Top Ten Fancy Words with Simple Meanings

These are fancy variants of common words or words with simple meanings; just an idea for poetry or literature. It's not really recommended you use these words in an everyday conversation as you will most likely to confuse someone with such unfamiliar vocabulary.
The Top Ten
1 Ghoti

An uncommon word alternative for fish, and pronounced as fish, or it could be silent. It is often jokingly used, and represents how illogical the english language is.

2 Cerulean

This is the only word on the top ten on this list that actually sounds fancy and not just weird. Also, the only one other than natation that I have actually heard used more than once.

A fancy word for the color light blue, as in a cerulean sky. Pretty wise choice for a word for describing the appeal of things.

3 Cachinnate

A fancy word for laughing, often loudly.

4 Pulchritudinous

Pretty much a complicated and a very fancy word for describing something as beautiful. This is quite a "beautiful" way to confuse someone in an everyday conversation.

The weather today is quite pulchritudinous, isn't that right?

5 Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

An invented long word meaning a lung disease caused by inhaling very fine ash and sand dust.

...Yah, I'm not even going to try to pronounce this. It's probably just another word for "bob".

This will take me forever to remember how to spell this.

6 Winebibber

Meaning an archaic term for someone who is addicted to alcohol.

I know this one from the Bible.

7 Hebetudinous

Definitely using this one, as it describes me.

8 Allor
9 Meshugge

A very fancy word to describe someone as insane, or mad.

Know this one from Rucka.

10 Natation

Literally means swimming.

The Contenders
11 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

A ridiculously long word which simply means to describe something spectacular. It is one of the most iconic long words thanks to the movie Mary Poppins.

12 Indelicate

A fancy word for tasteless, or immodest, or used to describe someone as insensitive

13 Suspire

A fancy term for the word "breathe". Quite a wise word for writing a short story.

14 Boondoggle

Meaning something is considered a waste of time, or in other words pointless, despite given the illusion of the opposite.

15 Pusillanimous

Used to describe someone as shy; timid.

Heard this one many times.

16 Bombinate

You might first assume this word is associated with "bombs", literally, but it is a fancy way to say as if someone's humming something.

17 Septuagenarian

Septuagenarian is a word describing anyone who is in between the ages of 70-79, in other words, people in their 70's.

18 Quaff
19 Sidecar
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