Top Ten Analog Horror Series

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1 The Mandela Catalogue "The Mandela Catalogue" is an unsettling series that weaves a chilling narrative of horror and unease through an alternate reality. The series is constructed as a series of eerie, late-night TV broadcasts and infomercials that lead to terrifying outcomes, testing the boundary of what seems real.
2 The Walten Files "The Walten Files" is a hair-raising web series that blurs the line between reality and fiction. The series revolves around an investigation into a series of mysterious and chilling incidents related to the now-defunct Bon's Burgers, a 1970s family restaurant. The recovered tapes unveil a grim and haunting narrative.
3 Harmony & Horror "Harmony &. Horror" is a spine-chilling online series that documents a series of eerie, unexplainable events surrounding the ostensibly cheerful and innocent figures of children's entertainment. Its unnerving content is rooted in a deceptively harmless world, leaving viewers with a sense of lingering dread.
4 LOCAL58 "LOCAL58" is a peculiar online horror series that presents itself as a collection of uncanny broadcast interruptions from a fictional TV station. The series uses retro imagery and surreal content to create an increasingly eerie atmosphere, drawing viewers into a world of nightmarish scenarios.

This amazing show follows the fictional television station WCLV-TV, which broadcasts a variety of strange and disturbing programming.

Local 58 is the best for its unsettling imagery, cryptic messages, and atmospheric sound design.

5 Petscop "Petscop" is a riveting web series masquerading as a lost, unfinished PlayStation game. The series is known for its cryptic narrative and mysterious characters, offering a labyrinth of darkly entwined realities within a seemingly innocent game, revealing an unnerving underlying story.
6 NeedleM0use "NeedleM0use" is an unsettling online series that takes the form of a collection of allegedly cursed game files. The series fuses childhood nostalgia with creeping horror as it presents viewers with distorted versions of familiar game environments, showcasing a sinister hidden side.
7 Fanmade Anti-Piracy Screens "Fanmade Anti-Piracy Screens" is a unique web series that repurposes familiar anti-piracy warnings into eerie, distorted versions. The series crafts an atmosphere of uncanny terror, reminding viewers of the sinister potential behind seemingly innocuous digital content.
8 Greenio's Mario 64 ARG "Greenio's Mario 64 ARG" is a creepy internet series that twists the familiar world of the beloved game, Super Mario 64, into a haunting alternate reality game (ARG). This series disorients viewers by converting a childhood classic into a source of uncanny horror.
9 Gemini Home Entertainment
10 WKYS-333 "WKYS-333" is a disturbing online series designed to mimic the format of a TV channel filled with disturbing and bizarre content. This series relies heavily on unexpected interruptions and distortion of common TV broadcasts to evoke an atmosphere of unshakeable dread.
The Contenders
11 The Monument Mythos
12 Anomalies "Anomalies" is an enthralling series that documents a variety of peculiar, unexplained phenomena. It masterfully blends elements of science fiction and horror, using minimalistic yet chilling visual effects to hint at a world where the rules of reality are unsettlingly malleable.
13 CH/SS
14 The Backrooms
15 The Man in the Suit

This is a very disturbing but interesting analog horror series.

16 The Smile Tapes
18 Angel Hare
19 Basswood County
20 BEN Drowned
21 Five Nights at Freddy's VHS
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