Top 10 Gender Related Phrases We Need to Stop Saying to Kids

The Top Ten
1 Man up
2 Boys will be boys

This phrase is just an excuse for bad behavior and poor parenting

3 Be a man
4 Boys don't cry
5 That's not ladylike
6 You throw like a girl
7 Boys don't play with dolls
8 Boys shouldn't be afraid
9 Girls must always be polite
10 Girls are not good at maths

Once, my male classmate (I'm female) asked me for an answer to a problem in class. I answered, and he straight up went "thanks, but I don't trust women", he asked some other guy who just copied what I said and gave that guy the credit for the answer. Why even ask me in the first place if you "don't trust women"..

When I was in school the girls had pretty good grades in math class

The Contenders
11 Boys are gross
12 Boys have cooties
13 Girls should be afraid
14 Girls don't play sports
15 Boys shouldn't be weak
16 Girls shouldn't be strong
17 Boys don't wear makeup and nail polish
18 Run like a girl
19 Walk like a girl
20 Cry like a girl
21 That's not manly
22 Be a lady
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