you want to talk about things that he/she loves, and share it with that person.

It makes that person want to be with you and learn more.

7 Learning

When you learn, it makes others know more, it brings knowledge towards that person, it helps that person know more abut things and you, also me.

8 Hanging Out

When you hang out with someone, you're with that person, and with that, you do and say things that make that person your friend.

9 Be Honest
10 Doing Entertaining Things

When you make friends, you want to entertain that person by doing entertaining things, like music or videos, that's part of friendship.

The Contenders
11 Feeling Good About Yourself and Your Friends

You want to make friends, right? Then you should feel good about yourself and you should also feel good about your friends.

12 Haters
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