Top 10 Worst Things to Run Out Of

We've all experienced the sheer panic that ensues when we realize we've run out of something crucial, be it right before an important meeting or in the middle of a holiday feast. It's a feeling that can quickly turn a good day into a bad one. And while we may joke about it, running out of essentials is no laughing matter. Whether it's the last slice of pizza, the last drop of coffee, or the last piece of toilet paper, some things are just too important to live without.

From the practical to the frivolous, the items that made the cut are as varied as they are important. We're not talking about leaving a lasting impression here; these are the things that can make or break your day.
The Top Ten
1 Money

Well, like they say, a fool and his money are soon parted. It's why my brother's nearly broke.

Everyone needs it whether they know it or not.

2 Time

You can use leaves as toilet paper in an emergency, but time has no substitute. To make matters worse, it's one of the easiest things to run out of.

I'd say so!
Time is money, so it equals out!
Time flies by so quickly that it's scary and annoying.

I just don't have enough time to run out of time.

3 Breath

I hope you're not wondering why this is a bad thing to run out of.

Hopefully, it's just temporary, like after running or something.

4 Toilet Paper

That dreadful moment when you're done with your business and look over at an empty toilet paper rack.

One of the nastiest things that ever happens... By the way, I love your list, Britgirl.

I hate going to the bathroom and finding no toilet paper.

5 Water

It's the only beverage (besides tea) that's suitable for my consumption.

6 Ideas

For Justin Bieber's sake, let this never happen!

This would make life even more boring than it is now.

I always run out of list ideas on TheTopTens.

7 Food

If my parents don't buy food when they save up money, then I'll starve all day.

How is water and food not at the top? You need them to survive.

8 Patience
9 Energy

Running out of energy is a big deal!

10 Electricity

I would not fare well without at least an hour of electricity.

The Contenders
11 Air
12 Pen Ink

This is why I get a new pen before a test and have some in reserve.

I have hundreds of pens. None of them work.

Hate when this happens. Which is all the time.

13 Batteries
14 Luck
15 A Sense of Humor

If there's no humor in the world, why should we waste time looking for what binds funny and random people to the earth?

Life would suck without a sense of humor. There would be no point in living.

16 Respect
17 Love

Love never dies. No fear of this invisible powerhouse ever running out.

Love never dies when Britgirl is here.

18 Fingers & Toes
19 Gas/Petrol
20 Sanity
21 Comedians
22 Cigarettes

Don't smoke, then! Prevention is better than cure.

23 Marijuana
24 Sugar

I need a sugar rush regularly, or I tend to run out of something else on this list.

25 Blood
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