Top Ten Most Pointless Laws Around the World

We all know to never break the law. Rules are rules, right? You don’t want to go to jail, get fined, or get a criminal history, so don’t break the law! But sometimes, laws are... well... sad. Ridiculous. Useless. Pointless. And downright hilarious! So here let’s do the top ten funniest and most useless laws around the world.
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1 If you own any chickens, it’s illegal to let them cross the road - Georgia, USA

This is a pretty big head scratcher, but I guess people in the government were traumatized by the chicken crossing the road joke when they were a kid, and now they've made it illegal. It's pretty funny, though. And extremely pointless. Who cares if your chicken crosses the road. Only you do, because you don't want your chicken to walk straight into a marsh and drown, get hit by a car, or escape. I'm sure that that particular classic joke is quite common in Quitman more than it is here. Of course, they can't know whether people there did let their chicken(s) cross the road or not, so this can't be enforced strongly or maybe even at all, and at this point the government probably doesn't even remember that it exists.

Well they obviously don't want them to reach the other side. No the reason why is Georgia had multiple problems with chickens getting into people's crops and causing chaos. This law has some validity.

Why didn't the chicken cross the road, because he was in Georgia?.

I live here and I see lots of chickens on the road.

2 It is against the law to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after 7 pm - Arizona, USA

Why, Arizona? Why? I hope that none of you were taking a big sip of water while reading that, because if so it's gotta be all over your computer now. Anyways, unfortunately for you Arizonans it is illegal to have unconscious donkey's in your tub after 7! Before 7 it's perfectly fine, and if they're conscious it is as well, but otherwise, no! Why donkeys? This makes absolutely no sense, and it really is completely pointless. I doubt that there's ever a case where that actually happens, so there is no reason for that law to even be considered, much less exist, and I think that nobody from Arizona reading this has probably ever heard of this law. If you have, congratulations. You're weird.

Um this is a very random law. I wonder what the reason was for this law's creation. Were there just a bunch of people with sleeping donkeys in their tubs.

Why would anyone have a donkey in his bathtub? This law makes me think that it must of actually happened somehow.

Who on earth would have an unconscious donkey in the bathtub anyways?

3 Every pickle legally has to be able to bounce - Connecticut, USA

Why, just why? It's not like they test every pickle to see if it's bounce worthy.

It's because some people value crunchy pickles...God that sounds so wrong.

Why do pickles need to be bouncy?
Edit: that sounds disgusting, I'm sorry you had to read that

Soo is the police going to check every house with pickles then? What on earth -

4 If someone knocks on your door and asks to use your toilet, you must say yes - Scotland

This is just getting stupid. I think that people should have the right to deny someone the use of their toilet, because it's basically allowing someone you don't know at all to go into your house. This is really pointless, and while it's probably actually a bad thing I doubt that this will happen very often, and if you haven't read a list related to this, you probably haven't heard of this absurd law before, whether you live in Scotland or not.

What if they clog the toilet, or crap and just leave all the poop there! Or what if they secretly steal something!

In other words "let a complete stranger in your house". This is dumb.

That's such a kind thing to do. Until of course they steal something of yours or poop on the seat

5 It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament - UK

The single most pointless law ever. If you die in the Houses of Parliament how will you be convicted?

Makes sense. It's kind of illegal to die anywhere if you think about it.

Well, if you do, what are they gonna do? Throw your dead body in prison?

And what would the punishment be?

6 It's illegal to walk your dog less than three times a day - Turin, Italy

Again, this time it's just not a good idea. What if your dog is having surgery or something and can't go on three walks in the one day. And while it's great to see that the Italian government approves of dogs' rights, I think that this should not be a law. There's no point in it existing.

I don't think this would be enforced in New Zealand you have to walk your dogs once a day but my neighbours sadly almost never walk their dogs.

Welp, my dog would never commit to such a thing. Once is enough for her, and she would refuse to go out unless she really, really felt like it.

If the dog can't walk more than one or two times?

7 It's a legal requirement to smile at all times unless at a funeral or hospital - Milan, Italy

Soo... are the police patrolling the streets and arresting anyone that doesn't smile? I mean, everybody likes positivity but this is going too far.

I mean, does this include sleeping? What if your dog just died? Also, I don't think that even the happiest person in the world would be able to smile at all times, it just isn't possible to maintain that muscular contraction 24/7. So technically everyone in Milan is an outlaw. Also, how do babies do that. This is a ridiculous law, and I feel bad for the people in Milan. I'm sure that this law isn't inforced strongly on the community, unless everyone there are psychos, and it's probably only kept around as some kind of a joke or something nowadays. Whatever the case, at least it put a smile on my face when I read it.

People in Italy must either have jaw cramps or have had plastic surgery to not have to think about smiling.

What if you get robbed? Do you have to smile? And if the police don't find out who did it, do you have to?

8 It's illegal to fart after 6pm on Tuesdays at Public Places - Florida, USA

Why Tuesdays? Why 6pm? What in the world? How are you supposed to monitor this kind of behavior, walk into a random airport and sniff around? This is definitely an extremely pointless law, for very obvious reasons. I doubt that it's maintained at all, because there are a ton of places you probably need to be after six pm. Can any readers from Florida tell me what it's like to have to avoid farting after 6pm on Tuesdays?

Why Tuesdays and why after 6? No fart Tuesday?

How are the police even going to find out?

Prisoner 1: I was arrested for armed burglary, what are you in for?
Prisoner 2: I farter after 6pm on a Tuesday in a public place in Florida.
Prisoner 1: Damnnnnn!

9 Alligators may not be tied to fire hydrants - Michigan, USA

What if they bit the firefighter trying to save people? And ate the firefighter, then the people died from the smoke!

Show me someone who has the guts to do THAT genius.

10 It is illegal to milk someone else's cow - Texas, USA

Makes sense, but only if the person wants to steal the milk.

If it's without permission and to steal that milk, then yeah...

The Contenders
11 It is illegal to observe a moose from a moving airplane - Alaska, USA

So if you happen to see one when looking out the window you're a criminal? Hmm.

12 Can't use Fireman Sam as a station's mascot - UK

I'm not even joking, look this up!

Due to copyrights?

I miss that show!

13 It is illegal to be shirtless - Barcelona, Spain

Does this mean you aren't allowed to change?

So you're saying I have to keep my shirt on in the shower if I live there

14 It’s illegal to hold salmon under suspicious circumstances - England and Wales

What. Were. They. Thinking. What do you mean, suspicious? And why does salmon have anything to do with it? Whatever the case, England and Wales both decided it was too scary to have suspicious salmon lurking around, and through the famous Salmon Act of 1986 they made this hilariously stupid and pointless idea law. Super pointless. I guess they're worried about salmon smuggling or something, but it still seems pretty dumb.

What does it mean by "suspicious circumstances"? Hmm. Maybe they used to use salmon as weapons and so they cracked down on it.

Hands up! There is a gun inside this salmon, give me your wallet and don't try anything stupid!

I have heard this multiple times but never understood it. I agree pretty bizarre law.

15 It is illegal to fish on a giraffe - Illinois. USA

This sounds like something you'd do in a cartoon.

Oh no. I did that last week.

Why would you do that?

16 It is illegal to fly a kite - Victoria, Australia

Well, I'm a criminal.

17 It is illegal to climb trees on public property - Ontario, Canada

This is just for Toronto as far as I know. Still silly though.

Wait, really? Well, I've done this all the time so dunno what's up with that

18 It's illegal to get married if you have a venereal disease - Nebraska, USA

DON'T SEARCH UP WHAT A VENEREAL DISEASE IS! I don't want that on my conscience or that on your computer history. Basically, a venereal disease is a disease that's killed a lot of people (you'll know it as HIV or STDs), and it can be spread by, uh, making babies. So if you have that disease, it's illegal to get married in Nebraska, probably because they don't want the people to pass it on to their kid. But still, saying someone can't fall in love because they don't want them to have a kid is pretty heartbreaking, and I think that it should not exist as a law.

This is horrible. I understand what's behind it but it's terrible for people to not be able to get married and have the life they want due to a stupid law like this

Who approved that law?!

Marriage isn't just sex, mind you!

19 It is illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole - Georgia, USA

Because there are just so many Giraffes in Georgia.

20 It is illegal to feed pigeons - Venice, Italy

What are old people gonna do in their free time?

21 You cannot sleep on top of a refrigerator outdoors. But you may sleep on top of any refrigerator you want in the privacy of your own home. - Pennsylvania, USA
22 You can't wear bulletproof vests while committing a crime - New Jersey, USA

What in the world? You're basically saying: Here's a law you can't break while breaking other laws. Doesn't make much sense. I guess if you get caught while commiting a crime with a bulletproof vest on you can get charged seperately.

Maybe if you were tryna murder someone, you couldn't wear a bulletproof vest so the police can shoot you.

Too bad, I already have my kevlar on and am about to storm a bank with the boys.

I bet the police bypass this law pretty often.

23 It is illegal to burn trash - South Carolina, USA

Due to what? Toxic fumes?

24 It is legal to murder a Scotsman provided that he is carrying a bow and arrow - York, England
25 It is illegal to kill Bigfoot - British Columbia, Canada

Does Bigfoot even exist?

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