Top Ten Nicest Looking Letters In the Alphabet

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1 S

S is a slithery letter. It starts with slithery, looks like a snake, and starts with snake. What a unique letter S is! It's my fifth favorite letter. I love S!

I just love this letter. I love the way it curves, like it's dancing. Definitely my favorite letter to write.

I love S. Not because it's part of my name, but it's such a simple, curvy letter and peaceful too.

2 A

I really like this letter because of the calligraphy form of it, which is the third most beautiful as per me. This is my opinion.

A looks like an upside-down V with a horizontal line. Pretty boring, right?

3 R

I like the maneuvers. It also has a rare look for a letter in English. Absolute masterpiece for a letter.

R is just so much fun. What a great letter.

4 O

O starts off words like obedient, opulent, outrageous, outstanding, and optimistic. O looks like a circle, making it the only letter possible to move. O is a wheel, a target board, a circle, a cake. It's the planets. O is everything. O is the block of life.

O, while not being my favorite letter, is the nicest.

5 C

Also the master of making good words, very versatile, hangs out with many words. It also makes a useful combo, ch, so the letter is cool. This letter is flexible.

It is the best letter! So cute to write! It is also my and my sister's name.

This is a unique list, haha! C is nice because my name's Curtis!

6 J

J starts many good words, and it is fun to write. J is for jaguars, my most favorite animals. I love J.

J is such a nice and refreshing letter!

Same shape as a delicious candy cane.

7 Q

Q probably should be the king of alphabets as it signifies positive things and starts good words. U could be the queen of all alphabets as it pairs up with Q. Q just convinces other alphabets to play games, King and Queen. It changes the whole world. It sounds good too and has an elegant name. Where would the world be without Q? Q is the best, no doubt.

It looks like the back of a large cat at peace, like it would be watching the sunset at the end of a movie.

I like Q for some reason. It is fun to write.

8 T

T stands for trump, track, and talent. T has a lot of talent. It hangs out with lots of letters and starts words like talent, which letter T has. T starts off many important words and good words. T is a letter of many talents.

T is my favorite letter and is just so amazing! T even starts with amazing words, such as...

9 Y
10 K

In class, I asked which the better letter was (K or E) and I was the only K voter beside another Katie. Happy to know that K is ranked ninth while E is ranked sixteenth.

K stands for kindness. Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith. It's not about being popular. It's about kindness.

I hope I'm not the only person with a favorite letter, but I just really like the letter K. That's not even what my name starts with.

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11 m

I love M. My name starts with M, and it's really cool.

This is the best because it starts my name!

M is my favorite letter because it's just really pretty. I don't know how to explain it. It's gorgeous.

12 H

H seems like a jolly and happy letter. It's my favorite letter of the alphabet.

13 I

I is an independent letter, both a word and a letter. And independent starts with I. I describes itself by starting the word independent. How cool! I starts out many good words like independent, intelligent, and intriguing.

"I" means "me". It's a great letter. And if you make the point on "i" with your fingerprint, technically speaking, it means you in particular.

14 v

V is pretty honest. V starts the word volcano and is one too. Wow, coincidence! Volcano is now my favorite word. V starts out many good words like victory, valentine, and volcano. Wow, what a letter.

15 E

So beautiful and used in many words, like elegant, enthusiastic, energy, element, and essential. It's the first letter of my name: Ellen. Proud to be an E!

I just love the letter E. It is so breathtaking. It is just magically beautiful.

This is the first letter of my name! That is why I voted.

16 X

Wow! What an evil man he is. He marks the spot for K and S. He is common in math, mystery, and treasure hunts. He is so talented! When we look closer, he is a multiplier sign, meaning he multiplies himself to be the best. He even looks like a V with a lot of beard, a thick amount of hair. He is the cooler version of V. I love X.

17 n

N is beautiful in uppercase and can be associated with nymphs.

18 Z
19 B

This letter is very beautiful, happy, and attractive. This letter must be the most popular letter ever!

This one always seems to look the happiest. Don't ask me why.

20 L
21 G

Very unique letter. It has more character than a C or an O, which it resembles.

How come no one has put this beautiful letter in?

22 a
23 F
24 D

Looks better when you add a colon before it.

25 u
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