Top Ten Lies About Pastors' Kids

I'm a pastor's kid. I know that stereotypes surrounding pastors' kids are alive and well...and wrong. Lots of what you would assume to know about pastor's kids are just wrong. Any other pastor's kid out there would agree that we're judged way too much based on our parent's occupation.

Here are ten all-too-common lies about pastors' children.
The Top Ten
1 We're incredibly sheltered

Any fellow pastor's kid can attest that we're just as normal as any other person. We watch the same movies, listen to the same songs, and probably go to the same schools. Our parents don't shelter us just because of their beliefs.

2 We're rebellious individuals

I have no idea where this stereotype came from, but it's just wrong. Mostly.

3 We basically never do bad stuff

Heh, no. Our religion may teach us to treat others with respect and be kind in everything we do, but we're only human. I am a slave to temptation just as you are. Perhaps I'm even worse! Or you're worse...

4 We're ultra-spiritual

Not all pastor's kids are miniature versions of their parents. Of course, we do know more than the average Joe does about the Bible and Christianity, but we're not as uber-spiritual as Billy Graham or the Pope.

5 We talk about God to everyone we can

I'm certainly not a missionary of any kind, and I only express my feelings about our religion when the situation calls for it. Or if I've stumbled into a religious debate. I just can't help it when it comes to those.

6 We're all Christians

I'd rather not discuss my beliefs for everyone to see, so I won't. To the point: Our father or mother may be faithful in the Christian religion, but that doesn't necessarily make us Christians too. While most of us opt to agree with our parents and become Christian, the same cannot be said for everyone. And I'm okay with that. I believe everyone should believe what they want to believe without getting harassed for it.

Yeah, the unbiblical concept of free will. Specifically debunked in Proverbs 16:9, 20:24, 21:1, Jeremiah 10:23, and not to mention passages that make it clear, such as Genesis 20. Yet so many Christians believe it. Anyway, yes, not all pastor's children are Christians. Because salvation requires God to raise the dead sinner (Eph. 2) and God doesn't choose to do that for everyone.

7 We loathe all non-Christians

I know plenty of atheists who've accepted the fact that I'm a practicing Christian. I'm friends with them, but I never bring up religion in conversations with them. That would be risky.

8 We oppose scientists

Don't even get me started on this...

9 We have boring lives

I'll just leave this alone. All I'll say is that this is far from true.

10 We don't know that we're stereotyped

Well, guess what, buddy?

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