Best Things to Have In a Zombie Survival Kit

Be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse with these tools!
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1 Shotgun

I'd just like to correct people here since obviously some had played too much video games... There is no difference in terms of stopping power between an automatic, semi-automatic, and pump-action shotgun if they are using the same shell cartridge, 12-gauge for example. IRL, the pump action is just more popular because it's cheap, reliable (automatic weapons tend to jam), and easy to maintain.

Great for close range combat. Great stopping power. Great for breaking locks. If you have a shotgun, it's easier to get everything else on the list. Be cautious of the noise it makes, however, you don't want to draw more zombies to your area.

2 Crowbar

Great as a weapon, and a much needed tool. This will get you into places, out of places, and will serve as a handy bludgeon if things get tight.

3 Rifle

There is nothing better than long ranging a zombie with the rifle. It truly is one of the best weapons to use against a zombie. It prevents you from getting too close and getting infected and gets the job done efficiently.

To avoid close range combat, more practice is needed to make it effective. However, the sound may also draw zombies to your location.

4 A Water Purifying Kit

Without being able to purify water on the go, it will not matter how much ammo and how many weapons you were able to procure for yourself, you will die. Water will not be as easy to find as most people would assume, considering we have grown accustomed to being able to get whatever we want at any given time.

Imagine being in the middle of a zombie horde and spraying them down with a military grade flamethrower in the middle there's a gorgeous rugged man who resembles Ven Diesel. That man is you! Swag! Oh wait, you died last month from drinking toxic water. Think people, get your priorities straight!

5 Crossbow

A great long distance weapon and let's just say in the zombie apocalypse, you won't last long without a long distance weapon especially if you're faced with a horde of zombies. Let's face it, guns are loud and zombies are attracted to noise so you'll be in big trouble if your firing off your gun and even more zombies show up. But with a crossbow, you can kill those flesh eaters silently and efficiently and then you can collect and reuse the bolts again if the situation isn't too risky so you'll never run out of ammunition. Just be careful because other survivors might not be friendly and they'll probably want your crossbow for themselves.

6 Handgun

Definitively the best zombie weapon! Easy to carry and great for taking out zombies at close range. You will need a lot of ammunition though, so you need an axe or a tomahawk besides.

Again better at short distances, but important. It's lighter, easier to carry, and the ammunition weighs less, so it's a good option if you're on the move.

7 Bicycle

Something my friend and I forget to mention when we discuss the topic because most of the time we assume we can use the cars we own as a quick get away but what about when the fuel runs out? A bicycle will be a great way to stay ahead of the flesh eaters and it's quiet and doesn't require fuel.

As much as we all want to drive the big SUV's and blast through things like you see in the movies, a bicycle is lightweight, doesn't require fuel, and most importantly; it's quiet. You can move through and around traffic jams, but can still move faster than the undead.

8 An Escape Plan

Whether it's your stronghold, of where you are staying for the night, make sure to have multiple points of egress.

9 Food and Water

Well it doesn't need any convincing, it is already convincing enough for everyone that needs it.

Everyone needs it. Unless whoever that is going to find food and water.

All the guns in the world won't save you if you're starving!

10 Plenty of Ammunition

You're going to need at least 300 rounds per each firearm. If you're on the move. If you have a solid shelter, more.

You mite have guns, but if don't have ammo you arn't going any where. You need at least 20 mags per gun.

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11 A Good Pack

When the walkers come scratching at my door, I'll have my pack, packed and ready to go. It needs to be big enough to hold all the essentials including:
- Food
- Water
- A first aid kit
- A sleeping bag and possibly a tent

There are also a lot of other essentials you will need.

You need to be able to carry all of your supplies if you need to leave, or forage. Comfort and size are mandatory to keep you moving.

A good backpack should:

-be pretty big.
-be sturdy.
-be neutral colored.
-have lots of pockets.
-hold lots of stuff.

A good pack is an essential.

12 Grenades

Grenades can be good for blowing stuff up, I would advise keeping a couple on hand but don't use them lightly, the loud noise could draw hoards of flesh eaters towards you and then where will you be? Dead.

One would definitely need a grenade during a zombie attack. How will you kill a group of zombies just with shotguns and rifles?

13 A Solid Shelter

You need a solid shelter, forget all the other supplies you need such as food, water and weapons. Even if you have all of these things you won't survive long without somewhere you can stay safely where the walkers can't get to you. Think about it, A hospital has a lot of medical supplies but then with all the sick people and staff there will be a hell of a lot of walkers. Don't be stupid when you are making a decision on where to go and whatever you do don't go to the mall or Wal-Mart, all the dumb people who think it's safe and has everything they need inside... Within a couple of days they will be walkers as well and you don't want to end up like them.

14 Melee Weapon

Although a gun is excellent in a zombie apocalypse, there is a chance that you could run out of ammunition. Have a sword or baseball bat just in case. Also, in urban areas, the sound of a gunshot could attract the attention of more zombies, so a sword can be an alternative weapon because it can slice heads off without making much noise.

15 Riot Shield

It will keep you safe from a distance. But up close they'll still kill you.

It's hard to get hold of, where are you going to get one?

16 Fire Poker
17 Tank With a 50 Cal Mount
18 Baseball Bat

Guns need ammo, if you were trapped in the middle of a pack (? ) of zombies and only had an ammo-less gun to fight with, your'e zombie chow.

19 Fake Beards
20 A Lite Beer

Laugh out loud whoever put this is a genius

21 Gas Mask

To keep contaminated air from your lungs, prevent tear gas effects, or airborne viruses. A dust mask my also come in handy. Get extra filters, and a mask that has a tube that allows you to drink water through it.

22 Sword

Unlike a gun you don't need ammo.

23 Hacksaw

Maybe not the most efficient but it will work

24 Steel Gauntlet
25 Machine Gun
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