Top 10 Months With the Worst Weather

The Top Ten
1 February

I actually hate February, even though it has Valentine's Day. Here are reasons. 1. It snows too much. 2. I think it's too cold. 3. I hate cold weather! And that's all. Have a good February this year!

It's actually pretty annoying.

2 July

Being in west Michigan, the weather's quite warm (80 degrees at average), but what kills is the HUMIDITY. Living by Lake Michigan can be fun, but the humidity could make anyone die.

It is so cold in Argentina! This list is wrongly done. It should have specified the hemisphere.

It gets hot as hell in July as well. I don't know how anyone could stand the heat.

3 January

Where I live, it didn't snow last December, but when January came along, we started to get snowstorm after snowstorm and schools were closing like crazy! February was also pretty rough too.

January is brutal where I live. Well really, every weather event is brutal where I live. Its either scalding hot or freezing cold.

This should be at the top. It is the coldest months. Always avalanches, snowstorms and blizzards. I get so cold in January.

4 March

In March, there's stupid Daylight Savings, which I always dread because I lose an hour of sleep and the fact that the sun is the bane of my existence. The days really start getting longer and a lot more miserable in March.

March has wind+fog+rain. It is very cold.

Yay! my birthday is the wettest month of the year in Townsville (where I live by the way).

5 August

What are you talking about? It's warm and toasty so you can go to the beach and cool your balls off.

It's hot as hell in August, so that's why I spend my summer indoors.

Bad typhoons hit the Philippines in August/September.

6 September

One word. HURRICANES (yeah I live in the UK and we never get hurricanes but it's devastating to the people who live near the western Atlantic. by the way I don't know when the typhoon and cyclone seasons peak so yeah).

It changes weather like one day its warm the next day its hot and the next day its cold. I hate it

7 November

In Germany, November has the worst weather overall: rain, followed by rain, then rain, and then there's rain between the rainshowers. It is also quite windy, and those winds can be really cold!

Once there was freak snowstorm at the end of October and I lost electricity for four days (so no heat!) and we had to postpone Halloween because there were so many trees on the road that it was too dangerous to go trick or treating.

This is why I hate this month the most: The weather is cold and very windy. and there's no snow, unlike December.

8 December

This month I can get snowy and cold weather it sucks when it gets freezing outside

9 October

I love October because I was born in October and October has a lot of holidays other than Halloween

10 June

This is when my least favorite season of all begins. I really wish I had some sun blocking curtains in my room for this reason.

The heatwaves! My birthday has to be in the middle of the heatwaves!

The Contenders
11 April

There is an old rule, which stands for April's weather in general and is mostly true for Germany: it is unstable as heck! You can literally go from deep freeze and thick layers of snow to an early heat wave, topping out at around 90 F (beware of thunderstorms) and then to November-like rainfall and coldness in only one month!

This should be a lot higher because tornadoes are most likely in the Plains.

It was a miserable 97 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday, 4/8/2022.

12 May

My overall most hated month has a big upside: it has a nice, calm, mostly sunny and fine weather over here. On some occasions, temperatures can already reach 80-90 F, and I love that.

It gets really hot and sunny in May, which is something I hate with burning passion.

It doesn't feel like summer. August is more in the summer.
Maybe school must be lying