Best Lip Balm Brands

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1 Carmex
2 ChapStick

I think ChapStick is the best brand. I have a ton of those. - cosmo

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3 Eos

I think eos is a great brand. I like the lip balms the sell because of there unique round shape that is very smooth. My favorite is probably honeysuckle honeydew, strawberry sorbet, or cool mint. I am also a fan of the cucumber hand lotion!

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4 Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees have a lot of all natural lip products. The only downside to this awesome brand is that it can be pretty pricey.

5 Blistex
6 Baby Lips

It moisturizers good and it make you lips pretty

It moisturizers and it's pretty on you lips

Omggg these are the best of the best

7 Nivea

Nivea has a lot of lip products. They have lip glosses, lip butters, lip balm, lip care... Etc. Also, some of the products are tinted, which is a big plus.

8 Softlips

I loved the strawberry slimstick from softlips but they discontinued it.

Soft Lips is my favorite on-the-go lip balm. Whenever I use my Watermelon Soft Lips I can smell the watermelon on my lips. I'm not even joking. I also like the price, at my Walmart and H-E-B they sell the Soft Lips for around $1.77.

9 Revo
10 Berkshire Balm

Great product! Beeswax all Natural.

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11 Maybellene
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