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1 Middle Easterners are Terrorists

Terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS are to blame for this stereotype. Various Middle Eastern countries are allied with the U.S. in the war on terror right now. Most Middle Eastern people want to eliminate these terrorist groups, and the only ones that don't are the members of these groups themselves.

This is like saying all muslims are terrorists because ONE Group cough al quada cough cough ISIS cough cough was bad, news flash, you can't call clouds satanic because some bring lightning and tornadoes.

Uh, Jihadi John is a British Terrorist. The KKK is considered a terrorist group by the FBI and the KKK started in America. Besides, Middle Eastern people hate terrorist groups such as ISIS and al-Queda.

That is so ridiculous and racist. Besides, America has the basically the most terrorist (whom are fully American).

2 Autistic People are Idiots

I'm autistic, but I'm writing PG-13 stories and planning to become a veterinarian (because animals are nicer than humans).
Although my heightened sense of smell prevents me from being nice to the mentally disabled people who poop their pants next to me, especially in tight areas.
Every other mental disability is fine though.

I find people who make these stereotypes the real idiots. Autistic people are judged by their looks or how they act, turns out that our brains just work faster, this can work in our favour as we can be very smart at certain things. Some of the most successful people are autistic such as Emeneim or Einstein.

This one is most present on the internet where people like to use the word "autism" as an insult. However, PETA also made a campaign that said milk causes autism, which is completely untrue and is just trying to promote their pro-vegan agenda. Speaking of stereotypes...

This is very sad that people think this, I'm not autistic and I know some autistic people can be more creative than normal people. Also if you have heard this sterotype that people with ADHD are bad, I strongly dissagree with that sterotype. People with stuff like that just see the world diffrently. Also srry for the bad spelling

3 Women Stay in the Kitchen

This is so unbelievable! Women do not only need to take care of the household! Trust me, females are way more important than mankind makes them out to be! There are female athletes in the Olympics, so you cannot say that men are better than them! It is really sad to see how badly the female gender is being treated.

Pretty much on every women's sports video, there are always people commenting "go back to the kitchen", or something really awful along those lines. Those women have been working really hard to get where they are right now, and it's their dream. We all have a dream, what's the point of bashing other people?

I never cuss so to keep this clean, people who believe this should go to the underworld. Sexist idiots. Women might go in the kitchen, but so do men. And men may go to war, so can women. Don't be sexist, it's not funny.

People joke about this way too often. Guess what? It's not funny. Racist, sexist, homophobic, and ANY HURTFUL "jokes" need to stop. Some people are just so primitive.

4 Asians Can't Drive

One time my mom was driving me and my sister home from school, and a guy cut her off. My mom said "They cut me off! And I bet they're Chinese! " Believe it or not, that guy driving actually was Chinese! Then my mom said "If there's a bad driver, they're either Asian, or old! " This was probably a coincidence, though.

I hate this one. My parents are Chinese and they are pretty good drivers. The only reason why everyone knows this joke is because most Chinese people ages 30 or up grew up in a terrible place with no cars. We just didn't have much experience with cars.

Okay, but have you seen Chinese people drive in China? Its unlikely, there's so much traffic, I can walk in between the cars on the road and not be run over. That being said, all races can be bad drivers, I've been to Boston.

" They can't drive good cause they got dem chink eyes! " - Random American Hillbilly

Hillbillies are some of the most disgusting and racist people on Earth

5 Americans are Fat

I live in silicon valley so maybe people are less fat there. I don't know but it kind of annoys me because most of the people I've met aren't fat.

I do not agree because I am the new americana and I don't weight 90 pounds so I can't ride the Lunar Loop.

It's the whole America invented fast food restaurants, fat blokes in cartoons e.g. Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin. But many American's are healthy not obese.

Heck no! I've always lived in America and I am crazy skinny, I'm not even kidding.

6 Muslims are Terrorists

Incredibly rude! I have known a lot of Muslims and they seem nothing like terrorists! They were very nice and very respectful. Terrorists claim that they're Muslim when they're extremist not Muslim! This should be higher, even though I'm Christian, this is incredibly nasty and a horrible thing to say!

Actually, terrorists are not Muslims. It is strictly forbidden for Muslims to kill innocent people. Terrorists go against everything Muslims believe in. They only claim their Muslim because they think just saying that will get them into heaven, but it won't.

Religious extremists are really giving religion a bad name. Extremist terrorists are not Muslims. They go against the rules of Islam. I am Christian, but I hate religious extremists.

Whoever thinks this has yet to meet the very high amount of good people who are Muslims! I hate it when people generalize in such a wicked way!

7 Black People are Dangerous

I'm NOT Black myself and I see that stereotype is fake. Black people are quite nice, have good smiles and they're friendly.

My family is Asian and they think this is true. I disagree with them.

Some are dangerous and some aren't. But a lot of them are cool, like me.

My girlfriend is black. Problem? I don't see any.

8 White People are Racist

UGH, I'm literally a black person and I thought I was the only one who found this annoying. Seriously, stop generalizing that all white people are racist and grow the hell up.

This is TRUE because White People are ones that clearly started the whole racism thing.

Um, not all whites are racist. Plus Asians can be racist, Hispanics can be racist, colored people can be racist.

I don't deserve to be called Racist because I'm a good person and I'm White.

9 British People are Posh

I mean, anyone can be posh. Not just British people. I know a lot of snooty people here in Australia.

Oh yah, daarling. This is just SO terribly mean! And so very untrue. We're all ruthless ruffians with little decorum. Now..where is Jeeves with my tea...?

Look, wankers! I'm from a low-class flat in Winchester, so whatever you're assuming is utter hogwash!

I live here and I've never seen a posh person in my life! Probably because I live in manchester

10 Irish People are Drunk Leprechauns

My friend used to live in Ireland and never once has she told me that she has encountered a leprechaun on St Patrick's Day.

Actually Belgium has more drinkers. Ireland is second.

This is annoying, but what is estonia and what is belgium?

I'm Irish and I don't drink I'm almost a teenager.

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11 African Women Haven't a Bashful Bone in Their Bodies

This stereotype is very annoying and I'm not African American.

I don't think that this is true. wouldn't this depend on the women's personality?

I'm african and I'm not shy at all...oh wait, I'm a boy.

I'm NOT shy at all and I'm a woman myself.

12 Indians Smell Horrible

It is not a mean stereotype due to the fact that it is true. Genetically and because of their diet, Indian people naturally smell bad. (I go to a school that has many Indians attending, and many if them smell rather bad)

As Indian I wouldn't mind if people say that I smell horrible because I don't give a crap what if I get stereotyped in a very negative way.
#I am who I am!

I'm Indian myself and if I get told that Indians like me smells very horrible, then guess what? I don't give a Sugar Honey Ice Tea myself!

To be true, I don't think so anymore. I think this is awful.
But last time, when I was 3, I thought so...
Please don't kill me! I was 3!

13 Africans Have Ebola

People honestly need to get their facts straight. Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea have ebola. Guinea has a large population and compared to the amount of people getting ebola is nothing. All the other countries have either not got ebola, preparing for ebola or ebola there has completely died out.

No... If that was true, how would anyone be walking around normally?

The ebola outbreak was only in West Africa in 2014.

Nah, only the few countries in West Africa.

14 Men are Rapists

I hate it when females act so hard on boys labeling them creeps or pervs even if they're innocent and are nice enough to know the laws of humanity.

This is false. I hate extreme feminists
Also extreme feminists always make jokes about punching men. Sadly I'm not joking.

Oh, apprently your beloved father, husband/boyfriend /crush, uncles, grandfathers, friends and teachers who are make are all rapists?

One time a user named BorisRule was considered a rapist by another user because he is male! I feel really bad for him.

15 Black People are Gang Members

I know plenty of black people who are quite friendly, kind and smart, but people still act like they have a gun on them or think they are ghetto. It's ridiculous. People are scared of black people just for this reason and it's awful that some people are scared because some idiot pounded into their head that black people are gangsters

Some black people come from poor places like ghettos so it explains why they generally join gangs. But a lot of them are in good neighbourhoods as well. It really depends on the neighbourhood you stay in.

This is why we study history class and notice some things about why the American government really sucks.

My parents Are Asian and she believes that this only applies to kids and teens between 7-21.

16 Bronies are All Fat, Sweaty, Unwashed, Autistic Neckbeards that Live in Their Mother's Basement

People mostly think this because of those MLP fetish artists on sites like DeviantArt. Most MLP artist don't draw stuff like that. Some MLP fans don't even do fan art and are in the fandom simply because they like the show.

Uh, there's a mean stereotype in the stereotype! I starting to believe the one who submitted this stereotype is an autism hater

Do I need to remind you all about that one "duct tape" skit from Corpulent Brony?

I don't know what a Bronie is, but that stereotype is very, very mean!

17 Gay People are Pedophiles

Any one who thinks this is true are the ones that can go to the underworld, not a person who just so happens to like their own gender.

This stereotype is typically targeted towards gay men, and let me say, 9 times out of ten, this stereotype is untrue.

This deserves to be in the top 10 at least being posh or liking rap not in themselves awful things.

This one mostly comes from the alt-right. I'm not an SJW or anything, but this one is very homophobic.

18 Mexicans Have a Billion Kids

Well, I usually never see a Mexican family with less than 4 kids. This is pretty racist since I have Mexican friends with only 1 sibling. To be honest, I don't care how many kids you but be sure you have a roof over your head, a great job, and some money to take care of your kids!

I don't think this is true. Octomom has lots of kids and she's not Mexican. Plus, I'm sure that there are plenty of Non Mexicans in the world that has plenty of children (and maybe grandchildren).

Was Dora the Explorer Mexican? Because if so, then I'm pretty sure she was an only child.

That's not it. The stereotype is that Illegal Immigrants have a billion kids, not Mexicans

19 Italians Have Curly Moustaches and Constantly Carry Pizzas Around

But true they are believing they are the best.
They are the ass hole of universe, no more.

PS: They really believe they are the only one to make good pizzas and pasta, they never try all the famous pizzas we have created in America.

I wish! Then, I'd just hang around some of my Italian friends and eat their pizza.
Wait a second... ALL Italians have curly moustaches?
But... but what about the girls and women?

Seth Macfarlane created many Italians on Family Guy and most didn't have mustaches.

This isn't true, even though Italians do look good with moustaches and that accent.

20 Atheists are Evil

I have an atheist friend. He's pretty nice and he seems to be interested in studying mythology and religious beliefs.

They are not evil, they like to tease religious things (mostly Christianity) but not the person.

I'm a Christian and I don't think that Atheists are evil at all. They can be pretty nice.

I am certainly not an Atheist, but that doesn't mean they should be called "evil".

21 Mexicans Love Drugs
22 Black People Like Rap Music

I like rap but I'm binding myself and getting into other genres like rock and a bit of punk.

Some black people don't like rap. Some like country or rock. But in my personal opinion, I don't mind rap

Nah, I'm not really annoyed by this. I've come in contact with a lot of black guys who like rap, so this is understandable.
I'm a black person, but I'm mostly into pop and disco. :)

As a black person, I don't like rap but can't tolerate it.

23 Gay Men are Feminine

So not true, or at least, not always true. Most homosexual guys and girls look like their real gender, and most feminine men and masculine women are either heterosexual or asexual.

All of these stereotypes are mean! Most of them are racist and offend many people. I haven't saw a gay person In my life(only some attention hogs at school who acted gay for attention)But really?! Not all gay men are feminine!

There's a difference between homosexual and feminine. Homosexuals can still be manly while feminine men can still be heterosexual

They might be a little girly but they aren't ALL girly, surely?

24 Americans are Racist

It's definitely the most racist country even if there are Americans who aren't racist.

Please go to Europe and see racism for yourself. Where do you think we got it from?

Not true. I'm racist, vegan, blonde yet smart so all these stereotypes are FALSE.

I think Europe is way more racist than Americans.

25 Americans are Obsessed with Guns

My friend and her family( who live here in Australia), think this is true. In fact, one time at school we had to write a paper about the country we would love to go to the most and my friend chose America. On the paper, she wrote"I would want to live in America if I could, even though it is highly likely that I will be shot in the face while walking around Disney World." Her parents are really superstitious and I'm pretty sure that's why she thinks that way. My mum is from America and I've been there several times in my life, never once being threatened by a gun being pointed at me.

It's the most gun-obsessed country in the world & that's the reason they have mass shootings. In countries where guns are illegal, there are NO mass shootings. You don't need to be a brain surgeon to know that.

I love Stephanie I'm sorry about my comments. Sometimes the media can say bad things about other countries so that people can believe them (News).

From what I know, a lot of Americans don't like guns.

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