Top Ten Advantages of Being Short

Most "tall" people are usually seen as more superior than shorter people - physical and social-wise. Unfortunately, being short comes with multiple disadvantages - such as not being able to reach that book in that tall shelf, more subjected to being picked on, less chances of getting a date (for men), social discrimination, etc. This doesn't apply to all short people though. While tall people have their own advantages and disadvantages, short people have their own positive perks as tall people. These are ten things you can appreciate about being short, or short people in general.
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1 You are generally more comfortable

Similar to fitting through smaller spaces, you generally have no problem lying down in beds - as you have more leg room. You fit in more cars with smaller ceilings, and you can fit on most chairs, sofas, and any other furniture almost perfectly. Most importantly, you best fit on a plane seat.

You may not be taller than the deep end of the swimming pool, but hey, at least you can fit comfortably in your bathtub.

I like squeezing into small spaces. They're better than large spaces, in my opinion.

Yeah, there are times that I struggle when I take a bath.

2 Clothes are easier to find for your height

People may make fun of you for being short, but hey, at least you can still buy those kids' clothes and save some money. Or, if you don't prefer kids' clothing, you still have a wider selection of clothes available than taller people. Oh wait, how about still getting those kids' costumes for Halloween? Genius idea! Sadly, this can be seen as the opposite for some people who are much shorter than the average person.

At least I can get my clothing shortened, but for tall people, you can't just add extra fabric. I've heard that finding clothing for tall people is pretty hard.

3 Greater physical abilities

While taller people usually have their own perks, short people excel just as well when it comes to competing in sports. Due to having a more compact body and muscle structure, shorter people are more likely to have advantages depending on the sports field.

Short people are usually more agile, have a bulkier muscle mass compared to their body weight, greater endurance, more balance control, and react much faster than tall people. Thanks to these abilities, short people are less likely to break their bones.

4 You can easily blend in the crowd

A great advantage, especially if you are an introvert, is almost not being noticed. At least you won't find yourself constantly being asked questions like "Do you play basketball?"

5 You can fit in smaller spaces

One of the obvious advantages of being short is the ability to fit in smaller spaces. Have you ever heard complaints like "The ceiling is too low?" or "The door frame is too low?" or "The car door is too small for me to fit in?" Well, no problem for the short folks! You can easily fit and navigate through tight surroundings with little to no problem.

Wouldn't you be more grateful than having to duck your head all the time to avoid overhanging branches during a hike, or having to duck every time you hop in the shower? Right?

Alright, let me just get out my handy-dandy cardboard box.

6 You appear less intimidating

Due to your youthful-like appearance, you are less likely to be seen as intimidating by other people. People are more likely to let their guard down, which therefore makes them more likely to help you when things don't really go your way. If people consider you more kid-like, it can be a good advantage to fool waiters and waitresses into giving you free kids' meals - despite you being older than 12.

When I'm not exploding on something, I'm not that intimidating, except for the fact that I explode a whole lot.

7 Longer lifespan

It has been proven that short people are generally healthier than taller people. Have you ever noticed some of the oldest people on Earth are usually between 4 or 5 feet tall and almost never reach 6 feet tall? On the plus side, shorter people usually eat less than taller people, which therefore saves you even more money.

Although there are many factors that determine your lifespan, shorter people do tend to live longer due to their lower need for calories, decreased risk of cancer, and most importantly, they carry the longevity gene. The pattern behind this is not fully understood.

8 Reduced risk of cancer

Studies have shown that there is a correlation between height and the chances of getting cancer. It has to do with having more cells in the human body. Taller people usually have a higher cell count than shorter people.

Although there are many common risk factors responsible for causing cancer, it is rather tricky to strongly conclude whether there is a direct correlation between height and cancer. While some people may take this as an insult, it is important to remember that your lifestyle plays a major role in your health. Smoking, alcohol, a sedentary lifestyle, and obesity all contribute to the risk of getting cancer.

9 People are more likely to see you as cute

It probably has to do with appearing less intimidating to other people, paired with often being underestimated. As a short person, I have experienced being called "cute" or "adorable," especially during my stages of youth. It's rather flattering.

I've been called cute a bunch of times, and I'm like medium height.

10 You are more likely to find a partner

Assuming you are a girl, tall guys usually are fond of shorter girls. Girls wouldn't likely prefer to date a man that is shorter than her. Due to most people having this social norm, you have a much wider availability for dating guys that are shorter than average, provided that you are shorter than them. This, however, is the complete opposite when it comes to the other side of gender, so good luck.

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11 Your soft parts are relatively bigger
12 You can walk more gracefully
13 If something is stuck somewhere, your hand is small enough to reach it

Especially if you're both short and skinny at the same time like I am. Hell, I can cram my 23-inch waist self through my window since it doesn't open very far.

14 It's more satisfying to humiliate others
15 You can climb on the counter and not hit your head
16 You tend to feel more childlike
17 You feel related to Kevin Hart
18 Don't have to duck to go through low doorways
19 You can easily fit under cars or trucks
20 You can still play at a playground even when you're an adult

Who says playgrounds are just for little kids? If you're short like me, you can still fit onto those playground structures you enjoyed when you were little.

21 People are more willing to give you piggy-back rides
22 You can hold on to clothes longer
23 You have a great excuse to quote Yoda
24 You can feel elite like Danny DeVito
25 Being able to go on kids rides
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