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1 Arabs are Terrorists

I don't need to say anything. Yes, Arab League IS ingulfed in civil war and terrorism, but that doesn't mean every single person there is an al-Qaeda spy or something. Plus, they aren't considered Muslim, due to not following the Qu'ran. I specifically mean Muslim Arabs, not all arabs.

See, this is why I'm not a huge fan of all those Allahu Akbar vine compilations, because I feel like it's just an insult to Muslims and Arabs. Imagine just going to a random place outside of home and people just bully you and call you a terrorist just because your Arabian or Muslim. Gosh, people these days are just so ignorant and they think all these vines are funny, but honestly they're not. This includes all those SpongeBob and Teletubbies etc. I hope people who created those videos pay for their actions later on. It's really NOT funny and terrorism is the most terrible thing in life, worse along the same line as the coronavirus. Whoever made these videos don't care about how these types of people feel and the viewers reacting to the videos. I'm sorry for my offensive language but it's true. It really needs to stop.

This is the most racist, idiotic one yet. I still can't believe people are mentally retarded enough to believe this. You would know if you were just having a nice walk in broad daylight with a Muslim friend, and some Christian moron yells "terrorist! " In our direction.
Firstly, each religion has both good AND bad in it. (Had to capitalize the "and" just in case a physco anti-Muslim idiot was reading this so they could process the information into their uneducated brain.)

Ugh, I really hate it when people say that Muslims or arabs are terrorists, it really gets me mad. Why can't people understand that Muslims are good people? Anyway, terrorists like isis aren't even considered Muslims because true Muslims would never kill people or blow up buildings.

2 Metal is All Screaming

That stereotype is stupid. I listen to plenty of metal songs without screaming. My mom thought it was screaming until both of us went to the Iron Maiden concert. My sisters both think it's screaming (I often play some Metallica CD's in my room and they hate when I do that and they say that all they heard was screaming). Some idiots I talked to on Houseparty thought I was a DEVIL WORSHIPER when I said I like Metallica.

So yeah. That stereotype is false AND stupid.

I Listen to the heavier side of metal, nothing like desthcore or black metal. I can see why people think it's just screaming, but they are saying words, it can Somtimes be hard to tell but they are very strong and amazing words. Just because it's "metal" does not mean it's only screaming, there are plenty of heavy metal bands with AMAZING clean vocals. Try listing to "this fire" by Killswitch Engage. There is screaming and yelling but just listen to the clean vocals.

Not all of it is screaming. Iron Maiden and later Metallica doesn't contain screaming. I bet people with this statement haven't listened lots of metal yet they believe all metal is nothing but screaming. I wouldn't suggest you to listen black metal and death metal since those genres have the most screaming. Power metal doesn't have lots of screaming either mainly because it's the happiest metal subgenre ever lol. Most traditional metal doesn't have screaming either. Just start with Iron Maiden if you are a beginner listener. Just avoid The Number Of The Beast title track I guess lol

No, metal is deep and meaningful. Why does society accept a song with a woman calling a person a stupid hoe and think metal songs about staying strong and carrying on are evil and satanic?

3 Americans are Fat

I hate this stereotype. What about the sumo wrestlers in Asia, I'm not trying to sound stereotypical towards Asians, but American isn't the only place with fat people, and there's fat people everywhere.
And just because somebody is chubby, it doesn't mean that they're unhealthy and morbidly obese.

The United States does have a large portion of the population that is obese, more than Germany, for example. However, they are not the fattest country. What's going on down in the South Pacific? A huge obesity epidemic, if my research is correct!

Well, this is kind of true, actually. If over 40% of your population is obese, then I think that it would be good enough to consider this stereotype true. Plus, who likes the US? It's a horrible country anyways, and it deserves to be mocked.

This is so annoying people always assume "fat" when the hear the word America. There are fat people everywhere not just in America. I don't like burgers I hate them so burgers are not an "American food" I'm really skinny actually so yeah

4 British People are Rich Snobs

This is a stereotype made by America. If you watch they're T.V. shows and movies apparently we have some weird ass accent and drink tea. I hate tea, I speak normally, I'm not rich and there are people I know who are but they're not snobs or stuck up. this stereotype is mostly associated with London which makes no sense because if you go there you will have to search all over the place to find a guy wearing a suit while sipping tea and touching his curly mustache. Even if you go to Buckingham palace you have tourists all around the place not just people who live in the are.

We're not all snobs. Don't believe a word these Americans spout. I'm from Kensington, which is in London, and yes the majority of us earn around 120,000 a year doesn't mean we're snobs. Not everyone is rich, some areas, such as Birmingham, brixton and generally up north are quite poor. Also the Scottish, northern Irish and the welsh aren't that rich at all.

No we're not all rich. Everyone seems to think the ENTIRE country of Britain is just that tiny area of London where the Queen and all the rich people live. There are lots of places in the UK that have lots of people who are poor!

Not all of us are snobs. Down in Devon, its farms and humble villages. We don't wear bowler hats, drink tea (at least not ALL the time), and say "Spiffing, old boy! ". Same goes for almost all the rest of England. We're
as snobby and rich as the rest of the world.

5 Asians are Good at Math

Not true. Some Asians are good at math but some aren't. Simple as that. Also I have a story. This isn't math related, but one time in 7th grade me and my class were getting are science test grades and there was this one Asian girl named Leying that failed and only got a 61%. She moved away after 7th grade and I'm not sure where she is now.

Ok, so I'm good at math but seriously? Why are people staring at me like I'm a terrorist when I get problems wrong? Is it so wrong for me to make a mistake? We're all human. Everybody makes mistakes. Please stop looking at us like we're some kind of monster. It hurts and irritates our feelings. We're not robots.

I know another one-"Koreans are evil, no matter what." Why do people make this horrible stereotype? It's only North Korea. South Korean people are really nice. I once saw a comment saying, "Most users don't eat kittens because they aren't Korean." Excuse me? Only North Koreans do that trash anyway, and they can't go on TTT! (Remember their computers are propaganda machines? )

I've never heard this before. I'm in the UK, I think most stereotypes come from America cause they are home to the popular movies and T.V. shows so the stereotypes travel around the world and people assume all asians are good at maths.

6 British People Drink Tea

I think this might mean something. About British people are rich. They currently have one of the highest currency around the world, and most of them seemed to live pretty good in their home country. And when they move out or travel to other countries, their money would cost a lot more than the average living cost of the people in that country. (Very messy English. Hope you guys understood what I was trying to say).

Just because your rich doesn't mean your a snob @the comment below. The majority of us do love a cuppa though. I'm talking about England though, why are we always grouped with Scotland, wales and northern Ireland. England drinks tea, not Scotland etc.

I drink tea. But I'm definitely far from rich. Being rich would be nice, though. Not everyone drinks tea though.

What the heck?!? I have a british friend, and she's not rich, she's definitely not a snob, and she HATES tea!

7 Muslims are Terrorists

For the person who commented : Uh, this is already number one. Don't post the same item twice.
The 1st statement is about all arabs being terrrorists and not muslims. Arabs are NOT ALL muslims. Being arab is a nationality whereas being muslim is your religious belief. Both are not the same! So you are caught in a stereotype yourself!

Bull, if a muslim (keyword: if) was a terrorist then they wouldn't be a muslim because it is against the religion.Close minded people think this because arabian terrorists claim to be muslims but they can't be when they are clearly going against what the Qu'ran says.

Completely Untrue. I go to a Muslim school and their biggest point there is that we should properly educate the terrorist because they are not following the Quran.

This gets me angry. For the last time, Muslims aren't terrorists! I hate it when people always think that.

8 Teenagers Smoke

Smoking is disgusting. The smell sucks, is gross and from a young age teachers always have taught the class about the bad things smoking does so I am anti-smoking and put off by it.

Whoever thinks this stereotype is true is so retarded. Most parents get stricter with their kids when they grow into teenagers.

I was a teenager back then & I NEVER smoke at all, & if I do my parents would be extremely mad at me!

Since this site seems to mostly teens, like me, it's hard people actually believe this.

9 Germans are Nazis

So this stereotype is telling me that, just because I'm born and raised in Germany, I'm A nazi who believes their race is superior and wants to murder jews? Pretty sure I'm part German, and I'm highly anti - Nazi.

It's just plain stupid and offensive. They were once, but has anyone noticed that Germany was de- Nazied by the allies after the war?! Look at Germany now; low corruption, many a multinational firm, democracy, many science institutes, and I can see that Germany gets on well with the UK (where I am); it's a great country! The whole Nazi stereotype should have been debunked long ago.

This should be number one (in my opinion). I can't believe how many times someone called me a Nazi just because I was a German. My grandma is the nicest person I know annd she is German. People also call me Hitler even though he was Austrian. I hope this stereotype along with the other on this list die out. It's sick, we are all humans and we should be treated equally.

I can't stand how Hitler, one man out of a nation, ruined the entire reputation of that nation by brainwashing them. News flash to the world. Just because hitter was a horrible person doesn't mean that his entire country should share the blame.

10 Americans are Stupid

We aren't all stupid. To broaden this out, let's make this "Whites are Stupid." I"m mostly white, and I'm smart. I know a few white people better than me at math. I know a few Asians only in the average. I am not trying to flip the stereotypes, but still, just get rid of them. Oh, and let's take into mind that Einstein was white?

Most of the people claiming this are accusing people from the U.S. of being close-minded and snobby, but they fail to realize they're huge bigots, and are actually worse than homophobes in a lot of ways. Also, just because we don't watch Soccer often doesn't make us bad people.

Well, in my area, this is...sort of true? It sometimes feels like I'm the only one who is decently intelligent (only decently). Sure, that may be because I go to a school with kids who either have anger issues or whose minds are totally destroyed.

I'm NOT American myself but NOT all Americans are stupid, they're smart, educated, open minded to other cultures and maybe religions, invented most things and sometimes outspoken.

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11 A Woman's Place is In the Home

Oh so many kitchen jokes to pull here, but I know better than to respect the admiration for women there is today as equal (almost).

People who think this are fat, racist men in the South who beat their wives and shoot animals.

We let you in this world, and THIS is where you're telling us to go?!

Everyone who says this deserves to get punched in the face.

12 Black People Listen to Hip-Hop

Not all these people or all these people do or hear the same thing! I highly don't believe this, and this a white person talking. For some reason, people say most white guys listen to hip-hop, but to be honest, I hate pop. And people are triggered that I don't hip hop and I'm 14. What is wrong with the world?

Just because we have afros, bell bottoms, hoop earrings, baggy shirts, and some kind of Chicago accent, that make us look like we're hip hop followers according to another stereotype, that doesn't mean we like hip hop! To be honest, that stuff sucks. Or as you think we say, "that's whack yo! " Seriously, you people are crazy!

Such a filthy lie! I HATE rap, hip hop, and ghetto stuff in general. I'm a Directioner, love Taylor Swift, and love Twenty One Pilots, too. Once my friend said "I bet your a white girl on the inside". That was so racist and I just wanted to slap her!

I am a black person and I hate hip hop with a passion. I am very picky about the music that I like. And I am more of a pop and rock and roll person.

13 Gay Men Act Like Girls

James Charles probably supports this stereotype. He is gay but acts WAY too feminine for his own good. Plus he manipulated straight and possible asexual guys (the asexual guys part is my speculation). I haven't created that much gay characters, but the ones I did create pretty much act just like straight males, possibly even manlier. The only difference is who they like.

This one is partly true. I've seen gay men at school and college and they all clearly had a girly behavior. There was just one that admitted he was gay and we all thought he was straight all this time, he didn't look girly. I guess the extroverted homosexuals act more girly and the introverted ones have a normal behavior.

I hate how everyone believes this. I'm gay and everyone thinks I'm the manliest in the class in terms of actions! There is no difference between us and straight guys, other than the fact we are attracted to the same sex! Seriously, some people.

A lot of gay men do act like girls and talk like them but just not all of them. Is it just a natural thing to call people girrl in a valley girl voice or just like instinct like when you move to another country and start speaking like them?

14 Blondes are Dumb

This is so not true! There are girls at school who are blonde and are very smart people. But let's be honest though, NOBODY actually believes this stereotype.

A Redhead, a brunette and blonde woman are running from the police, they see a farm nearby and hide in the barn. The redhead hides behind some pigs, the brunette hides behind some horses and the blonde hides behind a sack of potatoes. When the cops enter the barn the start searching for the women they shine a flashlight on the pigs, the redhead says "oink oink". The cops move on and shine the light on the horses. The brunette says "neigh neigh". The cops move on and shine the light on the sack of potatoes. When they shine the light on the potatoes, the blonde says "potato potato"

My own friend is A blonde, and their one of the smartest people in my grade. Very good at practically every subject, still blonde.

People think this because of America. In programmes and movies where there is a protagonist with a blonde sidekick. The sidekick will be dumber than a rock and always messing things up. Even in mean girls where Regina(a blonde) is the leader she STILL has a ditzy blonde sidekick.

15 Younger Siblings are Annoying

Hi, I'm an older sibling, and this is absolutely right. In my house, at least. I think annoying is subjective. My younger siblings definitely annoy ME. This is possibly the most truest stereotype. (don't pretend it's not.)

I think Disney Channel supports this stereotype. Also this really depends based on how annoying your sibling is.

My younger sibling is great. I don't think I could bare without him.

Very true, my younger brother is one of the worst out there.

16 Black Africans Have Ebola and AIDS

What even is this? Why? I have an african friend at school and he has NO Ebola, Aids, or other.

I'm pretty sure no one thinks this. But if they do, then they have a sad mind.

Oh I'm sorry is this 2014 all over again? Get outta that nonsense excuse.

I'm black, and I don't have any relatives who had either one of them.

17 12 Year Olds are Immature Brats

I wasn't the best example myself, but there were a few people in my grade 6-7 classes who were much better than 95% of my classes now.

Some are. Then there are lonely, suicidal 12 year olds crippled by social anxiety. Source: my life.

I'm 12! I'm more mature and have better manners than most teenagers and some adults. Trust me.

I remember me as a 12 year old. I was an immature brat BUT that wasn't because I was a 12 year old.

18 Afghans are Dumb Horse-Riders
19 Christians Hate Gays

I actually think there's more Christians who are LGBT than you realize. (I am agender pan, my mom's ace, demi father, and bi brother). Also, I have a bird who is pansexual.

Most only disagree with homosexuality and respect gay people. There are homophobic Christians out there who unawarely drill deeper holes into our reputation.

That is totally inaccurate. I'm a Christian and yeah homosexuality creeps me out a little but I try to respect every person I meet

As a Christian I don't accept gay rights but that doesn't mean I hate them. I respect them though!

20 Americans Suck at Everything

No. Just no. Who contributed to most of D-Day? Americans. WHO is the only nation considered an empire? America. Even then, there is more. On A 'single individual' perspective, we suck at stuff but we have our things we do well at. I'm excellent at geography, history (to an extent) and hiking.

Technically I'm A ethnic Polish, but I was born, raised and live in America. I'm great at many things, like hiking, gaming, not being an immature brat at age 12, and a couple other stuff. But I do suck at a lot of stuff, but we all do suck at things.

This is seriously untrue. One does not simply "suck at everything." I suck at a fair amount of things (gymnastics, hiking, running, singing) but those aren't everything. According to this stereotype, I'm either a talentless eggplant or secretly Canadian.

I'm an American technically, as I'm African American/Black, and I'm good at plenty of things, such as writing essays, drawing, being nice, etc.

21 White People are Closed-Minded to Other Cultures

I'm a black person, and I honestly find it annoying how every single white person is generalized as people who are ignorant and closed-minded to other cultures. I know, SO many people who aren't even like that. I honestly agree that black lives matter, but gosh, people these days can be so oversensitive that it actually annoys me a lot. I understand how people get offended over all these racist jokes and racist cartoons and stuff, but honestly, generalizing that all white people disrespect other cultures is just so annoying. I hope y'all get what I mean.

I am white and I love to learn about the world outside and I make an effort to learn about the world as a whole with the resources I have. I love to learn about places like China, Greece, India, and Japan

The people at a school I use to attend would bully white people about it all the time unless they were German or Italian. Mostly Western Europians got the abuse like French and English people.

I'm a white (German to be precise), and I am an anthropologist that visits numerous countries and countless people.

I love other cultures!

22 Americans are Bad at Cultural Geography

Why? Absolutely why? I'm an American and geography is A passion I have. I study it a lot, though I don't have geography at school. 10 year olds don't learn it for a while, I think.

I'm American and I'm an expert at different cultures. Geography is actually one of my passions.

I won the geography bee at my school in 8th grade and I'm American.

That is half true.

23 Asians Wear Straw Hats

I've never heard of this stereotype before.

Not all of them do.

24 Heavy Metal Artists are Devil Worshipers

Lots of heavy metal artists are not Satanists. Take Tom Araya and Dave Mustaine, they are Catholic and Christian and a part of famous bands (Slayer and Megadeth). I'm a big fan of heavy metal and I'm not a Satanist, I'm an Atheist...

This is completely not true, I'm a kid and I love heavy metal and rock bands do NOT worship the devil, that's ridiculous, if you do think that its true, then seriously... go get a life.

I hate this because even if you only listen to metal music people are like, 'Your an emo/goth. Why aren't you wearing black? Where are your piercings? '

Just because we love metal doesn't mean that we're "devil worshipers." Have you ever once looked at the lyrics to metal and rock songs? They are deep and give you a new, more open perspective on life. (At least to me.)

25 Americans are Racist

Some people are. I'm not naming certain presidents here, but you know who you are. Some Americans are super nice. I absolutely despise all of the American stereotypes.

Anyone holds the potential to be racist, no matter what their nationality, race, or gender is.

Not only White Americans are racist but there White Aussies & White British people that are also very racist!

As a non American, I say that Americans are not really that racist at all.

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