Best U.S. Metal Roofing Companies

The best companies who manufacture and install metal roofs throughout United States.
The Top Ten
1 True Metal Supply

Best metal company in Knoxville, Tennessee! Quality products, top notch customer service, and a company dedicated to helping others.

True Metal Supply is an innovative, technology focused manufacturer and supplier of metal roofing and post frame buildings.

Beautiful facility and friendly staff. True Metal Supply is an excellent company that serves the metal roofing industry well.

Best of the best in metal roofing.

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2 Metal Pro Roofing

Metal Pro Roofing is a premier manufacturer of innovative high grade metal roofs. Headquartered in Franklin Indiana, Metal Pro is the industry leader with strong presence in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky. What makes this company unique is their patented powder coating and style customization process, meaning every roof is made specifically for the house and it is fully scratch-resistant.

Metal Pro has produced and installed a roof for our new house in style of sienna sunset spanish tile. It is absolutely beautiful! The salespeople and contractors were very professional & made it easy for us to understand the whole process. We thank the folks at Metal Pro Roofing for making this an awesome purchase for us.

3 Inter Lock Roofing

Interlock Roofing manufacturers metal roofing systems aspired by natural slate,... My home, we found the best roof ever-an aluminum interlock slate roof system

4 McElroy Metal

McElroy Metal, Inc. Is a leading manufacturer of metal roofing, metal siding, and... For the best metal product, installer training programs for contractors and more.

5 Everlast Roofing, Inc

Their idea of heat treat is an infrared heat tube that foes nothing but look pretty as it passes by it at such a high speed that the metal never even chanhes temp! Horible product and its all cheap toyota foreign steel! The most un american company ever!

High Quality Metal Roofing and Siding by Everlast... Few manufacturers even attempt to Heat Form. Rollforming... An all around best buy for any project.

6 Cornett Roofing

Cornett Roofing is Roofing company with extensive experience in repairs, restorations, and new roof installations. They service the areas of Midwest, primarily Indianapolis, Indiana, Lexington Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Chicago Illinois.

7 Best Buy Metals

Best Buy Metals sells metal roofing materials and metal shingles nationwide. We have great prices on both residential and commercial metal roof materials.

8 Union Corrugating Company
9 GulfCoast Supply & Manufacturing

For nearly two decades, GulfCoast Supply & Manufacturing has set out to provide the absolute best metal roofing products, services and technology available in...

10 Sundance Roofing

Sundance Roofing contractors for residential metal roofing, metal shingle roofing,... The best metal or steel residential roofing materials will still sound "tinny

The Contenders
11 Premium Panels Inc

Premium Panels Inc is proudly the highest quality metal roof manufacturers in... Metal roofing will consistently rise to the top of this list and overall, when all...

12 Metal Roofing Supplier Atlanta
13 Applied Roofing Services

Applied Roofing Services has providing metal roofing services in Anaheim (and the surrounding area) since 2003. We are a full service roof company specializing in flat or low slope roofs. We use the highest quality products for our metal roofing systems. We specialize in working directly with building owners, property managers as well as facilities managers in designing custom fit roofing solutions to meet specific needs and budgets.

14 Drexel

Great quality manufacturer that we have been installing for years on Boston, NH homes!

15 NorthStar Metals
16 TEK Industries
17 MooreCorp Roofing
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