Top 10 Most Ticklish Places on Your Body

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1 Feet

Once, my cousin was at my house, and we were having a tickle fight. She pinned my leg to the sofa bed. I had socks on, and she was rubbing my foot. I was dying of laughter, and she did it for 10 minutes. I was dying of laughter!

My feet are my most ticklish spot and I get tickled there a lot. It's one of my favorite things about being a gymnast. One day at practice, one of my teammates and I decided to have a handstand contest. Two more teammates thought it would be a fun idea to tickle our feet and see who could hold herself up the longest. I think I only lasted about 10 or 15 seconds before I finally lost control and fell over. My teammate lasted much longer than me, but eventually came crashing down next to me. We were both laughing our heads off. My coach, who is usually all work and no play, watched us and thought it was cute.

2 Arm Pits

My armpits are super ticklish. Once, my cousin and I were having a tickle fight, and she pinned me to the bed with my armpits exposed. She tickled so hard I cried and peed my pants. But the best part of the tickle fight was that I got her back.

Once I hid my girlfriend's popcorn before we started a movie so she found out and took off my shirt and pants and tied me to the table. I told her that I wasn't ticklish but she called her friends and they started tickling my pits like mad! Then she found out that my pits were the most ticklish. She started to put baby oil and tickled it even more. She was tickling me for 2 hours. So ticklish that I laughed so loud and the neighbors heard and came in and started tickling me even more. I begged for them to stop but the more I begged the more they tickled me. They tickled me for another 2 hours. Now the whole world knows I am ticklish on the pits. I have watched many videos and boys are so ticklish on their armpits!

3 Stomach

When I was 13 years old I was talking with one friend and for some reason we were talking about tickling. I said that I'm not ticklish, but she didn't believe me, so she wanted to check it out. I really thought that I wasn't ticklish until she started to tickle me. She tickled my belly really hard and I was laughing. I couldn't defend myself because she tickled my belly really good. I enjoyed it, but I didn't show it. After about 30 seconds she let me free. After few months she asked me if I want to get my belly tickled again and I said yes and she tickled me again.

4 Sides

Ok, so I was at the park with my friend, and we wanted to see who was more ticklish on their sides. We almost reacted the same, but it turns out I am more ticklish on my sides.

I didn't really tickle a girl's sides yet, but I'll tell you this. I was at school during free time in the classroom. I was seating in front of the most ticklish girl I know. Some say her ticklish spot is her back, but no, it's everywhere, mostly the sides. There were two boys who liked to tickle girls by jabbing their hands into the girls bellies. One time, the boy was talking to someone else about who's the most ticklish person in class? The person said that it was the girl I was talking about. By the way, her name is Sophia. He tried to tickle her. One jab to the belly, she laughed so hard. Then the other person tickled her continuously. I want to tickle her so bad.

5 Belly Button

When I was a kid, maybe 7 or 8 years old, I had an outie belly button, but as I got older and I grew, it started working its way into an innie. Anyway, before my belly button changed, my mom liked to scratch her nail on my outie to tickle it. Most times I snorted because it tickled so much. She thought it was cute listening to me giggle and snort. I enjoyed it, it was fun! I also made sure to stay as still as I could. I often would ask her if she could tickle my belly button. Those were some fun times.

So I was with my cousin, she is 17. She was laying on her bed with her hands behind her head. She was wearing a crop top that went all the way up to her rib cage. After about a minute, I went ahead and sat on her thigh. I started to drag my finger in circles around her belly button, which made her giggle but she didn't stop me. I then dipped my finger into her deep belly button and started to wriggle my finger around. She started to laugh really hard. I did this for half an hour before getting up.

I went and grabbed feathers, pencils, and anything I could find. I then went back to her bed and played with her belly button all day.

6 Neck

Hello, this is my story of how I found out I was ticklish on my neck. One day, my friend was at my house, and we wanted to do a tickle fight. So, we went to the (sofa bed) and started tickling. She tickled my neck and it tickled SO much I screamed, NO STOP! And when I screamed that, she sat on me and started tickling more. I was still screaming and giggling. So, that is the story. The end.

My cousin said something to me that literally had me in tears. I made up an excuse to go back to my room and when I did my uncle (who was there) came in and sat next to me. He tried to comfort me and I started to laugh because he gave me a gentle hug and accidentally tickled my neck (this was before he knew my neck was so ticklish) so he asked "What's so funny?" And I said "Well it's just my neck is uh really ticklish" I gave him a half smile. And he nodded and it actually seemed he was gonna walk out of my room. Then all of the sudden he tickled the back of my neck! I was laughing like mad and he stopped so other people out there wouldn't do something like call the police. So for the rest of the day I was in a happier mood.

7 Thigh

My thighs are my most ticklish spot but no one knows it. One time me and a group of other girls were squeezing each other's sides and see who had the biggest reaction, I'm not ticklish on my sides so of course I had no reaction so I'm guessing those girls think I'm not ticklish which kinda works to my advantage really.

Last week when I was riding home from school on a bus, a boy was sitting on the other side of the seat. He grabbed my thigh and he started squeezing my thigh, and I was holding in my laugh. He asked Am I ticklish? I said yes, so he started squeezing my thigh and I laughed. And he stopped and let go of my thigh. After he let go, I started to feel a tingling on my thigh. And then after 2 minutes he grabbed my thigh again and started squeezing my thigh again. I laughed after he stopped. I felt a tingling on my thigh again. I am really ticklish on my thigh.

8 Ribs

Last month two friends of mine tied me to my bed and stripped me down to my underwear (I agreed to that cause I like being tickled). (I'm a boy, 16 yrs old). They knew that I liked being tickled and knew my ticklish spots. They gagged me, then one started tickling my feet, while the other one tickled my upper body. They tied and gagged me really good so I couldn't resist and had to let them do whatever they wanted. Later, they blindfolded me and one of them sat on my arms and tickled my ribs, chest, while the other one sat on my boxershorts and tickled my tummy, sides. Even though I'm extremely ticklish it was kinda fun... (sorry for bad English).

9 Above the Knee

My worst spots are my sides, back, and especially my knees. On one bus journey, I was sitting next to my friend (who isn't ticklish) and we were arguing about something. I knew I was wrong, but I wouldn't admit it. She then started to take sneaky photos of me. I hate having photos taken of me unless I give consent. I turned my back on her, feeling very clever: Ha! She can't take photos of me now! But I forgot that my back is one of my ticklish spots.

She started tickling my back and my sides at the same time. It was excruciating, so I put my back on the seat and covered my sides with my hands. Ha! You can't get me now! Yes, I can! And then she started to squeeze my knees. Whenever I tried to lean forward and cover my knees and sides, she tickled my back. Whenever I had my back against the seat and my hands over my knees, she tickled my sides. The same went for my knees.

It's annoying being extremely ticklish in three places because you can only protect two at a time. Secretly, though, I enjoy it.

10 Genitals

One time a little girl tickled me in the crotch when I was sitting on a bench at school, I AM A BOY. She just rubbed her finger anywhere between my legs and oddly enough, it felt relaxing! She tickled me there for ten minutes but I was disturbed so I told her to stop. I then told a teacher, "This little girl tickled me in the private parts. She needs a talk." She had a talk and I felt so relieved from being tickled.

My balls and penis are so ticklish, sometimes my girlfriend touches my balls through my underwear and it tickles. When I'm naked it is worse, but I still like it. My girlfriend tied me up a while ago and crawled my naked balls and stroked my penis that tickled so good!

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11 Hips

I am very ticklish on my hips. I fall over on the floor when I get tickled there. I first found this out when my dad was tickling my mom on her hip. She was dying of laughter. I just asked him what he was doing and he walked over to see if I was ticklish there and I was. I kinda fell over.

My mom went to nudge me a tad so that she could access the silverware drawer, and just the slight touch of the back of her hand made me jolt so hard. I had no idea you could even be ticklish on your hips, so we were both quite surprised.

12 Legs

I'm extremely ticklish on my legs, specifically around my knees and on my thighs.

I always told people I wasn't ticklish, because they would go to tickle my underarms, neck, shoulders, or stomach, and I wouldn't even flinch. So one day, when I was about 15, I was sitting on the couch, drifting slowly to sleep. My dad walked by and, to get me up, lightly patted the back of my right leg. I jumped up immediately and yelled, "DON'T DO THAT!"

My dad, being a cheeky punk, then grinned and said, "Do what? This?" He tickled my knee. It tickled so much it hurt. I was laughing, kicking, and yelling for him to stop for what felt like hours before my mom finally told him to stop, so the neighbors wouldn't call the cops or something.

Ever since then, I absolutely cannot stand it when someone even taps my leg.

13 Breast

I love my breast when it is tickled! My boyfriend does it a lot to me I giggle but he will not stop tickling me! I laugh and laugh but he will not stop tickling me no matter what I say or do!

Mine are very ticklish. Fingers, feathers, blowing across them does it. The rest of me is just as bad. I love it and have not been able to get enough of being tickled.

My boyfriend tied me up one night and started to stroke around my boobs with a feather. I was laughing hysterically and couldn't move. The best part was when I got him back >

14 Behind the Knee

Hello, once I was lying down on my belly with the back of my knee exposed. My cousin, who is younger than me, came out of nowhere and screamed, Tickle fight! She tickled me behind the knee and I screamed, No, stop! Then, when she freed me, I got her back.

If I have friends sitting on the couch with me, I frequently will lay my legs across them. Partly just to be cheeky, partly because it's comfortable and they don't care. I actually found out by accident that I was ticklish there when one of my guy friends moved his arm from under my leg. Now it's almost like a private joke between us. Whenever my legs are on his lap, he'll almost always give the back of my knees a few playful tickles. I could easily move my legs away, but we both enjoy the silly teasing. I'll smile and go red in the face, but always try (not always successfully) not to laugh or squirm until the room is empty. Good times.

15 Bottom

Sometimes I'm so lazy that I'll crawl around with my butt in the air, like how you would be when giving someone a piggyback ride. My boyfriend came in when I was doing this, and looked at me. I always knew he liked how big my butt is, because he told me to not move. He started to poke and pinch it a bit. I laughed and moved around a bit, which made my butt jiggle around a bit. He started to poke my ribs and torso, which made me move away from his fingers, and it made my butt wiggle a lot.

My sisters discovered I'm ticklish on my bum by mistake... Now they won't stop grabbing and squeezing it! But to be honest, squeezing it doesn't tickle, it only works if the touch is soft.

16 The Middle of the Feet

Once, I was in my room with my BFF. We were watching TV when she said she would go to the bathroom. She left the room, then came back, jumped on me, and tied me with a rope. She took off my socks and put baby oil on my feet, then on my stomach and armpits. She got an electric toothbrush and a feather duster, then tickled the middle of my feet. I screamed so hard and laughed so hard that I cried and peed my pants. The best part? I got her back :)

One day, I was at my friend's house for a sleepover. They said the one who falls asleep will be punished. I was tired so I fell asleep and when I woke up, I was all tied up and my friends were in front of me with feathers, brushes, electric toothbrushes and baby oil. They oiled my feet and brushed the middle of my feet and I started to escape but the rope was too tight. A few minutes later, one of my friends tickled my feet with an electric toothbrush and the other tickled my sides. I went crazy since I am too ticklish.

17 Knees

Under my knee is ticklish indeed. Once my friend and I were on our way home from school sitting at the far back of the school bus. We were having a weird conversation and she was like, "Hey (my other friend's name) told me that at the back of people's knees, they are ticklish there." Me trying to be the non-ticklish one acting as if I was tough said "Oh! Nah I'm not ticklish there or anywhere else! So don't even" I couldn't even finish what I was going to say and she grabbed my leg. I tried to yank it away which made her hold it stronger. She jabbed her fingers under my knee! My knee twitched and I giggled right away. Damn, I didn't know I was that ticklish. Now she can easily jab under my knees and I'll giggle.

18 Upper Arms

One day, I offered to give my sister a massage (actually it means applying shampoo to make her ticklish spots even more sensitive) and she agreed. I started with her most ticklish spot and my favorite spot to tickle- her armpits. I smothered her armpits with baby oil and spread the oil along her arms. She started to laugh and begged me to stop. Apparently putting my hands on her upper arms was already too much for her to take.

My boyfriend loves to tease me there and then dip into my armpits. He will be going for hours and I can't help but crack up. He gently strokes up there and then does a light tickle in my pits. He loves to do it when I can't move like if he is sitting on my hands.

19 Butt Cheek Meets Leg

I was in a tickle fight with my boyfriend and he squeezed there and I fell on him laughing. It's torture!

My butt cheeks continue to jump even after my man stops kissing me there... I can't stop laughing.

I'm so ticklish there...well I am ticklish like all over my body...

20 Ankles

When my friends do not have access to my feet they tickle here and it's really torturous.

21 Pantie Line

Okay... Now this is not a fair place to be ticklish! I should know--it's the worst place ever that I am ticklish. If my boyfriend tickles me here I literally almost pee immediately. He thinks it's hilarious of course.

When I have sex, my boyfriend just tickles me there again and again while he strips me down! He rubs my panties back and forth and it's so ticklish!

While tickling my sister's tummy, I accidentally discovered this spot, and it was way more effective than the tummy tickles.

22 Toes

Once, I was having a tickle fight with my cousin. She pinned my legs, took off my socks, and put a LOT of baby oil on my feet. She tickled my feet with a feather duster, and it tickled SO MUCH I felt like I died for a second, but I am okay.

One day my sister was extremely furious, she asked me to tickle her in order to make things go away. I keep a cat at my home, so I took the cat to her feet, and poured milk on it. Though my sister isn't that ticklish on her feet, when the cat's tongue struck the pads of her toes, she lost it! I kept adding milk to her toes and every time the tongue got under her toes or onto the balls of her feet, she falls back immediately and begs me to stop. After 10 minutes of intense tickling, I'm rather certain that her worries went away. Still, that means that I get to have an extra target in the tickle fights.

23 Below the Knee

This can tickle even when self tickling!

The guy I like a lot will tickle me there and it turns into a laugh attack

24 Hip Bones

One day, out of the blue, my sister called me doofus and ran away. In a few seconds, I grabbed her by her sides and started squeezing them. My sister simply laughed, but that wasn't enough for me. So I moved my hands to her hip bones and alternated between spider-tickles and squeeze tickles. My sister couldn't take it anymore and fell to the ground. A while later, out of curiosity, I asked my sister to tickle me on the hip bones to see which kind of tickling was worse. I can now verify that both can and will tickle the hell out of you.

25 Back

My back is so sensitive! One time I was at a friend's house for a sleepover with two others and my friend (the host) decided it'd be nice to give each other back massages. I was scared because I knew I was ticklish there and I would squirm and laugh like crazy, I told them I didn't want to but they said I should anyway. My friend put baby oil all over my back and started to massage it like normal. It tickled like CRAZY. I was squirming and giggling the whole time and they just laughed at me. I think they've forgotten but I never will.

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