Top 10 Weirdest Secrets of the United States Government

The United States is actually filthy in the sense that we have so many secrets, and they're all quite disturbing. Fasten your seat belts, everybody. This is gonna get messy.
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1 The CIA Tried to Create Spy Kitties

I have to wonder if this was the indirect reason we have the movie "Spy Kids". Now, with that said, this was a deadly serious, and very real concept, no matter how goofy it sounds. Literally, millions of dollars were put into this project, called "Acoustic Kitty", which was a project making domestic kittens and cats tools to spy on the Soviet Union. It failed to nobody's surprise, but the memorandum was published by the National Security Archive to testify that America got some spy kitties. And thank God, too. How do you plan on protecting these cats, to begin with? The CIA is weirder than I thought.

That sounds like the dumbest idea ever, but it also sounds very smart.

Oh wow that is definitely a good pick for weirdest.

2 The United States Wanted to Nuke the Moon

This was a decade before we landed a man on the moon, oddly enough. The United States Air Force proposed a "Lunar Based Earth Bombardment System", in other words, dropping a nuclear bomb on the moon. This was proposed as "impressing the world with the prowess of the United States". We also would've stopped tides at the beach, and we would probably never have a man walk on it if we somehow managed to drop a bomb on the moon.

Why on earth would you do that?

3 The United States Government Almost Became Tomb Raiders

This was actually going on since the '50s. (What's with the 50s and the CIA being weird?) Bill Clinton straightened things out in the 90s, a little kudos to him, but 40 years earlier, researchers for the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission researched what happened to dead bodies after radioactive exposure wanted to know, so yeah, the U.S. Atomic Energy became tomb raiders.

Why didn't they just use bodies donated to Science.

4 CIA Mind Control Projects

They would use brainwashing techniques onto subjects and induce them with powerful drugs, electroshocks and other forms of torture for weeks in order to rid off their past memories in order to finally insert new behavior for their own pleasures; children were also included on the experiment. Scary to say that this technique is still being used today. Truly dark stuff, but there is more when you dig down the rabbit hole...

This isn't very specific, and I don't think I need to explain why (but just in case, it's because it's a secret). This was like Divergent level insane and evil. The little I could uncover was that the CIA was testing whether drugs and hypnosis could turn ordinary people into terminator-level assassins. They tried to do this in the 1950s, and it was called project MK-ULTRA. All I'm getting is that LSD made people want to listen to 50-minute guitar solos. But what if there's more under wraps?

5 The CIA Torture Files

Better known as "enhanced interrogation techniques", the torture files were post 9/11 protocol, but they were to reduce the likelihood of getting another incident like that one. The torture tactics included shoving Muslim men in crates or chaining them to the ceiling, almost completely naked with music blaring. That's unfortunately just the tip of the iceberg. It was not effective, it was not legal, and we didn't put an end to it until 2014. You don't want elaboration. Believe me.

Not something you would expect from a country like USA, especially in mid-late 20th century.

Everyone should know this by now.

6 A Nazi Worked in America

There were also many CIA operations against the growing Soviet influence in post-war Europe, carried out in conjunction with Nazi war criminals and Nazi collaborators. For example, Operation "Bloodstone", aimed at the systematic destruction of Soviet prisoners of war who wanted to return home to the USSR, many of whom were still in captivity in the territories occupied by Western countries.
We can also recall Operation "Aerodynamic", in which the American and British special services directed the activities of Nazi collaborators in Europe and sponsored them with money and weapons in the fight against the USSR after the war. Fortunately, their activities were suppressed, although many died.

You must be thinking, "No way. We defeated the Nazis". I can't blame you if you're skeptical, but we were trying to build a relationship with Germany like the one we have these days. Peaceful, co-existing, etc. We were trying to say "We're gonna get along now. We don't want another instance like that", so Harry Truman approved of the hiring of thousands of German scientists and engineers. Amongst these thousands were Walter Schreiber, a medical military officer for Nazi Germany. He got a job at the Air Force School of Medicine, in none other than Texas.

7 The Secret Basement Under Grand Central Station

Referred to as M42, this secret basement housed the rotary power converters that kept the railroads running during World War II. This one is not as bad as the rest. It's just an "America is ready" kind of thing. Adolf Hitler wanted to sabotage the converters by pouring sand onto them, so we had armed guards surrounding the room, with orders to shoot anyone carrying a bag or a bucket of sand. There was only one "attempt" by four of Hitler's saboteurs, but they were stopped before they could even find the basement, so it's a bit generous to call this an "attempt".

We probably have tons of these.

8 Area 51

The most famous military base in the United States of America is in the middle of the Nevada desert, 83 miles outside of Las Vegas. We all know about it because nobody knows what the heck they do there. Some wackjobs theorize that it's because they're hiding UFOs or actual aliens, even. The CIA didn't even acknowledge that Area 51 existed until 2013 because they're all nuts. All they'll tell you is that Area 51 is used to test spy planes. But are they telling the truth? The world may never know...

The secret everyone has heard of.

9 The USA Almost Blamed Cuba for Domesticated Terrorism that the USA Would've Done to Its Own Citizens.

Keyword almost. Here we go again with the CIA (wackos) proposing committing acts of terrorism against American citizens and then blaming it on Cuba. This was called Operation Northwoods, and the United States Joint Chiefs were pretty keen on it. They even ran through some scenarios, like the following: "Sink (a) ship near harbor entrance. Conduct funerals for mock-victims" and "…blow up a US ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba", but President John F Kennedy rejected the proposal. Unnerving that this... idea almost became a reality. Kudos to JFK.

They made bomb threats and gave in to Communism, but that would be sick and demented.

JFK saved us from us, huh?

10 The Missing Hydrogen Bomb

When a U.S. B-52 bomber carrying four hydrogen bombs crashed in Greenland in 1968, America acted fast to make sure all the radioactive material was recovered. We recovered everything, or we thought so, that is. Forty years later, there was an investigation that suggested one of the hydrogen bombs just may have found its way to Greenland.

"Broken Arrow" is the US military code for when a nuclear weapon is out of their control, due to being either lost, stolen, or unaccounted for. Its considered the absolute highest priority issue they have, short of an actual incoming nuclear attack.

Everyone with hydrogen bombs has done that. Wait...

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11 U.S. Government Had a Plot to Kill Castro with a Seashell

If the shell was really sharp, then I guess I can see that happen.

With a seashell? That's stupid.

12 U.S. Government Conducted Biological Warfare Experiments on Its Own Unsuspecting Citizens

Operation Sea-Spray was conducted in 1950 off the coast of San Francisco, California. Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii bacteria were sprayed over the San Francisco Bay Area for a whole week (September 20 - 27). A severe but rare form of U.T.I.'s, pneumonia, heart valve infections, and skin infections all sky-rocketed among the government's guinea pigs (the public, its own citizens) at the time. Should never be forgotten or forgiven.

13 USA Funded Al Qaeda to Stop the Soviets in Afghanistan
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