Top Ten Skateboard Apparel Brands

Vote for your favorite skateboarding apparel brand.

The Top Ten

1 Diamond Supply Co

Diamond is good but is too mainstream and way overpriced on some things.

For sure best stuff out there

I skate Diamond all day err day

2 DC

Bad ass skate shoes

3 Volcom

Volcom is the best

4 Nike SB

Always ride nike sb good cushion

Nike sb is amazinn'

5 Neff

The neff stuff are awesome


Most dopest designs on the market. Lrg for the win

7 Primitive

Love this brand so much go get some now

8 Hurley

Surf and skate brand😏 so swag


They're simple and yet still look good on you, and they're not mainstream and a decent price!

10 KR3W

I forgot four star instead of VOLCOM same guy

Best ever pants to skate in KR3W for the win should be 1 not 10

The Contenders

11 Vans

Vans is the original skate brand and is considered the platform of skate boarding as a major sport. They make a huge variety of clothing all at crazy prices with the same or even better quality than other much more expensive brands. Its about staying real to the lifestyle and most brands are just possing for profit.

Best shoes but not the best clothing

Vans is the way to go!

12 HUF
13 Dickies
14 Element
15 Sempolet

Sempolet is the best

16 Stussy
17 Hélas
18 Enjoi
19 The Hundreds
20 Fourstar
21 Active Ride
22 Arcade
23 Palace Skateboards
24 Altamont
25 Supra
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