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1 Adolf Hitler is Still Alive Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 - April 30, 1945) was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and F├╝hrer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of the Holocaust.

People like seeing things they don't normally see. This often leads to people seeing exactly what they want to see, even though what they want to see is not what's actually there. Thus, for instance, a study saying that the theory is true gets so much popularity, whereas seven studies that disprove it are never spoken of. Humanity needs to learn how to give up their dreams of making this world into something from an action movie, and simply wake up, do the research, do the math, and face the facts. But oh well - the Internet's obsessed with the man anyway, which thoroughly sickens me.

This is completely preposterous. For one he has to be dead now, but I don't think he escaped Germany and went to Argentina. Hitler was so bent on the success of his country that he would die before The Allies took it.

It's the feeling... oh my lord, what is it? Oh yeah. It's the feeling you get when you have officially have lost all hope for humanity. If people believe that someone who was born in the late 1800s is still alive, I hope you're doing well.

I voted for this awhile back, except a few weeks ago, the CIA released unclassified documents with pretty convincing proof that he was alive in 1955.
Obviously he isn't still alive, that would make him the oldest person by 6 years, so technically this is still wrong lol.

2 Dinosaurs Helped Build the Pyramids

This is stupid. Of course the dinosaurs did not make the pyramids. There is no evidence dinosaurs were around in ancient Egypt. Plus I'm seeing these stupid comments saying Christians believe this. That is completely false and honestly quite offensive.

Where there already pyramids when dinosaurs still existed? The people who claimed this theory obviously never studied history

How could they have helped build the pyramids if they went extinct before Ancient Egypt even existed?

As a Christian let me tell you, we find this is dumber than Eve eating the fruit.

3 George Bush Did 9/11

It were crazy angry terrorists that did this. But it could have been stopped but George Bush did nothing. My dad was in the military when 9/11 happened. George Bush pushed back the military and only send a missile somewhere way off. I'm not saying George Bush caused 9/11 cause obviously he didn't I'm saying he could of prevent 9/11 but he didn't.

Not crazy at all. There's evidence but you need to search for in alternate web browsers because Google is owned by the cabal.

George Bush did not do 9/11. Why would he have any reason to do that?

Osama literally admitted to take a huge role in 9/11 in 2004...

4 Obama is a Shape Shifting Reptile

This is Sooo silly. I'm mean, nobody can be a shapeshifter. He obviously just pains his face so he doesn't look like a lizard. I can't believe people actually believe Obama (who is a lizard) is a shapeshifter

Hey, he's not a reptile, he's a reptOID. A scaly, blood-sucking, shape-shifting extraterrestrial, get your terminology correct.

Who exactly came up with this, and what evidence is there to support this crazy idea?

This is just messed up. how do people come up with such nonsense? and how could they really believe such things!?

5 Fake Moon Landing

People are strange - in one instance of time they can both detest change and still obsess with seeing and romanticizing things that are out of the ordinary. People believe this theory because they refuse to accept that it's possible, and yet they believe the theory above this one (which I shall not speak of by name) because they refuse to accept that it's IMpossible. They begin jumping to conclusions simply because they won't listen to the science explaining how it works, what made it happen. I can't believe how people can be so accepting, and yet so closed-minded.

It sad how people always will ignore something if it makes them feel better. Those of you who cling to NASA's hems are sad examples of this. NASA even states that their goals nowadays is too simply leave earths orbit, let alone land somewhere. They call us, who actually see truth ignorant. The moon footage looks like a cheesy star wars movie, and don't tell me it was the camera quality, because if our Camera's sucked, then our spacecrafts were centuries beyond them.

I tried having a debate with a guy once. He was crazy confident that the moon landing never happened and how it is just NASA's propaganda. what? I'm pretty sure I saved a lot of brain cells when I decided that it's better not to argue with an ignorant retard.

Its odd about the fact that many Americans still believed that the moon landings were staged. Even though the Soviet Union not only knew that we landed, but even congratulated us on the first landing.

6 Chemtrails Control the Population
7 The Ice Bucket Challenge is a Satanic Baptism Ritual

Can someone explain this one to me.

This conspiracy theory exists?

Okay this is so stupid.

I would really like to know more about this one, considering I did this challenge a few years ago

8 Black Sabbath Sold Their Souls for Rock 'N Roll

Do people actually believe this?

9 Obama Can Control the Weather Using a Magical Machine

I know a lot of people hate Obama, but a conspiracy theory like this is one in particular that seems to be the most ridiculous one ever thought up that is cringe worthy.

This sounds similar to North Korea who made the crap saying Kim Jong Um is a God who can control the weather.

I mean we can control the weather, but not with magical objects.

This is so stupid it hurts. It physically hurts.

10 The Middle Ages Never Happened

This theory better end, especially the people who believe in it. They're definitely getting Darwin Awards.

If that were true, then all my love of medieval stuff would be pointless.

That doesn't even make any sense, what do people mean by that?

This is ridiculous. The Middle Ages had to of happened.

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11 Osama Bin Laden is Obama

So heres how this theory is true (joke) Osama bin ladin secretly adopted an african child by the name of obama he trained him in the ways of the gohldi, a karate form. Osama then sent obama into the usa with a fake birth certificate and he slowly became more powerful. It is said obama would attack the usa on his last day of the presidentcy

Other than the fact that Osama and Obama sound similar, please tell me how this conspiracy theory was thought up.

Apart from the names being similar, how was this theory even thought up?

12 World War 2 Never Happened

To ModernSpongeBobSucks: I had a friend once who was paranoid about "the government" and believed they had tried to get rid of her when she was 5 (I won't share the exact story, just in case she reads this) - a lot of conspiracy theorists are like that. She refused to listen to my voice of reason saying that anything like that would definitely make the headlines or at least find its way to a lawsuit. I'm telling you: it doesn't have to make sense, it just has to agree with what the conspiracy theorist believes. It's like how we all have a favorite genre of music - we only listen to what we want to hear.

Then how the heck were all those lives lost? Did someone pull a Thanos and snap them out of existence? I don't think so.

So, the death of millions of lives was for nothing then?

How can anyone defend that conspiracy theory?!

13 The Earth is a Flat Line

It was proven years and years before our life, that the world is not flat. If earth is flat then why are the other planets not flat? It was just something people believed in ancient times that earth was flat but finally discovered it wasn't.

I've heard of the Earth being flat. But a single line? Look around you! Everywhere you go, you can go more than one direction in three-dimensional space! This is crazy!

14 Kurt Cobain's Still Alive as a Peruvian Singer

So because of a Peruvian singer that mocks his voice he's automatically alive?

I wish this was true, he could at least not be dead!

As much as I wish Kurt Cobain was still alive, he's not, you can't fake Shooting yourself with a shotgun

15 Cats are Aliens Who Came to Earth to Invade Us

They don't seem like very *smart* aliens... *watches my cat completely freak out over the loud sound the coffee maker makes even though the coffee maker has never actually presented a danger to her*...I mean, cats are smart as in they can figure out humans, but they aren't smart enough to be able to lead an organized invasion of Earth. *shakes head smiling* They're just too derpy.

You been watching that movie Cats and Dogs, the Cats are evil and the Dogs are good.
I liked it when I was younger but Cats being evil and Dogs good is completely the silliest thing for story.
I would never ever watch the sequel the first was a silly idea even if it was a childhood fave that I wouldn't watch again.

I have a cat and this might be true he is definitely the weirdest animal I've ever seen. Plus what is with the kneading? Maybe they are sending secret codes.

Oh so that's why Manx Cats don't have tails (they are probably aliens that caused a disaster in the isle of man in the 70s). Cats are not aliens they are cute animals, but annoying if they attack you I suppose.

16 Life is Someone's Dream

Something out there is dreaming about everything on this planet.
Things in the dream...Religion, Justin Bieber, Teletubbies, North Korea.
All of your movements everything you do is a dream of something.
Of course this hasn't been proven but I remember talking about it years ago.

I... I... Excuse, me, I'll just be in my room lying on the floor like a piece of trash contemplating existence for a couple of days.

Look, it is pretty dumb but I have thought about it being true. please don't insult me for it though?

I actually thought this at some point.

17 The Moon is Made of Cheese

Thanks to believing that when watching A Grand Day Out when I was little, I believed it then but I was very young.

What next it's a button?

Wish it was true.

18 The Holocaust Never Happened

I'm surprised this isn't higher. This one of the most pathetic and ridiculous theories ever made. It's also disgraceful to jews who were innocently killed in massive amounts

Well there is a website the militant atheist whoever runs it they believe the holocaust never happened. Totally giving atheism a bad name.

however their have been attempts to cover up genocides, for example the soviet government tried to cover up the Holodomor, the genocide of Ukrainians by Stalin, so that counts as a conspiracy theory that is true.

Of course it happened

19 Harambe is John F. Kennedy
20 The Moon Isn't Real

if I understand correctly are these people saying the other planets and the sun aren't real either or do they think the sun revolves around the earth.

Then why is there is a big white thing on the sky at night?

Of course its real

21 The Illuminati is Real

It was real at one time, actually, however, they had nothing to do with the eye triangle, the number 3, or the obnoxious yet famous combination of air horns, sunglasses, junk food, and *AHEM SUBSTANCES*, thus I don't see them becoming over time what they are supposed to be today. I know that proof is a little off (I've had a long morning of theory debunking, so now all I have is just my common sense), so you want more proof, go find more proof. I'm sure you can look it up.

Who believes in illuminati? Only trolls do, illuminati doesn't exist. Aliens may exist probably, but illuminati doesn't

This is scary and very, very wrong.

22 Hollow Earth

YOU'VE never been in Earth's core, you can't DISPROVE this.

Man, I should be a theorist, this would be a great imagination exercise.

If the earth was hollow, then how to volcanoes erupt?

23 Michael Jackson is Still Alive

Can someone with at least 1 braincell make a documentary about "Stop Making documentaries saying that Michael Jackson is a paedophile."

He is in the year 3000 under water, just watch the Busted video.

If he was still alive, we wouldn't be having the bullcrap music coming out today.

Mcgillacuddy - if he is alive then he is on an uninhabited island.

24 Donald Trump Invented Houses
25 Most of the World Leaders are Space Lizards
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