Top Ten Funniest WWE Royal Rumble Moments of All Time

The Royal Rumble exists to entertain us. While many of us are here for the wrestling, others love it because of the large variety of crazy things that can happen. Whether it's Kofi Kingston saving himself in a hilarious way or a funny elimination, these moments all had us laughing and pleased us. Humour is a big part of the Royal Rumble.
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1 The Titus O'Neil Tumble

One time, the WWE people must have hit their heads too hard and decided to make there be a 50-man Royal rumble for no reason in April, no less. It was probably pretty long and boring, but let's forget about that for now. Anyways, Titus O'Neil, entering number 39 of 50, sprinted towards the ring, and (This was probably actually not planned, which makes it even funnier) lost his balance right before entering the ring and slid through the apron and underneath it, disappearing from view. It sparked an enormous amount of memes, and while Titus managed to crawl back out of it and get it the ring nobody forgot that.

2 Santino Marella Elimination

"I wasn't ready!" Everyone remembers Santino Marella saying that, when he entered the 2009 Royal rumble match at number 28 and jumped in, hoping to win his first Royal rumble, and immediately got knocked out by Kane, making that the quickest WWE elimination, almost exactly two seconds. Marella fell out and started yelling "I wasn't ready! I wasn't ready!" over and over again

3 R-Truth and the Ladder

Besides being a decorated champion, the WWE Universe always count on R-Truth for those What moments! R-Truth entered the 2016 Royal Rumble match at number 12. Instead of getting straight in the ring, he pulled up the ring apron to pull out a ladder. At this point the commentators were just like "what in the world is he doing?" As soon as he got it set up in the ring, Truth climbed to the top of the ladder and reached up into space. It seemed that he was possibly looking for a title or the MITB briefcase. Kane, another competitor, started to hit the ladder, so Truth jumped off before it could fall, and Kane immediately eliminated him, chucking the ladder after him for good measure. Despite his brief appearance in the match, R-Truth left us cracking up during the 2016 Royal Rumble!

4 Stone Cold Stuns Booker T Out of the Rumble
5 Kofi Kingston Announcer's Chair Save

This was another hilarious one. Kofi was chucked out of the ring and managed to end up on the announce table, which was an impossible jump (actually, yet another time Kofi managed to make the jump somehow but that's another story), and he had practically no way back. He was at no-man's-land, basically. But he got a really creative idea. He got one of the announcers' chairs and put it onto the ground, and he began to jump on it. He used it like a Pogo stick, bouncing it up and down and forward in the process, going all the way from the announce table back towards the ring and into the fray once again. It was hilarious to see him hopping up and down on the thing, though.

6 Beth Phoenix Elimination of Khali

In 2010, Beth Phoenix became the second woman to enter the Royal Rumble. She entered the match that year at number six. As soon as she entered the ring, Phoenix immediately came face-to-face with the biggest man of all; The Great Khali! Instead of eliminating her, Khali picked Beth up, placed her on the edge of the ring and told her to head to the back. Phoenix decided to lure Khali in a way that only a woman could! She grabbed him by the back of his neck and began kissing him. As they got deeper into the moment, Beth began pulling Khali to get him off balance. All of a sudden, he went over the top rope! It was hilarious.

7 No Way Jose and the Conga Line - 2019
8 Dance Break
9 Hurricane Tries to Double-Chokeslam HHH and Stone Cold

The facial expressions of HHH and Stone Cold and the way Hurricane's cape covered his face when he fell, OMG this is comedy gold.

10 Kofi Kingston Pancake Save

If there's anything we like more than anything about Royal Rumbles, it's Kofi Kingston with his amazing saves, usually with the help of the other two new day members. Anyways, let's get to this story. Basically, during the 2018 Royal rumble, Jinder Mahal chucked Kofi Kingston out of the ring, but he was caught by his teammate, Xavier Woods. The rule is that you have to go over the rope and both feet have to hit the ground for a person to be eliminated, so that did not apply to Kofi. The only problem was that he couldn't simply just come back into the ring, because Jinder Mahal was still there and he was looking pretty angry at being robbed of an elimination. So, the final New Day member and teammate of Kofi, Big E, charged in with a stack of pancakes, a nod to their team, and Kofi rested his foot on them while he considered his options. Then, Big E and Woods joined together, each resting one of Kofi's feet on one of their hands, and they launched him up well over the head of Jinder Mahal and back into the ring with an insane feat of athleticism.

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11 Kofi Kingston Handstand Save

The first time of something like a dozen that Kofi saved himself amazingly was with a handstand, and it was hilarious. Once again, he got chucked out of the ring, but he amazingly landed on his hands, palms down, supporting the rest of his body. It was insanely awesome. Then he walked on his hands, all the while maintaining the handstand and not being eliminated, to the other side of the ring, before rejoining the fight. From then on he became a comedy legend.

12 Kane Catches Daniel Bryan - 2013
13 Warlord's 2 Second Elimination
14 Cobra vs Socko - 2012
15 R-Truth Eliminates Both Mark Henry and the Big Show - 2010

This is truly an underrated moment.

16 Nia Jax Beats Up R-Truth Before He Enters the Ring

R-truth, our friend with the ladder, was entering at number 30 in the match and was just walking towards the ring when Nia Jax, a female wrestler, came up behind him and started to beat him up, throwing him into the wall. It turns out Truth was actually injured, which took away from the funniness, but when you first see it it is funny. Then she ran into the ring and fought for a while, even eliminating Mustafa Ali before everyone else teamed on her, and she got pummelled by stars like Orton and Mysterio

Poor Truth. We need to protect him.

17 The Godfather Returns - 2013
18 Maven Eliminates Undertaker - 2002
19 Triple H Eliminates Both Big Show and Kane
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