Top Ten Things People Care Way Too Much About

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1 Celebrities

Celebrities are normal people like you and me, only their talent happened to be recognized. That's not to say they're not hard working, but it is pointless to glorify them and talk nonstop about them just because they're famous

Scary to think how so many people are developing parasocial relationships with a person who they haven't even met yet, and considering there are many incidents of famous people getting stalked, especially music artists.

Why the hell should a bad singer like Mariah Carey get to live in a giant palace while most Americans are living in the armpit of the country? Just a thought

Some people are really obsessed with the lives of their favorite celebrities to the point that it becomes ridiculous.

2 Sports

It's repetitive, simplistic, dull, ext. Playing sports can be fun, but trying to watch it is a nightmare. I just don't see how people can be entertained by watching people throwing/kicking/hitting a ball around for 2 hours. And what reasons are there to root for a team? Just because they're from your state? It's insanity! Just my opinion though

Sports are fun. They make you exercise, and they require some of the most insane tactics.

I only like one sports team: the Green Bay Packers.

3 Social Media

It's a great way to keep up with people and communicate with friends, but it's just overused. There is no need for 5-10 different social media accounts, plus people only show what they want to show, it's not an accurate representation of most people

People spend hours and hours on social media every day, it's like a drug, they think about that all the time.

Kids are too obsessed with these.

Most of the people at my school are obsessed with social media.Its annoying.

4 Politics

I am sick and tired of hearing Politics this, Politics that. All they do is cause trouble and make horrible decisions that foolishly impact this earth. They screwed up are lives and do not care a bit about the people on this earths feelings.

It would be great to not have to care about politics. Problem is, politics "cares" about you, and political agendas affect everything in your life. It's reality, like it or not.

I really need to find something else to talk about besides politics and anime all the time.

People take politics so seriously they hate people who don't have the same views as them.

5 Having the Newest Gadget

Take gaming consoles for example: I have an Xbox One S, and have zero plans on getting an Xbox series X. Why? Because there's no point. both might not have the SAME games, but I am having PLENTY of fun with the ones I have.

Ok...I may sound like a boomer saying this...but...I'm tired of all these kids being obsessed with their phones. I'm tired of hearing about them everyday. I'm 13 years old and go to middle school, and the only thing I see is a kid holding a phone. No wonder it's harder for me to make friends. Anyway, I come from a strict Asian family who believe that you shouldn't have a phone (or other gadgets) until high school. (Did I mention I get straight A's?) I just find it insensitive that kids just shove their phones in your faces. Ok, I get it, you're rich and bought the Iphone 11 Pro Max. I understand. But you don't need to flaunt it 24/7 Another thing that ticks me off is when kids keep bringing phones into classrooms and putting it on their desks, then whining when losing it. Why DO you need a phone in your classroom when your teacher and staff are there to protect you? That's what they're there for. to help and protect you. When kids say, "Oh, I need my phone for PROTECTION" I know it's ...more

I really don't get why some people need the latest iPhone. There's is next to no difference between each model and even then, you probably don't need those new features at all.

Obviously you can't say it applies to everyone but this is the thing that most occurs to me as something people tend to care too much about.

6 Religion

This should be 1 or 2 on this list. Sports doesn't even belong on this list. Whoever thinks it should be obviously has no life

It's faith bundled into a singularity, and it's okay, I guess.

7 Fashion

Man this was a tough choice. I wholeheartedly agree with the top 6, but I'd have to go with this one

There's nothing wrong with dressing nice, but it's dumb to judge people who just want to dress casually

I despise fashion.

8 Grammar

Grammar is drastically underrated. Things can't make sense without it.

People need to care about grammar more to be honest.

So someone uses the wrong use of "they're" or "their." It's not the end of the world

I value grammar, I try to use it...

But I'm bad at it.

9 Video Games

After seeing that Sonic is confirmed for LEGO Dimensions, I feel that the whole Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is being milked to death :( At least Sonic isn't in Disney Infinity thank god, but still.

I rather see Sonic in Super Smash Bros. than in a crossover with many non-game franchises, since Sonic originated as a video game first, not a cartoon.

People still talk about Call of Duty? I know it's mediocre and okay, but is it even relevant to talk about it at this point? Just play better video games if you don't like Call of Duty. But if you do like it, that's fine. Just don't shove it in our faces.

I don't get the massive praise this game has. It's just a game.

10% of this website is an Undertale fan account.

10 Themselves

Most people care about themselves enough, I would say.

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11 Sex

I'm done with this kind of stuff. I'm so done

12 Other Peoples' Weight

"StOp fAt sHaMiNg mE!" The fat acceptance movement is ridiculous. If anything they are the ones who focus on people's weight the most.

My relatives are Asian and they do this WAY TOO MUCH! They call me skinny a lot. Also they feed me a lot during parties and family gatherings until I gain weight, then my mom calls me fat and makes me go on a diet.

13 Money

Shame on you. First for drop-kicking a baby (at 15), but more so for whingeing about the consequences. And it seems, all you're bothered about is the loss of money, not the loss of your family. Maybe, if you start growing up and take responsibility for your actions than you'll be forgiven one day.

Money is a representation of how much something's worth. That something is a much more valuable thing: gold.


Some LGBT+ people can be annoying...

"OMG! This movie has no gay characters! It's so homophobic! I have to tell the entire world this!"

Most LGBT+ people are fine to exist as they want, just don't be a baby about not being included in a show or anything.

"Also, that's a really homophobic comment." Is there no end to the use of these bogus PC perjoratives? Someone disagrees with a lifestyle choice, the agenda behind it, and having it constantly shoved in their face, and they're "homophobic? " It's a made-up word; an invective designed to intimidate and shut down debate. When PC-bots have no coherent argument (which is always) they smear and slur. It's a common and unimaginative Neo-Marxist tactic.

They got more than what they need and still call people who disagree with them as "racist" and "sexist", and the media is exaggerating this. I'm not against LGBT people, I just disagree with their lifestyle.

Hmmm, I'm all for LGBT rights. It wasn't until recently when gays got marriage rights, and there are still many countries where LGBT people are heavily persecuted and even killed. So I don't really think this belongs on the list

15 Popularity
16 Instant Gratification

I didn't know people cared so much about a Dance Gavin Dance album.

17 Their Hair
18 TV Shows

People take this show way too seriously. Yes, it's not as good as the old show, but it's not trying to BE the old show. It's a comedic cartoon about superheroes doing silly things, but people act like it's the greatest sin mankind has ever created.

Just watch something else. It's much better watching a better show like Steven Universe than to spend a majority of your time hating on an already bad show.

19 What People Say

I can tell some people that hate me right now are actually just finding comments of mine that are even the slightest bit bad and putting it up for their friends to laugh at. Honestly this is obsessive.

20 Graphics

It's the gameplay that makes a game good, not the graphics. And I am getting sick of developers continuing to prioritize graphics over gameplay.

Gameplay over Graphics anyone?

21 Movies

I've seen a quite a lot of TLK haters on some lists featuring The Lion King.

I don't like that movie.

22 Appearance of Your Yard

Its actually surprisingly terrible how much water we use on lawns. And they don't feed us either.

All you moslty do is stand on it. If you want a beutiful yard that's fine, but it's really not important. It also creates more yardwork

23 Appearance of Your Car

Again, it's fine to have a great looking car, but it's not important. All it does is take you from place to place,

24 Fictional Characters

Some people are really obsessed by characters from their favorite TV show, anime or video game. This website is only more evidence of this.

25 Their Appearance
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