Top 10 Greatest Achievements of Mankind

The greatest things the human race has ever done or made.
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1 Travelling to the Moon

Probably the most difficult thing ever achieved, and practically mythic, even if all we got were photos and rocks. It also proclaimed in a way that humanity is no longer limited to planet Earth, that we have a future in other places too.

All throughout history we have developed technology for a reason. 'Necessity is the mother of all invention' The technology we have made has many beneficial direct and side effects which will influence positions on this list.
The moon is the furthest we have ever gone, both literally and metaphorically. As humans we are always desperate to know more, whatever the cost; landing on the moon is the ultimate result of this.
It is our greatest achievement because it supersedes god for the first time in thousands of years. Religion has stagnated the human race because the questions it asks cannot be answered. So we no longer need to look to the sky to see god, we see the solar system and possibilities for investigation in and beyond it and this will continue to allow the human race to strive and therefore survive.

This feat definitely should qualify as # 1 of all time but if you listen to Neil, Buzz and Michael at the Apollo 11 news conference their body language is definitely telling us another story. Their body language is loud and clear..."all the things that we are saying here today are part of the big lie that we are being forced to tell you! "

I wondered for a long time if it could be possibly true that we did not go...Once I listened carefully to this Apollo 11 news conference there was no more doubt that they had never gone.

We placed our feet and stood on a foreign celestial body. All of us, in the span of millions of years of evolution, through one man. There is no bigger achievement in our species' history. Every discovery that preceded it lead to it.

2 Mastering Flight

I agree with this text. I think everything is almost as it should be. But I still have a couple of complaints. Second for me would be electricity, because without it we would go back to prehistoric times. And above all, nothing would be created. But the first should be the bicycle, because without it we wouldn't even create electricity. And none of what's there. And as a third, I would give flight because with it we can discover new states and countries and places, and above all it will be easier to travel. For me, the Internet should be somewhere in the middle because it can bring both destruction and humanity, and without it we wouldn't be as far as we are today.

Great technological invention, and even by 2015, perhaps the grestest, but not the greatest of all human inventions - ability to enlarge our brains, describe and peer into atomic level structures helped us discover and invent all that we see - medicine, materials, electronics, etc. Etc.

Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth, and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings...

Flight for humans is impossible. But we flew anyway.

3 Creating Photography

Photography is the underdog of man's creations. While it may not seem as significant as walking on the moon or, achieving flight, photography allows us to make moments in time, timeless. Photos of landmarks, photos of love, even capturing the vastness of the universe for us to finally behold. Not only is it an important advancement, it's important to our culture; our history.

Truly, a remarkable thing that we often take for granted.

Without photography, we would have never had the accurate perception of what it was like years before we were born. Sure, there's artists who could paint portraits and the town streets, but is it really the same? The past, present, and future; moments in time, made timeless.

Photography developed into bird watching, pornography, records of human history, videos, movies, illustrated books, printing and presentation(e.g graphs)

To capture the world and keep a scene forever is unearthly.

4 Creating Electronic Devices

Electronic devices now make up a huge part of the lives for the majority of the world. First radios, telephones, following that, we got televisions and mobile phones and now we're at computers, smartphones and the internet. Electricity also provides us lots of interesting technology such as space travel/exploration, special medication methods. Electricity made communication miles easier and opened up countless branches of entertainment.

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there's vomit on his sweater already mom's spaghetti.

I really have so much respect for that. Imagine life without cars, airplanes, computers etc...?
We would still be animals NOT humans

Human didn't do in 200000 Year which is already done in 100 Years with the help of Electricity it boosted the technology and research to an endless level.

5 Creating Movies
6 Creating Music

Music is the language of existence in my book. It puts our humanity into perspective, and brings meaning to everyday moments. Without music, it would be very hard to reflect on where we are and what we are doing, because as selfish creatures we are never fully satisfied. Always looking either toward the future, or past. I guess it's most unique quality is to stop time at a moment and give us the ability to judge life with a perspective

Music rouses the greatest feelings one can witness. The ingenuity of composers like J.S. Bach is unsurpassed and in my opinion are some of his works the greatest achievements of mankind.

This would be one of my top 3's, along with language/writing and the invention of electronic devices.

Music is one of the most unexplainable thing ; a sequence of sounds that brings you joy.

7 Developing Tools
8 Mastering Metalworking
9 Developing Vaccines

One third of children used to die of smallpox until inoculation and vaccination. People did not count their children until they had smallpox and survived. All the other vacations are just a cherry on the cake.

Going to the moon was just 1 nation flexing its muscles to show off to another nation. To tackle smallpox all people around the world had to cooperate to banish a small piece of evil from the land.
Eridacating smallpox was all of man working together to be the best that we could

The ability to save not only humans, but other life forms, from microscopic "devils" is absolutely amazing.

So epic. The eradication of smallpox shows that the might and intelligence of humanity can, when united against a common enemy, prevail

10 Domesticating Fire

Helped us cook food, making it easier for us to get more glucose to the brain - thereby enlarging our brains by about 2 times of the next million years - and this is when human being unleashed the creative energy from their brains to discover, invent (and sometimes destroy) all the things attributed to humans.

While all these other discoveries are amazing nothing compares to this, without fire we as a species do not start living past the age of 30, we cannot create civilization and we cannot banish the dark starting to take control of our fears of what goes the night

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there's vomit on his sweater already mom's sphagetti.

This has to be number 2, it was the thing that started the new era for humans.

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11 Creating the Internet

I recently did a report on the internet for school, and the main thing is the level of communication it brings. You can send a message to someone on the other side of the world, in the blink of an eye. Before, it took months for a letter to get to the otherside of a country, depending on its size.

Definitely number one. Without the Internet we wouldn't be able to communicate with the other side of the world cheaply, quickly and decisively.

The greatest communication tool ever devised!

I think internet is the greatest achieve ment...
And please share it to fb and other social networking for better opinnion..

12 Farming
13 Creating Writing

Without writing, humanity really has no memory. Everything will be forgotten or distorted over time. And there are only so many good teaches and brilliant minds to teach others. With writing, one teacher can teach millions of students.

Writing is the sole reason that mankind has been able to accumulate knowledge. The limits of oral language becomes quite evident when death comes for all of us. There is also a limit to the quantity of knowledge we can hold, compute, and comprehend within our heads. Abstract thinking is much less efficient when it comes to creating formulas and logical statements. Writing has also allowed us to generalize variations within many fields, especially mathematics and sequences, consequently leading to the discovery/creation of calculus. In short, all of the other achievements listed here would have been impossible or significantly more difficult without the creation of writing.

Personally I think saying that saying going to the moon was our biggest achievement is a very closed minded thought. Think of it in the big picture, writing is a way to get thoughts on paper, stories, recipes, instructions, letters, nothing would exist in our modern work without the art of writing

Who knew a few lines in an odd design could have the power to change our world...

14 Creating Nuclear Weapons

Man stumbled upon atomic power and fashioned it into nuclear weapons which possess the capacity to destroy every living thing in their path. Nothing man has done is more significant to the future of this world and its inhabitants.

Ok if you want the end of the world. If you hate your life, it makes sense really with all the Kidrauhl hate on every single list.

A new world war would be way too risky; with such massive weapons, the world would blow each other up.

Can't you see?
The only thing that preventing WW3 IS nuclear weapons.

15 Creating the Wheel

Almost everything uses the wheel like elavators cars basically everything. That's why I think it is one of the biggest accomplishments of all time

The first steps to moving rapidly to where we want to be and where what we wanted to be was. A critical milestone for setting milestones.

Wheel improved the transport of things, so improved the commerce and the progress of the humanity.

Wheel is one of the greatest achievement of mankind...

16 Creating Cities
17 Creating Language

Language an entire list of words,sentences,phrases and whole lot of grammar made up of strange sounds from our mouth have the power to express ourselves and others. Without language we would have been prisoners in our minds. Without Language creative writing wouldn't be possible nor would be Internet. What would our thoughts be like if we did not know any language? We even think in a certain language (that's what I think).

Language is the single most important technological leap for mankind. It dwarfs all others in comparison. And how mysterious and powerful it is to be able to take an abstract concept and implant that in the mind of another. It's an incredible feat when you think about it. It borders on being a metaphysical force.

I don't entirely disagree with the last statement, "How is language not number 1? ", the highest achievement of humankind. However,I believe that the Voice is the crowning achievement of evolution/ of humankind. No voice, no language. I think of the frustration, anxiety, and depression that stroke victims experience when unable to speak or barely speak.

Language is very important because it's how we communicate. It blows my mind how we came up with an entire language from nothing and that we have so many.

18 Creating the Theory of Evolution

This theory has completely altered our understanding of how organisms co-relate, change and came to be. It asks one of the most provocative questions... what are we? From what did we come from? What will we become.

Compared to so many other things this is huge! An explanation of how we came into being, if you combine it with natural selection it also becomes possible to manipulate evolution

A theory which explained our complicated root with basic cause-effect relationships. A true masterpiece of humanity.

This one needs to not be on this list. What has it done, other than lead many away from the saving grace of Our Lord?

19 Creating Theories of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

How can someone not agree with this, all the objects in the universe can be explained using these theories. Moreover, the future would be based on it, remember teleportation and Quantum Computing? All the above are daily objects which make man's life simple, but did you figuire out how to explain them in the scale of subatomic particles, these theories help you, though there might be loop joles which would be solved in the future.

Explains almost all the we see - from galaxies and stars to protons and electrons.

These are the greatest achievements in human history.

20 Invented the Printing Press

I don't think it was one of the greatest technological ideas ever. However, despite it not being amazing, it had more impact than any invention in the last 500 years...and that is saying something.

Back in the days before any of us were born, books and works of writing, namely the Bible, were expensive. Someone had to sit down and copy and entire book. Until the printing press. Now normal civilians can own those books, that knowledge.

This has changed the history of the whole world. Without the Printing Press, the Bible, and several other books and works would never be in the hands of simple civilians.

Finally books could be owned by someone who wasn't wealthy and knowledge could spread widely.

21 Creating the Periodic Table of the Elements

Got to know about atoms and how to manipulate them before you can reach the moon.

Huge amount of time, hard work, reasearch and knowledge, all in an elegant table, a masterpiece.

Yeah the first priority id to know 'bout the matter around u.

Finally unlocked the fundamentals of chemistry.

22 Discovering Mathematics

We created something that enables us to grasp truth. This allows us to explore the universe without using our senses. Mathematics was one of the first creations of humans that exists beyond a physical world.

As Rutherford said; "When you can express something quantitatively you can say you know something about it and that covers music, the arts, and all the sciences."

Without that we would have limited abstraction capability.

Fundamental to all science.

23 Discovering and Controlling Electricity

Of all man's accomplishments, most would not have been possible without the harnessing of electricity.

Non of the things rated higher than this could have been done without this

24 Conquering Mt. Everest

The greatest achievement by climbing the biggest mountain in the world

25 Mapping the Human Genome

The manipulation of genes is the future of medicine.

Big old black one

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