Top Ten Most Versatile Weapons

What makes a weapon versatile is that it can be either used in practical situations outside combat, and/or it can be used to deliver different strikes and blows to opponents. To put this list in short: almost anything you hold can be a versatile weapon as long if you think outside the box.
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1 Knife

The knife primarily serves as a defense weapon, but there is much practicability outside of it when it comes to outdoor scenarios. Want to make a fire? Rub your knife between stone and some dried shaved wood. Want to prepare food using this weapon? Think about how you use kitchen knives. As it is very crucial in survival scenarios, the knife can be also be used for harvesting skin/hide from animals, as well as carving and peeling materials.

Good for surgery, making fires and crafting.

2 Spear

The spear is regarded as one of the most historical weapons especially used since primitive eras; many variants of spears in cultures around the world are used in many different ways and purposes. Spears are basically a long stick with a sharp blade on the end - thus making it very simple to make, yet both very effective and versatile in war due to its lightness and length; it is easily thrown, making it an effective tool in hunting and fishing. The most important thing is, it is still usable as a dagger even when broken in half.

3 Tomahawk

One of the iconic tools that was used by indigenous American people that also serves as an effective weapon in defense. The tomahawk is similar to the axe, but with added additions to the axe head which can function as tools - one for crushing or delivering blunt strikes, and chopping and cutting on the other. Depending on the weapon, tomahawks are typically lighter than hatchets. Not to mention, tomahawks can be easily thrown due to their lightness

4 Axe

Combined with longer range compared to knives, the axe can deliver powerful strikes as a defense weapon. Most importantly, it serves a versatile purpose in bushcraft environments. Especially if you have good knowledge in survival skills, the axe is effective for chopping and splitting wood, which can be used to make campfires and shelter. Although, the axe requires a bit of strength to wield and use properly, especially when it comes to defense.

You can break down doors with it.

5 Staff

Even just a simple, yet strong stick can serve as one of the most versatile weapons. Most importantly, it is often lightweight which makes it easy to handle and deliver blunt hits in different ways especially when used in skilled hands. When not in defensive use, it can be used as a walking stick.

6 Sword

Not as versatile as the others - although it is usually lightweight and its blade is long in length, it is very effective for slashing, and thrusting. Its only weakness is penetrating through thick armor. The pommel (located at the hilt) however, serves as a crushing weapon which can deliver blunt strikes if used in the hands of a skilled swordsman.

7 Machete

Similar to the knife, although much more broad and long in range. The machete is not only used as a tool for agricultural purposes - including splitting various foods and fruits, and for clearing branches, but can also serve as a self-defense weapon due to its sharpness. The machete however, has many various forms, which are utilized for different purposes. The Kukri for example, is a weapon originated from India which consist of curved blades - which are more effective in cutting and penetrating than the standard machete.

8 Rocks

Although rocks itself doesn't do much in effectiveness, it serves as a quick access throwing weapon; it is a bit more effective in slingshots, though. Most importantly, rocks are the gateway to crafting one of the most versatile and effective weapons such as the spear.

9 Bec de corbin

This weapon is an unusual one; it's a hammer combined with a pike or a pole. Also called as the Raven's Beak or the Crow's Beak, the bec de corbin was especially used in medieval Europe times. The spike on top, was used for piercing and thrusting towards, while the hammer head was used for more blunt strikes. The back of the hammerhead - which is the beak functions like an ice pick; it can pierce through armor and deliver powerful, piercing strikes. In short, it basically functions as a spear, hammer, and a pick.

10 Kama

Similar to a sickle and the machete, the Kama was previously used as an agricultural tool by the Japanese people. Later on, people used it as a weapon for self defense due to its sharpness combined with the lightness, therefore making it very easy to use. If one happens to be skilled in fighting, the Kama is also used to block incoming strikes.

The Contenders
11 Bow and Arrow

You can reload immediately and you can even shoot grenades. Also armor piercing. You dont need to use a certain caliber most arrows will work. Fire can also be shot.

12 Gun
13 Bomb

This isn't so versatile compared to other weapons but it is effective for destroying things.

Good for getting past fortifications and good for demolishing buildings if you have to.

14 Darts
15 Flamethrower

Easily makes campfires or destroy wasp nests.

16 Wrench
17 Anti-Material Rifle

You can hunt with it, you can use it in the trenches and in cities and in wastelands you can even shoot down planes.

Works against both infantry and vehicles, unless they are heavily armored.

18 Pitchfork
19 Katana
20 Chainsaw
21 Multiple Grenade Launcher

Works against both infantry and vehicles.

22 Pickaxe

Works against armor and works when mining ores.

23 Pump-Action Shotgun

Fires buckshot, birdshot, slugs, exploding shells, beanbag, bola, poison rounds, ice slugs, wood slugs, dragons breath, Armor piercing discarding sabot, electric slugs and hellfire.

24 Crowbar
25 Kunai
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