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1 Audi

You 2 suck then Audi is the best

Actually, this car brand is ranked #1 statistically in everything, with a road score of 80. OF 80. If you don't believe me search up best car companies statistically on Google. - DABEAST29

You people don't have a brain. Audi is one of the best car brands in the world. They have an average road score of 81.39 and make very nice interiors and exteriors

Audi actually started off as a really bad car company in the 1900. But Audi has gotten a little better the past years.

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2 Ford Ford The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

This is garbage, Ford has made excellent trucks over the years, my 1999 4 cylinder Ranger just hit 120,000 miles today. My father owns a 2002 Ford Excursion Limited Diesel that has a 7.3 Liter International Harvester engine in it making it one of the most powerful engines ever placed into a truck. The excursion now has 250,000 miles on it and has been all over the United States, From east coast to west coast, North to South with ZERO trouble. of course there were flat tires and oil changes from time to time but my experience has been very good with Ford.

The Ford vehicles are just junk over the years people in my family have hated the quality of these trucks and cars because they are poor these vehicles are very complicated because they do so many stupid things the are unnecessary people are so blind because they buy a ford for the name not the quality and Ford also made a garage because they know their cars are going to break down because they made them to do that so they could more money off you because you like buying the worst truck of America ford deserves to be up here as number one because they are scam artist.

My 2012 Mustang should have transmission replacement as a routine maintenance item. If they ignore it and pay off someone at the Highway Safety Foundation to drop the investigation, then they are only left with their recalls which for the better part of the last 45 years always involve catching fire. The only good thing I can say is that Chrysler is far worse.

I absolutely hate my 2018 f150. It’s the biggest POS I have ever owned.

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3 Dodge

I agree that the older mopars had pretty durable motors such as the 225 slant six and the old Torqueflites. The biggest enemy with old mopars is rust. They rusted badly. I had a '73 Plymouth Duster 340 that I purchased used in 1980. It was one of the most mechanically reliable cars that I've ever owned clocking nearly 200,000 miles on the original engine. The Duster's fit and finish wasn't that great, but it was mechanically very sound and reliable. Driving my Duster on those salty Ohio roads the body and K frame were badly rotted. I ended up scrapping the car in 1990. I still miss my old Duster. The last mopar that I owned was a 1999 Dodge Intrepid (purchased new) that was absolute junk. The transmission blew up at only 5000 miles, and I had a myriad of electrical, brake, paint, and mechanical problems with that car. It also had the horrible 2.7 V6 that's become the worst engine Chrysler ever built. I ended up selling the Intrepid two years later and buying a used 1996 Honda Accord ...more

I disagree. One word.
The Caravan.
My family is pretty big two parents, four kids, a grandma, and a big dog. We got the old piece of crap used, and have busted pretty much everything in it, mostly due to our own carelessness. Back doors broke. No air conditioning. Brake problems. Flat tires. A giant dent in the door from where a car hit it. It is still on the road with 125000 miles on it, and perfectly okay. It's true what they say. While Dodge may not be the prettiest or most reliable, they can take one hell of a beating and come out okay, which is a great thing to have.

Dodge is the worst brand of cars. They rust really bad. They break down a lot. I don't like how those cars look. And I don't want to see those cars ever again and they should go bankruptcy.

I agree with you. These cars are unreliable they tend to break down often. - TheBMWNerd29880

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4 Fiat

They destroyed Chrysler! The ruined most Jeeps and uglified the Charger. Oh and how could I leave out the part where they ordered the crushing of 93 rare Vipers?

Ugly, behind disgusting cars are made by fiat. They are out of date and are behind everyone else in terms of car making. I think fiat will just have to shut their terribly, awful company of disgraceful cars

They tried to take 50% of Ferrari. Why is this on number 20? At least ford made a mustang, is ford really THAT bad?

Good Bins, bleah cars

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5 Toyota Toyota Toyota is a Japanese car manufacturer, located in Toyota, Japan. Some of their most notable cars include the Prius, Corolla, and Highlander.

Gosh people, educate yourselves, if you're going to state Toyota is a bad car company, list valid reasons... such as the number of recalls that the company has had. I disagree with Toyota being on this list, I can tell you that Toyota while perhaps lacking in overall appearances is an absolutely superb car manufacturer. With almost all of the models being made here in United States, Models excluding that are the Land Cruiser and 4Runner with both being made in Japan. I believe another model is made in Japan like the FJ Cruiser, but I can't remember. Anyways, Toyotas are synonymous to having the lowest cost of ownership, high resale value, high reliability, high safety ratings, and being built to a high standard of quality. The new engines for example the 2014 Toyota Camry uses 0W-20 oil, meaning it's fully synthetic and the engine is made completely made out of Aluminum. What this translates to is only needing to change your oil every 10,000 miles and if you like the sound of that ...more

The only flaw Toyota ever had was the 3.0 liter V6 in the older trucks and 4runners. Other then that they have literally no problems. So I don't know why they are on this list.

Toyota creates one of the most reliable cars in the world. Are also good first time cars. I really don't know why this is one of the most hated. Yes, it is not luxury, but still, there are a lot of worse car brands. - USGC

Toyota sells cars at ridiculously expensive prices.STUPID CARS

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6 Tata

I swear people people are hating on Tata because of one car: the nano. The nano probably costs less than any other car and don't forget Tata bought Land rover and Jaguar and refreshed the 2 brands that weren't doing too well under Ford. So don't hate.

Stupidest car company ever, there 2013 model cars look like 2008 model cars. They are so old looking and cheap.

Weirdest car ever I saw

Indian company

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7 Chrysler Chrysler

Chrysler should be #1 worst. I have never known anyone that has owned a Chrysler that hasn't said it was the worst vehicle they have ever owned. Every time you see a car broke down on the highway (save for a flat tire or out of gas) it is a Chrysler. ALWAYS a Chrysler or a Dodge or Jeep. Look at any reliability list for the last 45+ years and just about every model Chrysler makes is at the bottom. Find one driving in a straight line on the highway. Find one that is parked in the lines in a parking spot. The people that drive them aren't usually too bright. Guessing they have no access to the internet to look up reliability. Their dealerships are only staffed with the most incompetent service staff and the cheezy suit wearing balloon tieing salesmen. Every single thing is an option. What a lousy company. Already went bankrupt twice, maybe third time is a charm.

Chrysler has always ranked the pooest in vehicle construction quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction from its dealers. I've owned a few later model Chrylser products and can conclude that these vehicles are absolute junk. The LH cars were attractive in appearance and offered a roomy interior, but a transmission blowing up on a car with less than 5000 miles is beyond belief. Chrysler has no appealing fuel efficient vehicles in their line up. All they seem to want to focus on are their "throw back retro mobiles" with over powered engines, goofy styling, and dated Mercedes Benz underpinnings. Chrysler won't survive unless they can build some cutting edge automobiles with hybrids and all electrics; drastically improve their quality control, drastically improve customer satisfaction, drop the silly over muscled retro mobiles that appeal to a small minority of auto buyers, and do create a new range of automobiles that can actually wow the majority of auto buyers. If Chrysler can't ...more

Chrysler is a great brand! I KNOW that some of you have had bad experiences with Chryslers in the past, but look at all the other imported brands being praised for reliability, but most of their cars on the road are lemons! Honda had over 10 years of transmission, brake and engine problems, but NOBODY CARED. Toyota got away with more than five years of major engine problems! Nissan has their new CVT transmissions going at under 10k miles! A lot of cars flopped in reliability in the 2000s, Chrysler being one of them (along with Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Toyota, Nissan, and others). Reliability may never have been a strong point for Chrysler, but every rose has its thorns.

Chrysler cars are bad the Sebrings were chicken nuggets with a door and windows! They almost discontinued all the their cars except 2 of them! I hate Chrysler so much.

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8 Smart Smart

Also there are also mercedes benz smart cars. These cars are too small slow and ugly. I never bought this car and never will. It's a ripoff mini cooper and mercedes.

These cars are literally glorified golf carts... I would hate to be in one of these while in a road rage with a semi

Has probably one of the dumbest and poorly thought-out designs in the automotive industry. - Mcgillacuddy

Gayest cars ever - sickomodeormobamba

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9 Jeep

Whoever put this on here is out of their mind - TheUmbreon

#4 in worst American car brands - bobcards

Jeep isn't bad, they make a lot of luxury cars. - Aidanwade223

People think jeep is good but it is the worst they come back for warranty claims all the time and they just break

your'e paying a lot for nothing and also if you want a proper offroader buy a Toyota land cruiser

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10 Volkswagen Volkswagen

I'm a used car wholesaler and deal primarily with 5 to 10 year old cars. My usual month, I will buy and sell over 100 cars. Volkswagen and Audi along with Porsche SUV's are rather problematic and very pricey to repair. Terrible electrical systems, poor gaskets and so on. They are on parr with Jaguar, Rover or any crap out of Italy. In all honesty, European brands generally are poorly put together and way overpriced. There's a reason why a 10 year old Honda civic is worth more than a 10 year old S class Mercedes, and Audi A8 or anything out of Europe. Toyota may have recalls, but the costumer pays nothing and the car will run for decades, as will any Honda.

Terrible Car company, tests on animals illegally and lies about emission values. Can they continue to keep ruining their public relations?

What's weird is I hate Volkswagen but I love Audi (there the same company). Audi's are very well designed cars. Volkswagen have the most boring looking cars I've ever seen.

German car company. - Trollsfan536

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11 Yugo

They broke down in like a year!

Yugo's are ugly! They are horrible! This needs to be on #1! They look hideous!

Ya de de de de de de de de de de. Hasn't started.

Yugo, I'll walk.

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12 Cadillac

HEY! Cadillac does not belong here! There cars look amazing and Cadillac has good luxury too.

Hey, cadillac is nice.

Cadillac made some of the best cars but now all cadillacs look like a constipated goat rip car design - IHSCOUTII1973

Testing ground for horrible gm products that you can suffer with

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13 Honda Honda Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and power equipment.

Some of the comments are funny. Just because it's not very fast doesn't mean that it's bad! The voters seem to be a bunch of teenagers who only see cars as speed vehicles. Most people actually don't care about speed and have higher priorities for their cars. The purpose of Honda cars was never to be speed-impressive. There are other car brands that are made for that purpose. - RalphSaad

Honda is a good very good vehicle, getting great gas mileage and is a generally safe brand of vehicles. However they're just boring to look at, The pilot and the element look like a box, the Accord coupe is okay and I like the features of the 2014+ models, The civic is dull to look at but is a fun college/university student car... kinda reminds me of a jet fighter from the drivers seat just because of how the console is set up... well you know.. not AS cool obviously. The Fit is boring, the CrZ looks like it came out of Tron, The CRV no matter how much it's updated is still uncool. It's got that "my boring parents drive this" look to it. Still to Honda's defense, they're affordable, safe, and economic vehicles to own.

Honda is the best

Japanese car brand. - Trollsfan536

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14 Lada

These junkies have a horrible reliability and they are ugly. The people who voted for audi ford and toyota have just never embarked in these rotting on wheels. In russia lada is good but not in America.

A lada being tested by a Australian petrol head caught fire... In his driveway. Not moving, not even on. Who would like having cars spontaneously combusting in the driveway or a garage?

Good point. Lada looks like a 2010 or 2008 or something like that. I am stunned with shame on the design

Nothing more than Soviet relics.

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15 Buick

There is NO bad thing about Buick. It is an AMAZING car company. WHY IS IT EVEN ON THE LIST?!

Buicks are not terrible at all. They actually have a pretty nice look, beautiful interiors and a history of good times with this brand.

Cars for old people

16 Daihatsu

, the Mira Gino is a Mini rip off - VDub

Daihatsu isn't that bad

Daihatsu is just a bad version of toyota - TheSuperBanana

Box on wheels

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17 Peugeot

How can you make such bad cars its like the people in charge of peugeot are either trying to make bad cars or are just plain stupid

Why is it this low? If you know how bad they are, you know why. Cannot brake properly, malfununctioning heat system that can literally explode and set on fire, doesn't reverse well, and has many features and buttons that literally permanently lock the back doors and do nothing.

Rubbish France just can not make cars

Trash cars.

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18 Mini

Mini's are amazing and the mini coopers are so cute as well! Don't know why it's even on the list.

These are actually luxury cars!

Mini's don't look that bad. I'm not sure how they run but they are from BMW so they may be some pretty good cars. - Mcgillacuddy

They might look great but are a headache when they start to give trouble

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19 Kia

Kia will make good cars... When pigs fly!

Kia is absolute trash. They can't make reliable cars (and when they do it's just because the problems start after the warranty ends and aren't as apparent to the owners), and their diagnostic systems are badly written and in backwards English

Boring, unreliable cars that gulp gas and costs an arm and a leg to repair and maintain

Will find away not honour their warranty. Two major repairs not covered.

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20 Tesla

Overrated, overpriced, and just not a good car in general.

Terrible. they are ugly and they are overrated - lamborghinisucks

The person who put this here doesn’t know about pollution.

21 Chevrolet Chevrolet Chevrolet, colloquially referred to as Chevy and formally the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company, is an American automobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors.

For people saying their trucks and cars last a long time, that's because I have worked on so many of them to do so, more then any other brand. They use the cheapest parts, material, and piss poor engineered. Their engine is ok but when it comes to anything else, it's garbage.

S10s are quote bad, but mine has no problem and it's 16 years old! - bobcards

I am surprised that Chevy isn't number one. Maybe it's just every Chevy I've ever owned... Pure garbage

Sucks, ford is best

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22 Mazda Mazda Mazda Motor Corporation, commonly referred to as simply Mazda, is a Japanese multinational automaker based in Fuchū, Aki District, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.

Zoom zoom zoom, not really

I will never buy another Mazda 3. Mazda does not know how to make power steering, My Mazda 3 acts like a car without power steering. Never, never agsin.

Horrible deserves better than 17

Japanese brand - Trollsfan536

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23 Commuter Cars

Because they are electric cars? Maybe if they get wet, then they get ruined

Commuter cars don't even have wipers. Why?

Some commuter cars actually DO have wipers

Wyd is that

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24 Reva

They made a horrrible Car called the G-wiz Which had no room,a battery which lasts for 2 minitues and simply broke up in a crash test

25 Porsche Porsche

Rather buy a gtr

Porsche is cool! What!

I like the looks of the car but most versions look pretty much the same - Mcgillacuddy

Uhhh...what. Porsche isn't even bad company. Yeah, they might be expensive to repair sometimes, but so is your friendly neighborhood Kia and other high performance car companies like Ferrari. They also last almost near half a century if they are driven sparingly (*cough* 60's and 70's 911s). Don't even say expensive to purchase either. If you know your cars, you know literally ANY used Porsche can be found from $7,000 to $90,000 USD. By my opinion too, they are nice looking. So please do your research before you say a car company like Porsche is bad.

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26 TH!NK

It sounds like the name of a cheesy online education company. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This looks like a Beetle and a Fiat mixed together. Absolute trash - VDub

These cars are so damn ugly. Who would honestly drive one of these? - Mcgillacuddy

Sounds like a subsidiary of kumon or huntington - IHSCOUTII1973

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27 Hummer

If you people actually drove one you would think differently those cars are incredible!

How to identify a 20 year old white man thinking they use those in the military - IHSCOUTII1973

They look very nice but they drink the hell out of your gas tank - Mcgillacuddy

If you want to waste all your money on gas, the Hummer is your car. The H2 blocks parking lots.

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28 Proton

Their cars are worst ever production car in the world...! They even can't fix the power window system problem for all range models they produced. The company always copycat other car companies design just bit changes been made. They don't worthy as car maker..

Why is this so low? This should be at number 1.. Hands down proton beats all car (at being the worst).

Worst car in the world. They make Honda, Toyota and Nissan looks like God's car.


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29 British Leyland

Nobody will know this company but I think it's pretty bad, go look it up there not that good! There pink! - TheCarNerd

You know what? That looks like an old mini cooper and volvo car mixed in

They also started Rover!

30 Skoda

The most ugliest cars in the world with poor engines and awful interior.

This must be 1. on this list because this company doesn't make cars but it makes washing machines...

31 Mercury

Our saturns engine blew up

32 Isuzu

Who the hell put this on here Isuzu made great care and the commercials are hilarious! - IHSCOUTII1973

Cars not care - IHSCOUTII1973

33 Lamborghini Lamborghini

It's the best car company ever. Being the best one it deserves to be costly!

Lamborghini makes awesome cars but the costs of everything for them are outrageous

Lamborghini sucks - lamborghinisucks

Lol not even as good as mclarens and people are on here saying "wHy iS This oN ThE liST" ignorant unfactual dumbasses

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34 Hyundai Hyundai

Hyundai and Kia are Korean cars. But I like Kia better than Hyundai. So this car company has to be the worst. Because they make horrible motors. Especially the Accent.

That car is not worth a penny my mother had two and they where nothing but trouble. She will not get suckered into getting another ever.

Car good, company bad for north America, cuts rates to the guys supporting them

My mom had a hyundai car is was piece of junk car

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35 SsangYong

Don't look at the sport. It's really just a pick-up that ruins the iconic word.

The designer is british!
And it looks like he lost his glasses when he got to Korea... - kieron

Look up the SsangYong Rodius. Perhaps the most hideous car that has ever existed in my opinion.

Very ugly, very expensive to run. Look up the SsangYong Kyron, SsangYong Actyon, and SsangYong Rodius. You won’t believe how ugly they are. 👎🏻🙄

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36 Ferrari

Awesome car, but I can't stand gas guzzlers, if there was an electric Ferrari I would buy it if I had the money.

Seriously who the hell puts ferrari and lamborghini on

If you buy one you will know how fast they are

Why on the list?

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37 Pontiac

Low quality but easy to repair, and you get lots of practice repairing it.

I had a Pontiac first mile break down do not get

That's why they stopped production

These cars are useless, they break down a lot too. Plus they have elow quality options and safety

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38 Saturn Saturn

Saturn is one of the most worst cars because they only made it for 1 1/2 years cause there brand was to bad

The company responsible for producing the Ion... need I say more

This is what the employees would say

Boss: hey everyone we're going to name a car company that is a planet. What shall we name it

Employee 1: we can call it saturn. After all it is a planet.
Boss: good idea
It's a name of a planet.

I hate this car company. They don't have the right quality. - LightningStrike

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39 Land Rover


Worse cars - qwhx

40 Nissan Nissan

Nissan is the biggest over priced piece of junk truck I ever got. 11,000 miles and broken, they use to make good truck and cars today I think all cars and trucks today are beer cans with wheels, will stick to motorcycles, cost less to up keep better mileage less pollution and no traffic problems just shoot down the center on the traffic jam.

GTR a box?! More like a coffin for other supercar companies because some of them is going to lose lots of money for the performance-price ratio!

Nissan is probably one of the best car companies out there, besides supercar companies like Ferrari and Maserati - Mcgillacuddy

CVT is bad or perhaps Nissan could go for the semi automatic transmission based on the GTRbut much cheaper to install the V6 sedans, sports cars...etc.

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41 General Motors

GM don't make cars they just own Chevrolet, Opel amongst others.

42 Bugatti

Wow uneducated peoples... it's a good car company! - Thekingofpopofalltime

Hardcore badass but kinda pointless to buy if you don't have anywhere to drive fast - Mcgillacuddy

Wouldn't be so obvious but around all circumstances, the Koenigsegg Agera would outmatch the Bugatti Veyron in all circumstances, yet with an equal or lower price tag. I hope you get what I'm saying.

Bugatti is a waste of money.
Most Bugatti’s are around 2M-3.5M which is stupid.
I don’t care if I had 1 billion dollars.
I would never get a Bugatti because it’s just not worth the money. - XEROEARTH

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43 GMC

My 1500 still runs like new at 26 years old.

How is this not #1? what the hell

I know right this ucking car brand should be at number one

GMCs are SO unreliable! I know 3 people who own them. All 3 of them have problem after problem after problem. All 3 of them are buying Hondas and Toyotas next time. 2 of their transmissions blew at only 7 YEARS OLD! Probably makes their cars in

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44 Datsun

overrated - lamborghinisucks

NISSAN IS AWESOME THE BEST BRAND EVER WHY IS IT EVEN ON THE LIST! I am the sameguy that commented n saipa in caps

45 Chery

They're cheap and have no safety and probably no engine either - HappyGarrett

I've never heard of this brand, but knowing America's REALLY strict safety standards on cars, that's probably why... - Turkeyasylum

My aunt bought one and it started braking down regularly after just 3 years of usage. - RalphSaad

They copied a DAEWOO MATIZ. Of all things, a Matiz. The car that flipped over in a J-turn.

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46 Renault

Don't like renaults they bad car

Good SUV maker and bit stylish as well.

47 Suzuki Suzuki

Bring cars better than hyundai

My parents owned two Suzuki cars since the past two decades - Suzuki FX and Margalla in Pakistan. In my experience, the car manufacturer should be banned from Earth. They make pathetic unreliable cars with bad quality suspension, timing belt, mileage, etc. The only thing positive about the cars is that the engine last for a long time without much trouble about 90k kilometers.

I was forced to ride these junk cars since my parents were relatively poor. I intend to break this trajectory God willing by buying a Honda or Toyota in the next few months.

Worst cars ever. Known for transmission failure! They even discontinued the cars because they make BAD CARS. They only got to make suzuki forenzas up to 2008! Cheap and bad!

Why is this “car brand” even known for cars. I’d rather own one of there motorcycles than with a family of 5 than a Swift or whatever cheap garbage they have.
There boring designs, not the best reliability and not creative.

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48 Perodua

Nothing good comes out of that part of the world

49 Infiniti

Not enough dignity to correctly spell their name - IHSCOUTII1973

Most likely intentional

50 Scion

The of whatever it is looks like it was made of FedEx boxes - IHSCOUTII1973

Take a Toyota GT-86, put it on a diet of nothing but burgers, and you end up with the Yank alternative, the Scion FR-S.

Best sports car for the money will smoke a 1973 cuda 383 not to mention mustang v8 gt

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