Top Ten Miscarriages of Justice

10 people who were punished for crimes they did not commit.
The Top Ten
1 Execution of Joe Arridy
2 Execution of George Stinney

Whether he's guilty or not, you're not suppose to put a 14 year old in the electric chair

3 Conviction of Julie Rea Harper

Wrongfully convicted of killing her son. when it was revealed to be Tommy Lynn Sells, they must've felt like idiots

4 Execution of Timothy Evans

His wife was killed by his neighbor, John Christie, and he paid for it

5 Conviction of Scott Hornoff
6 Conviction of The West Memphis Three

The Officer that lost the Bojangles evidence should be sacked. It was bad enough that the police never bothered to come and collect the Bojangles blood sample until the day after that it was reported. It was reported that a black male was bleeding in the ladies bathroom covered in blood and mud and appeared to be mentally disorientated, not even a mile from the crime scene! Come on! And the police never bothered to come and get the blood samples until the next day. I wander if anybody lost there jobs over this? I believe it was Mr. Bojangles, 1. Why would he be covered in blood? Why would he be covered in mud? A bit coincidental considering the bodies were found in a muddy creek. 2) If Bojangles is innocent why has he never come forward so he could be eliminated as a suspect and to help and cooperate with the investigation.

All Because of them backward hilly billy cops who lost evidence, messed with the murder scene, manipulated A mentally retarded boy (Jesse) into confessing, Giving people back hand money to make false claims and statements, Basing there whole entire investigation on "Satanic worship" when the boys just simply liked to listen to rock music and dress in black. I swear the cops were retarded! And because of there complete and utter stupidity, The REAL killer of those three beautiful boys probably will never be found. But I pray to God that the killer does get found and if not, then I hope He/she/them suffer. And I mean SUFFER, then when they are done in this life they can go and be tortured forever and a day in hell.R.I. P Steve Branch, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers. Three beautiful little angels gone too soon.X.

I don't think the WM3 did it & I don't believe it was Terry Hobbs or John Mark Byers for starters just look at them, none of them look capable or smart enough to carry out a triple murder. I reckon the murder was probably the work of a professional more like a child serial killer, probably moving from state to state doing these horrible crimes. And the police probably just failed to join up the dots, but no matter what way you look at it, the killer or killer (s) have escaped justice because of them stupid West Memphis small town cops.

The three little boys of that gruesome murder will always be the real WM3 for me, But there are 6 victims of this crime not 3. The poor 3 little boys who were murdered and the 3 young men who spent 20 years of there lives in prison for this horrendous crime they simply did not commit.

7 Conviction of Bill Macumber
8 Conviction of Michael Toney
9 Conviction of Ray Krone
10 Release of Jimmy Lee Smith

Cop-killer Jimmy Lee Smith was initially released after serving only 19 years, but continued to commit crimes and was in and out of jail for the next 25 years.

One of the infamous "Onion Field" killers, and a career criminal before and after the murders.
Admitted that he shot a cop in cold blood while he was tied up and begging for his life.

This is the famous "Onion Field" killing.
The movie was pretty spot-on about this vicious killer, who was later released to roam among you.

The Contenders
11 Conviction of Josh Kezer

Convicted with no evidence against him, but exonerated after almost 20 years in prison

12 Release of Sagon Penn

It was proven that the cop used a racial slur during an interrogation, so it was supposedly justified that Sagon Penn killed that cop, also shot his partner and made him a quadrapelegic, and also shot a female CIVILIAN "ride-along" who was over 100 feet away, screaming, and trying to escape.

Infamous admitted San Diego cop-killer, also ran after and shot civilian in attempt to silence witnesses.

13 Conviction of Steven Truscott

Wrongfully convicted of murdering his classmate in 1959, nearly receiving the death penalty. He was not acquitted until 2007!

14 Release of Karla Homolka
15 Conviction of Brian Banks
16 Conviction of Clarence Elkins
17 Conviction of Edward Lee Elmore
18 Conviction of Joe D'Ambrosio
19 Conviction of Tyler Edmonds
20 Interrogation and Trial of Michael Crowe
21 Release of O.J. Simpson

He was guilty as could be of murdering his wife and her friend, but was let out because the detective on the case happened to have some racist leanings.
Good thing he is now locked up on unrelated charges.

22 Conviction of Bruce Lisker
23 Conviction of Damon Thibodeaux
24 Police Corruption, Cover Up and Smearing the Dead of Hillsborough Disaster
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