Top 10 Things That Would Make the World a Better Place

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1 More Equality

Equality is akin to a child's make-believe session. Now, I'm not saying that we haven't tried to rejuvenate it; in fact, the human race is making fantastic leaps and bounds in terms of equality. Unfortunately, though, equality can never be completely achieved. For example, you probably didn't know that female rights have been around before--that is, they WERE until men started being more discriminatory towards women and feminism reset. Then females had to fight for their rights once again, and again, until we finally got it right in today's society. Equality never lasts long, nor will we achieve it anytime soon. There's always one little government in the world that completely throws equality out the window before other countries begin following suit. Humans just aren't designed to be equal. (Now that I'm done ranting, I think I'll eat a taco.)

Yes... This needed to be said. Especially with all the pro-patriarchy, anti-feminist scumbags around.

One of the biggest problems the world has faced, is facing and will face.

We need equality for every race, type of person, & everyone in general.

2 More Love

I agree with every item on this list. Sometimes I look at the world and I'm ashamed. But then I remember the people who have qualities like this and I have hope. As Samwise Gamgee said, "there's good in this world Mr. Frodo, and it's worth fighting for."

Show love = more equality, less war basically everything else on this list

3 Less Violence

There is no need for violence, we are not barbaric animals that need to cave each others skulls in over a dispute or argument. People should Take control of there own body & use there brain we are not cave men, we are civilized human beings and being violence just shows people lack the ability to control themselves.

4 More Justice
5 Less Poverty

I hate seeing homeless people sleep on the streets, Even though I don't have the room I would take A homeless in & give them somewhere warm to sleep, but the problem is I am a single female, and I would feel vulnerable as many homeless people have drug and alcohol problems and they have nothing to lose so I think I'd feel threatened but If every1 took a homeless in how cool would that be? there would be no homelessness. But obviously we have our own safety to think of. I do believe councils should set up shelters and things though for them, I hate seeing them sleep on streets I always pray for them.

6 More Tolerance

More love indeed! But just more general tolerance to our fellow man would be so great, thank you very much.

Same thing with Love, we need to tolerate & respect everyone.

7 Less Drugs and Alcohol

By drugs, I assume you mean bad ones. Not medicine.

Perhaps absolutely NO drugs allowed.

8 Less Terrorism

No, we need to rid the world of ALL terrorism.

9 No War

These days, most wars are civil war and a war between countries are quite rare though

10 More Good Jobs
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11 Reduce Pollution
12 Better Education

What would you consider as "better education"? How about giving everyone an opportunity to receive secondary education, which 34% of people worldwide don't have?

Education needs to be available to those who can't or can barely afford it as well.

Especially when it comes to animals.

13 Stop Animal Abuse

Animals deserve to be treated with respect, afterall most of them were on this planet before us. I hate it when people are harmful or disrespectful to any animal its just descusting this needs to stop.

14 More Good Music

Screw Mainstream pop and rap that is brainwashing kids listening to them by idols and money hungry people for crappy music! Music is meant to show love and compassion and creativity!

Yes, more good music would make the world a better place, but it isn't all that important. Many other things would have a much greater positive impact than more good music.

What we really need that's music related are people that can make nay kind of music good & change it for the better.

Can release stress, we need more good songs so I can stop listening to the only good ones on repeat.

15 Caring for the Environment

Caring for the environment covers a wide range of things, but overall it means taking responsibility for the harmful things we as humans have done to the world around us. Pollution, Animal Conservation, Global Warming, Deforestation, Animal Habitat Loss, Ozone Layer, and Endangered Species are just some of the issues regarding our environment. Whether you agree with any of these or you don't, you can't ignore the fact that it is our job to help clean up the mess we have made. Together we can challenge the treats to nature and help insure it's ability to provide - for the sake for every living thing, including ourselves.

16 Ban Pornography

Its bad. Children watch this kinds of things

17 More Freedom on the Internet
18 Cheaper Health Care Services
19 More Cooperation Between Companies

You know that when two companies work together it is usually called collusion. This is illegal and prevents the formation of a monopoly or multi-company trusts. Wanting more companies to work together is like asking for increased prices and decreased quality on any good or service due to behind-the-scenes negotiations between companies. I'm a big advocate for the free market but company collisions result in major problems.

Wouldn't it be great if every electronics company made phone chargers exactly the same for every phone?

20 No Bullying

Yes! I agree on this so much. Bullying is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

21 More Animal Conservation
22 Less Obese People
23 No More Humans

While humans are terrible, this is bad. If we all say, were to disappear over night. We would leave behind untended nuclear power plants, and other stuff. The world would rot even faster.

I am ashamed to be human.

Humans are taking away resources and ruining the environment to a large extent

24 More Acceptance of Mental Conditions
25 No Drug Abuse
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