Most Annoying Things About Daylight Savings

Daylight savings change is annoying they should get rid of it permanently or have it on daylight savings year round.
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1 Missed clocks are an hour off

At my school, the clocks are always an hour behind for a few days in March.

This sucks, sometimes when my mom forgets to change the clock on the oven then it feels like it's that time when I check the time on the oven

The clock on my oven is an hour ahead and it feels like the clock is right, but it is wrong

2 It gets dark later in the spring

I hate it when it gets dark so late in the spring. The extra sunlight is pretty depressing, and it's even worse in the summer. I don't look forward to when daylight savings starts again in March.

3 It causes health problems

Standard time is healthier than daylight savings time. Standard time aligns with our body clocks. It gives us lighter mornings and darker evenings. Daylight savings time increases heart attacks. Daylight savings time gives us darker mornings and lighter evenings, which is bad for your sleep and wake cycles. I like it when it is dark at 7 pm, because some people start sleeping at that time. Light at 7 pm can make it hard to have a good night's sleep. But the US congress voted to make daylight savings permanent, which will make it still be dark out at 8 am. And it can make people have that 1 hour loss of sleep forever.

4 Messes everyone up for few days

When daylight saving time begins, you potentially oversleep because your sleep schedule gets sabotaged since the clock springs one hour forward.

Time change is coming I not looking forward for the messed up time

In a few hours daylight saving time will end and it might mess me up for the next few days

5 Changing all clocks

I not looking forward to changing all my clocks tonight I have 10 clocks to change

I had to change 10 clocks last night

I not looking forward to 2 weeks from tomorrow daylight saving time will end

6 Makes you tired

Yeah I felt tired for the first few days after march 10 2019

Yeah I remember feeling tired before after daylight savings

7 It's dark earlier in fall

I love it when it gets dark early in the fall and winter months since I'm a night owl. The night sky makes me feel relaxed and happy.

It gets dark too early thanks to dst change at the beginning of the month

I hate when it gets dark at 5pm after daylight saving times ends, it sucks

8 More work related injuries
9 You can't sleep for an hour in spring

All because some idiot thought sleep deprivation every March would be funny.

10 Your eating routine is off by an hour at work or school
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11 Can make you an hour late for work

This sucks if you forget to change your clocks then you might go to work an hour late, if you don't use your phone as an alarm clock

12 It feels like it's the time before the change

I keep thinking it the time that was an hour ago thanks to the time change last night

It feels like it is the time an hour later thanks to daylight savings ending last night

13 Can make you go to work an hour early

Not a lot of people seem to like school or work, so I can understand how this is annoying.

This sucks if it makes you go to work an hour early when you forget to change your clocks

14 It's dark again in the morning in spring

This sucked, I hated it when it was dark again in the morning after daylight saving time begin, but at least it got light again in the morning about 2 or 3 weeks later

15 You feel sleepy an hour earlier in fall
16 Losing an hour of sleep in spring

At least at the beginning of daylight savings. Even one hour of sleep deprivation is enough to screw with someone's health.

The idiot that created DST must think sleep deprivation is funny. It's not.

17 Car accidents happen after change
18 Time goes slower after the change in fall

Yesterday the day felt like it went by slower after the clocks went back an hour, it sucked

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