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1 Audi Audi AG is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury vehicles

Audi. Where to begin? Engines are hand grenades, transmissions fail, wishbones like to bend, plastics fall apart if they're not cracking, rims are weak & crack all the time - all within the first 100,000km. & the parts are not cheap. But, it's hard to feel sorry for audi owners, really - after all, they did circle the problem 4 times!

All right, so you may not like Audi okay. But if you say this is the worst car, you would rather have ANYTHING else on this list. That includes fiats and smart cars or anything else like that. If you like those more, you got some serious head problems.

Really bad cars with horrible motors that go after 100k miles. People here just like them and are defending them because they're "luxury" cars like a BMW or Mercedes, which really aren't much better. Audi's are just glorified Volkswagen's.

Audi's are legendarily awful. Appaling ride, baulky, heavy, overpriced, sinfully boring, unengaging, uncommunicative, diabolical steering and handling, slow, rattly, unrefined, a fortune to service and maintain and absolutely appalling reliability.

2 Ford The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

Well I don't know what you guys have had but, I've owned and driven Ford's for my whole 42 years of my 56 year old life and have never had any of the issues, problems stated here my whole family and kids all drive Ford's. I'm a mechanic myself. I have a 2001 f150 4x4 with 35" Tires with 240,000 miles on it for most of its life been threw all kinds of terrain, mud ice snow, pulled huge loads. Only things need were regular maintenance. Brakes 2 times, 1 battery and 1 set of headlight bulbs. I own 8 different mustangs and drove all of them like I stole them.
FORD is the greatest CAR and For SURE TRUCK maker ever.
I worked in the oilfields for a long time so I had many truck of all Maker's a d Ford's were the only truck you could work hard without having it in the shop most of the time.
I could talk all day about how great they are. Currently have 11 Ford cars and trucks and 1 Lincoln Navigator that's awesome.
People that voted Ford as o e of the worst are just hater's!

This is garbage, Ford has made excellent trucks over the years, my 1999 4 cylinder Ranger just hit 120,000 miles today. My father owns a 2002 Ford Excursion Limited Diesel that has a 7.3 Liter International Harvester engine in it making it one of the most powerful engines ever placed into a truck. The excursion now has 250,000 miles on it and has been all over the United States, From east coast to west coast, North to South with ZERO trouble. of course there were flat tires and oil changes from time to time but my experience has been very good with Ford.

The items that fail with regularity on Ford vehicles is stunning. Things that last 20-60 years, or longer on older vehicles, now rust through, fail, fall off, fall apart, break, were never correctly installed in the factory, were so poorly engineered that one wonders if Ford even has any engineers on their staff. If you buy a Ford, just keep it in the garage, never drive it except during dry, sunny weather, and pray constantly. Fix Or Repair Daily is now more true than ever. Scary As Hell should be the new name for Ford.

All of you here are glorifying older models. I too could say that about my older Chevy truck. I love that machine. I can't help it, I love the classic f-150's as well. But let's face it, today's Ford and Chevy vehicles are garbage. After hitting 60k on my 2015 focus st, I had to make sure that everything was on check. Everything became super high maintenance. Engine was faulty. Brakes actually loosened up about 25k miles in. Was leaking oil too. I sold it. Bought a fusion instead. Garbage. Now I'm stuck with more garbage.

3 Dodge

I disagree. One word.
The Caravan.
My family is pretty big two parents, four kids, a grandma, and a big dog. We got the old piece of crap used, and have busted pretty much everything in it, mostly due to our own carelessness. Back doors broke. No air conditioning. Brake problems. Flat tires. A giant dent in the door from where a car hit it. It is still on the road with 125000 miles on it, and perfectly okay. It's true what they say. While Dodge may not be the prettiest or most reliable, they can take one hell of a beating and come out okay, which is a great thing to have.

I agree that the older mopars had pretty durable motors such as the 225 slant six and the old Torqueflites. The biggest enemy with old mopars is rust. They rusted badly. I had a '73 Plymouth Duster 340 that I purchased used in 1980. It was one of the most mechanically reliable cars that I've ever owned clocking nearly 200,000 miles on the original engine. The Duster's fit and finish wasn't that great, but it was mechanically very sound and reliable. Driving my Duster on those salty Ohio roads the body and K frame were badly rotted. I ended up scrapping the car in 1990. I still miss my old Duster. The last mopar that I owned was a 1999 Dodge Intrepid (purchased new) that was absolute junk. The transmission blew up at only 5000 miles, and I had a myriad of electrical, brake, paint, and mechanical problems with that car. It also had the horrible 2.7 V6 that's become the worst engine Chrysler ever built. I ended up selling the Intrepid two years later and buying a used 1996 Honda Accord ...more

Dodge to me is one of the worst car brands I've ever heard. I didn't like how they look and how ugly they are! I think they break down more than Ford or Hondas or whatever. I would say they rust easier. Dodge Durangos, Journeys, Darts, Caravans, Pickups, and Dakotas, and more are the worst car models of Dodge. I want to say no on Dodges than Fords. Dodge should go defunct!

George Washington along with his American armies drive this car against the British during the Revolution while playing dat music.
I would prefer other car companies like Cadillac and stuff.

4 Fiat

Ugly, behind disgusting cars are made by fiat. They are out of date and are behind everyone else in terms of car making. I think fiat will just have to shut their terribly, awful company of disgraceful cars

They destroyed Chrysler! The ruined most Jeeps and uglified the Charger. Oh and how could I leave out the part where they ordered the crushing of 93 rare Vipers?

I'd have to say fiat because they ruined everything Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and ram had.. not only did they ruin the American cars they bought out, but there cars are just as bad... especially the fiat 500, that's a joke

I have never owned or Driven a Fiat, I drive a Chrysler 300. but I am convinced that unbelievably bad management of the FCA Family by Fiat has ruined the Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep side of the business

5 Toyota Toyota is a Japanese car manufacturer, located in Toyota, Japan. Some of their most notable cars include the Prius, Corolla, and Highlander.

I talked about the positives of Toyota. Now I am talking about the negatives. Toyota is one of the most reliable car manufacters, but that's probably because they prioritize reliability over anything else. As a result, several of their cars does not feel new at all. My dad's 2017 Sienna looks like it came from 2012. This is evident by the looks of it, both in and out. Also, the interface of the car's screen feels old and like from the 2000s. My mom's 2017 Highlander is the least of my worries. What is missing from most Toyotas? Apple CarPlay. Toyota eventually included it, but as late as 2019. Before that year, Toyotas does not support Apple CarPlay. As a result, I have to buy 2 phone holders (1 for the Sienna and the other for the Hughlander), which I think is a complete waste of time and money. Also, my phone's small screen makes navigating harder, especially when the Toyota Highlander no longer has a built-in navigation system. Also, the Toyota's app that come with the infotainment ...more

What the heck, there are too many Toyota's everywhere. They are ruining many opertunities for many other car brands. Most Toyota drivers are very bad drivers. They are even ruining opertunities for it's own car brands owned by them. Even all the rich people are buying Toyotas. Whoever founded Toyota lost their mind. It should had been just a brand that makes something else. It would be better if Toyota came after Lexus, Subaru, and Scion. It would be the best if Toyota wasn't even existing until 2017, or if Toyota only made the Land Cruiser, Supra, and the GT86 plug in hybrid supercar.

Toyota's trucks are unreliable and some Toyota's are not rated well, except the
Toyota sennia . By the way they are worse than Audi's by the way Toyota's are ugly I hate their interior. they look old and they look the same, I rather get a Audi than a Toyota. I hate that Toyota's sports car and the Toyota Highlander does not rate that well. So by you thinking Audi's are the worst, but they make better cars than Toyota, I think the Toyota should be at #1 worst car brands

Alaska has no useable dealer, warranty is a joke. You have to drive
2000 Miles to Washington state according to toyota corporate?
They have cost me $18,000 for nothing. I now am in a 98 Durango,
Runs, shifts way better and smoother than the decrepit 2017 Tacoma.
Tacoma rear locks up while driving, factory rep says normal? It bucks, surged. The 98 Durango has same warranty,

6 Tata

I swear people people are hating on Tata because of one car: the nano. The nano probably costs less than any other car and don't forget Tata bought Land rover and Jaguar and refreshed the 2 brands that weren't doing too well under Ford. So don't hate.

No tata is a car company with respect... Check out their new models of cars... Tata harrier and Tata altroz.. You'll get stunned... Never misplace an Indian car company... You talk about Chevrolet... How did it fail in India (I don't mean to embarrass anyone.. It's an opinion of mine.

What a disgrace to humanity. At least the Yugo had character, Ford had the GT, Fiat had the Coupé, but Tata has nothing. Are they cheap? Yes they are, but so is a testicular amputation, and would you want that? Just because they own Jaguar Land Rover financialy does not mean they are the same manufacturer. This is why India is a failed republic.

You are so wrong tata is the best car company in india... We are so proud of them because they are building so strong cars with amazing design and amazing feel of everything

7 Chrysler Chrysler is one of the "Big Three" automobile manufacturers in the United States, headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Chrysler should be #1 worst. I have never known anyone that has owned a Chrysler that hasn't said it was the worst vehicle they have ever owned. Every time you see a car broke down on the highway (save for a flat tire or out of gas) it is a Chrysler. ALWAYS a Chrysler or a Dodge or Jeep. Look at any reliability list for the last 45+ years and just about every model Chrysler makes is at the bottom. Find one driving in a straight line on the highway. Find one that is parked in the lines in a parking spot. The people that drive them aren't usually too bright. Guessing they have no access to the internet to look up reliability. Their dealerships are only staffed with the most incompetent service staff and the cheezy suit wearing balloon tieing salesmen. Every single thing is an option. What a lousy company. Already went bankrupt twice, maybe third time is a charm.

Chrysler is a great brand! I KNOW that some of you have had bad experiences with Chryslers in the past, but look at all the other imported brands being praised for reliability, but most of their cars on the road are lemons! Honda had over 10 years of transmission, brake and engine problems, but NOBODY CARED. Toyota got away with more than five years of major engine problems! Nissan has their new CVT transmissions going at under 10k miles! A lot of cars flopped in reliability in the 2000s, Chrysler being one of them (along with Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Toyota, Nissan, and others). Reliability may never have been a strong point for Chrysler, but every rose has its thorns.

Chrysler doesn't deserve to be here. My family had a 1997 Chrysler Town and Country LSi with 200k miles, only issues were a/c not working (common for a car its age) and tranny failure at 180k miles, but that was cheap to repair because of the cars age. It also saved our life recently in a carpool when my dad was forced off the road by another driver and we hit a tree, then ricocheted off that into oncoming traffic where we were broadsided by an Impala doing 30 MPH. Only reason why they get so much hate as being "cheap" is because to many people are flocking over to those Japanese econobox death traps! And Chrysler is being tarnished by Fiat.

Chrysler has always ranked the pooest in vehicle construction quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction from its dealers. I've owned a few later model Chrylser products and can conclude that these vehicles are absolute junk. The LH cars were attractive in appearance and offered a roomy interior, but a transmission blowing up on a car with less than 5000 miles is beyond belief. Chrysler has no appealing fuel efficient vehicles in their line up. All they seem to want to focus on are their "throw back retro mobiles" with over powered engines, goofy styling, and dated Mercedes Benz underpinnings. Chrysler won't survive unless they can build some cutting edge automobiles with hybrids and all electrics; drastically improve their quality control, drastically improve customer satisfaction, drop the silly over muscled retro mobiles that appeal to a small minority of auto buyers, and do create a new range of automobiles that can actually wow the majority of auto buyers. If Chrysler can't ...more

8 Smart

Also there are also mercedes benz smart cars. These cars are too small slow and ugly. I never bought this car and never will. It's a ripoff mini cooper and mercedes.

If you crash one of these things, you're gonna get all mangled in the wreckage. These little things aren't cars, they're overglorified golf carts!

Has probably one of the dumbest and poorly thought-out designs in the automotive industry.

These cars are literally glorified golf carts... I would hate to be in one of these while in a road rage with a semi

9 Jeep

They look nice (In my opinion) but these cars don't last. I've had a couple grand cherokees and they were both having major problems like within 50K miles. Now I drive a honda with over 100K miles and it hasn't had any problems whatsoever

I have to agree with modern Jeep being on the list because of the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Renegade and Compass. Horrid vehicles. But Jeep pre-2006 is a force to be reckoned with.

I have a Jeep and it is probably one of the best cars I've had in a while.

Jeep isn't bad, they make a lot of luxury cars.

10 Volkswagen

I'm a used car wholesaler and deal primarily with 5 to 10 year old cars. My usual month, I will buy and sell over 100 cars. Volkswagen and Audi along with Porsche SUV's are rather problematic and very pricey to repair. Terrible electrical systems, poor gaskets and so on. They are on parr with Jaguar, Rover or any crap out of Italy. In all honesty, European brands generally are poorly put together and way overpriced. There's a reason why a 10 year old Honda civic is worth more than a 10 year old S class Mercedes, and Audi A8 or anything out of Europe. Toyota may have recalls, but the costumer pays nothing and the car will run for decades, as will any Honda.

What's weird is I hate Volkswagen but I love Audi (there the same company). Audi's are very well designed cars. Volkswagen have the most boring looking cars I've ever seen.

Volkswagen is the best car company in the world. It' s cars are super powerful and good looking too. If you have buyed it you must have seen it first and the buyed. My car is 9 years old and there's nothing wrong in it.

Terrible Car company, tests on animals illegally and lies about emission values. Can they continue to keep ruining their public relations?

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11 Yugo

I don't know overly much about cars, but I know that the Yugo GV was the Justin Bieber of cars. I feel bad for all of those Yugoslavians in the mid-1980s who had to buy one. And then another, after their first one was destroyed in a 0.1km/h collision.

Yugo's are ugly! They are horrible! This needs to be on #1! They look hideous!

This car company is a ripoff volswagon and the name is a ripoff yugo from dragon ball.

Yugo is a model, Zastava is a brand.

12 Cadillac Cadillac is a division of the American automobile manufacturer General Motors that designs and builds luxury vehicles.

However ranked Cadillac here is clearly stupid. They are definitely one of the nicest and strongest built cars of all time. Especially their older models such as the DeVille Series and the Eldorado series. And they were always so ahead of their time. The only bad Cadillacs ever made were the Cimmaron and the Catera. The person who ranked Cadillac should reevaluate their choice. Cadillac shouldn't even be included in this list.

HEY! Cadillac does not belong here! There cars look amazing and Cadillac has good luxury too.

I agree with this. Cadillac is pretty bad.

Cadillac is nice. They make nice cars.

13 Lada

These junkies have a horrible reliability and they are ugly. The people who voted for audi ford and toyota have just never embarked in these rotting on wheels. In russia lada is good but not in America.

A lada being tested by a Australian petrol head caught fire... In his driveway. Not moving, not even on. Who would like having cars spontaneously combusting in the driveway or a garage?

To be honest, Lada is the only car, that tried to kill me. When I was in a taxi, which was Lada Samara. According to the words of taxi driver, it was only 3 month (I mean lada samara) old. And I the mountain road, right on the turn the suspension had collapsed, and the rear left wheel almost fell off a cliff (it was still connected to the rear axle, but it was not connected to shock absorbers or suspension). It cause mishandling of the car, and just by a good reaction of the driver, the car has not fallen off. Typical faliures of ladas (according to my experience by chatting with other "lucky" drivers of ladas) are: the engine starts really badly, if it is cold not only the engine won't start, but doors are often jammed, so would be the boot; rust is the least of your problems; horrific safety according to independent crash tests; ugly, miserable interior as the equipment (well abscence of it as such) and, of course - very poor handling. In other words ladas are just rubbish, and ...more

Good point. Lada looks like a 2010 or 2008 or something like that. I am stunned with shame on the design

14 Honda Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and power equipment.

Honda is a good very good vehicle, getting great gas mileage and is a generally safe brand of vehicles. However they're just boring to look at, The pilot and the element look like a box, the Accord coupe is okay and I like the features of the 2014+ models, The civic is dull to look at but is a fun college/university student car... kinda reminds me of a jet fighter from the drivers seat just because of how the console is set up... well you know.. not AS cool obviously. The Fit is boring, the CrZ looks like it came out of Tron, The CRV no matter how much it's updated is still uncool. It's got that "my boring parents drive this" look to it. Still to Honda's defense, they're affordable, safe, and economic vehicles to own.

Some of the comments are funny. Just because it's not very fast doesn't mean that it's bad! The voters seem to be a bunch of teenagers who only see cars as speed vehicles. Most people actually don't care about speed and have higher priorities for their cars. The purpose of Honda cars was never to be speed-impressive. There are other car brands that are made for that purpose.

Honda Civic is not bad guys. I have it working since the pastpast ten years.

Only crappy drivers buy these garbage cars.

15 Buick

Buicks are not terrible at all. They actually have a pretty nice look, beautiful interiors and a history of good times with this brand.

Cars for old people

16 Peugeot

Why is it this low? If you know how bad they are, you know why. Cannot brake properly, malfununctioning heat system that can literally explode and set on fire, doesn't reverse well, and has many features and buttons that literally permanently lock the back doors and do nothing.

17 Daihatsu

Daihatsu isn't that bad

Box on wheels

18 Tesla

Personally, I think that Tesla is terrible. They are long on price and acceleration and short on practicality, stability, and reliability. That is why I am considering Asian EVs instead, such as the Nissan Leaf, Kia Niro EV, etc.

What's wrong with you, Tesla is the best car company out there with zero emissions and less chance of fires. Do you hate our environment or what?

Before you criticize a vehicle, you should drive one first.
then make up your mind.
Best car I've ever owned. And I've owned mane great cars.

Tesla Autopilot goes wrong and crashes! The Autopilot needs to be Update!

19 Chevrolet Chevrolet, colloquially referred to as Chevy and formally the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company, is an American automobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors.

Chevrolet is one of the worst manufacturers I have ever heard. I am not talking about classic Chevrolet: I think that the 1980s-1990s Corvette looks awesome. However, modern Chevy is where things go south here. Reliability is crap, the quality is crap, and their idea? A ripoff. You see, Trax is crap, Equinox is crap, Malibu is crap, Blazer (2020) is crap, almost everything, EVERYTHING, about Chevrolet is crap. No wonder why Zebra Corner mocks this domestic trainwreck. I would rather get a Nissan Sentra (which is mediocre) over any modern cars made by Chevrolet. All this atrocity makes the Sentra look like a masterpiece (which is not in reality).

For people saying their trucks and cars last a long time, that's because I have worked on so many of them to do so, more then any other brand. They use the cheapest parts, material, and piss poor engineered. Their engine is ok but when it comes to anything else, it's garbage.

First, they made a bad car (Corvair). Then they replaced it with an even worse one (Vega). And they replaced it with possibly the worst America-made car (Citation).

Chevy is truly crap. Starts falling apart as soon as you get it home. The quality is horrendous.

20 Kia

Kia is absolute trash. They can't make reliable cars (and when they do it's just because the problems start after the warranty ends and aren't as apparent to the owners), and their diagnostic systems are badly written and in backwards English

The Kia car is kinda nice but the Kia Soul is ugly and to top it off it comes in ugly colors like brown and green.

Will find away not honour their warranty. Two major repairs not covered.

Kia will make good cars... When pigs fly!

21 Mini

Mini's don't look that bad. I'm not sure how they run but they are from BMW so they may be some pretty good cars.

Minis may be small, which can be dangerous if you get in an accident but they are luxury cars and are considered a B.M.W 3 series

Mini's are amazing and the mini coopers are so cute as well! Don't know why it's even on the list.

These are actually luxury cars!

22 Mazda Mazda Motor Corporation, commonly referred to as simply Mazda, is a Japanese multinational automaker based in Fuchū, Aki District, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.

I will never buy another Mazda 3. Mazda does not know how to make power steering, My Mazda 3 acts like a car without power steering. Never, never agsin.

I had a 2004 Miata approaching 100k miles then BAM engine failure. My dad has a 95 Sable with 175k miles still going strong. Outrageous, definitely deserve to be on this list

Person who said "They don't make good powersteering", did you even test drive the vehicle before you bought it.

The worse car I ever drove! I hope one day people will understand that Mazdas are really low quality cars.

23 Reva

They are so ugly

24 Porsche

Uhhh...what. Porsche isn't even bad company. Yeah, they might be expensive to repair sometimes, but so is your friendly neighborhood Kia and other high performance car companies like Ferrari. They also last almost near half a century if they are driven sparingly (*cough* 60's and 70's 911s). Don't even say expensive to purchase either. If you know your cars, you know literally ANY used Porsche can be found from $7,000 to $90,000 USD. By my opinion too, they are nice looking. So please do your research before you say a car company like Porsche is bad.

Expensive name only cars. Good luck getting a local shop to change your oil. Get something worth your money that won't cost $15K for small time maintenance

I owned a 70s 911 and it was awesome! It was a manual red one only for a price on eBay for 7,250$Never had a problem! Really good rally car too.

Porsche is cool! What!

25 Commuter Cars

Because they are electric cars? Maybe if they get wet, then they get ruined

Commuter cars don't even have wipers. Why?

They look so stupid

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