Top Ten Best Talents to Have

In our life, talent is what lets you succeed and excel. In school, sports, at your job, and pretty much anywhere. You want to be able to brag. Use your talents. You want recognition? Use your talents to their full potential. Fame, fortune, and much more either come to you if you're some crazy idiot who somehow became President of the United States or if you use your talents. I prefer the second option. The only problem is, to have all that going for you, you need talents, like I just mentioned. So, what are the top ten best talents to have. These are things that you are especially good at, things that allow you to get noticed. If you relate to what I was just talking about and now have something in your mind, that's a talent! Add it to the list or vote for it and explain why! So, here are the top ten best talents to have, whether it means most common, things that help you the most, or just... best. Enjoy!
The Top Ten
1 Math

If this doesn't seem like a talent to you, you're right! Math is basically a different language used for calculating sums of numbers and all sorts of other stuff. But, you're also wrong. Math can be a talent, too. Have you ever been able to answer a complicated equation in your head while the teacher advises you to use a piece of paper or even a calculator? That usually means you have a talent for math. It means that you can store information and think up solutions while other people can't without the help of somewhere to store info. This is a super big talent that can really make you shine or seem smart in school and help you just as much later on, and it's pretty common as well.

2 Humour

This is definitely one of my personal favourites. The talent of humour is knowing how to and when to crack a joke or make a remark. Being able to make a joke could lift someone's spirits, but looking up "yo mama jokes" on Google and then insulting someone with them is definitely not part of the humour talent. For example, in real life, this definitely applies to me, as well as a large amount of people. You need to learn over time what people like, what jokes could be special to them, and then apply them at the appropriate time. It will make your life much easier if you have this talent. Nobody will really dislike you if you are funny in the way I'm talking about, you'll become popular and make friends, and you'll just be someone people will be comfortable around.

3 Public Speaking

This actually applies to all ages. Have you noticed that during presentations you're calm, not worried, and persuasive with everything you say, keeping a good tone, speaking at a moderate pace, and generally making your audience feel comfortable and interested in what you're saying? Ever noticed that you are great at drawing your audience in? If so, congratulations. You're clearly talented at public speaking. Many people train for ages to become good and confident public speakers, but sometimes it appears naturally. Instead of speaking quickly and having a weird shrieky tone of voice like you've been gargling helium and swaying back and forth like most kids do, you have talent. And this type of talent will help you succeed. All the big, rich, famous people have to be great at public speaking. They have the talent of making people want to believe them and think that they're right. This is a good talent to develop, and it's surprisingly common, though many people don't do much with it.

4 Adaptability

This is one of the most common talents of people. Adaptability is an old friend to many. Most people have had to deal with change on a big scale in their lifetime, and most have to deal with little changes every day. Adaptability means that you're good at doing this. Many people will mope around for ages, not wanting to move on, being "a stick in the mud", as some may refer to it. You need to move on. The only way to survive well is to know how and when to change along with the rest of the world. Some heroes of books and movies are the people who didn't learn to adapt and are now fighting to change the world back, and while that seems heroic, the best thing to do is accept things and move on. Anyways, almost everyone will "go with the flow"

5 Self-confidence

Confidence means "feeling certain that what you're doing is the right thing, correct, or a smart decision". Sometimes, this can lead to problems, like someone doing the wrong thing but due to the confidence they have in their ability to make the right decisions, they won't change their mind or opinion on it. Otherwise, though, this is definitely a talent. It will make others feel like you're doing the right thing because you just radiate confidence. If you feel confident about getting a good grade on a test or getting a promotion, you normally will.

6 Ability to Focus

Many people, possibly even more than a third of the whole population, have this ability, some more than others. This means being able to focus all of your attention on one single thing, intently, not paying attention to anything at all, and being able to control where you focus. Let's get one unfortunate thing out of the way before we continue. This... definitely does not apply to me. I'm usually pay attention to everything nearby me, what I'm working on, where the other people in my household are doing nearby. Anyways, the ability to focus may not seem like a talent, but it definitely is one.

7 Healthiness

Healthiness means being in the mindset where you always do what's best for your body, making good eating choices, making sure you get as much sleep and excecise as you can. This is a really good talent to have, because it can boost your hapiness and life expectancy, and thankfully it's quite a common talent. Many famous people such as actors and models have this state of mind and it gained them good looks and hapiness, which gained them fame.

8 Enthusiasm

This is one of the most important as well. You could call this "positivity", but I personally think that enthusiasm means more than that, being energetic and estatic while positivity can be more refined. Enthusiasm can be what makes your parent or teacher's day, makes someone comfortable, get you friends, and help you lead a happy life. Enthusiasm means you show that you're glad about doing something or you do something radiating positivity and good vibes in a very expressive way.

9 Athleticism

how is athleticism a talent? the only gift & talent superior to athleticism is philosophical intellectualism, sports jocks aren't geniuses, sports jocks receive the lowest grades on average, a friend of a sports jock are clinically mentally challenged individual persons, the fandom of sports jocks are unhinged deranged addicts & mentally sick persons wasting decades of their lives to watch there favorite sports leagues until discontinuation & disestablishmentization

This means that your body is good at doing physical activity, and usually excels at it as well. These people, if they use their talents wisely, will succeed at whatever physical thing they want to do, as long as they know to nurture it, by jogging or working out or climbing mountains or whatever else they want to do.

10 Artistic

The talent of art is pretty simple. You're artistic, pouring emotion, depth, and feeling into what you draw, paint, or create. This means that you are unusually good at conveying emotions and other things into one picture. When someone looks at it they may be able to see it as a story while it's just one image.

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? Persuasiveness
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11 Musicianship

I'm a musician and its only inherited. Not everybody can't have this by studying alone.

12 Gaming
13 Flexibility
14 Spatial Awareness
15 Singing
16 Dancing
17 Writing
18 Swimming Swimming is an individual or team sport and activity. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

This is actually a lifesaving talent. If you get pushed into the water, something happens on a ship, you can swim to safety. If you need to help someone else who is drowning and you can swim, you've saved an extra life.

19 Bodybuilding
20 Cooking
21 Multilingualism

I'm good at recoginizing words in German and spanish and translating them (mostly) but I suck at speaking other languages.

22 Ice Skating
23 Understanding
24 Musical Understanding
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