Top 10 Best Elemental Powers

Elemental powers, the ability to manipulate nature's fundamental aspects, have always held a prominent place in our collective imagination. From tales told around ancient campfires to the captivating narratives of modern media, elemental forces often become the basis for powerful abilities wielded by heroes and villains alike. Are you fascinated by the fiery might of a volcano, the tranquil strength of a flowing river, the tenacity of a mountain, or the ever-changing form of the wind? Maybe you're drawn to the electrifying potency of lightning or the freezing chill of ice?

Elemental powers, whether they're based on the traditional quartet of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, or expanded to include Electricity, Ice, and more, carry an allure that transcends cultures and centuries. Their appeal lies not just in their dramatic potential, but also in their embodiment of nature's primal forces and our desire to harness and wield such power.
The Top Ten
1 Air

Air is extremely underestimated. But it really is the most powerful. Since air surrounds us, you can basically do anything. For example, you can concentrate air in a single spot so that you can place something on there. You can draw air away from someone and suffocate them. You can also concentrate air around a person, suffocating them too.

You can throw things, bring things to you, control fire by depleting then concentrating oxygen, move earth with strong winds, blow away darkness, shroud light with concentrated air, and part water with wind. Lightning can't happen in a vacuum, which means you can draw air away and control that too. Air is the best and most powerful element.

Air is very powerful. Elements of air can manipulate some other elements like water, fire, earth, and lightning. They can also use air to create atmospheric storms and channel telekinetic abilities. So for me, it is the strongest.

2 Fire

Here is the reason why I believe fire is the best element. Fire destroys anything in its path. With intensive training, fire can evaporate water. It is also a form of explosion, rendering earth users ineffective. Fire is generally stronger than wind due to the chemical reaction needed for fire to heat or burn. It requires oxygen. If there is a lot of oxygen, the fire will be bigger and stronger, which causes wind users to perish.

Additionally, fire is also a form of electricity. Electricity is overpowering. It cannot be blown away nor can it be easily blocked as it is invisible. Consider a water user fighting a lightning user. The water user is at a severe disadvantage. With one shot, water will be electrocuted, and anyone in it will perish. Lightning can easily overcome any earth defenses or offenses. Wind users cannot blow away electricity, and while they may oppose it with the right moves, lightning is shown to have immense power over the main elements.

Therefore, Fire is the strongest element.

3 Water

Water is essentially the fundamental structure of ice/frost, so it should be in 3rd place. Water can do all sorts of things. Since there is water inside our bodies, we can manipulate the water inside other people and potentially control them like slaves and kill them at any time.

Water, if frozen, can create dangerous weapons and can do other hazardous things as well. If you were to freeze somebody, they would start slowing down and eventually die of hypothermia. And/or you could solidify them into place by creating ice shards around them, making it impossible to move around.

If you were fighting against a person with an elemental power, we would win. We could block lightning with a solid ice structure. We could counteract fire. We could use water molecules in a rainstorm to kill air. And we could freeze the ground, causing earth to be useless.

With water, we could make mist which will hide our presence. And we could use water dummies, for instance, since water can reflect our images, we could use our reflections to trick our enemies. And we could potentially fly with water by freezing it on our bodies and allowing us to fly with the water molecules because of the ice shards that are on our bodies. And if you freeze water, we could condense that water into a giant ball and freeze it, causing a massive boulder of ice to rain down on our enemies.

4 Electricity

Assume lightning is the power to harness electricity, or to manipulate electrons, electricity, and lightning itself. Lightning is a force that, unlike all other basic elements - fire, water, earth, even air or nature - cannot be thwarted. Fire is an unpredictable element but still weak compared to all others, even air, which is intended to power it, can extinguish fire. Water is versatile, but that does not mean it isn't just as easily stopped. And air is supposedly the strongest element, and yet, to become so, the wielder would need to be the most powerful in the universe.

It is an invincible force wielding unimaginably dangerous power. Electricity, even in the smallest amounts, can pass a current so powerful it is commonly associated with death. Lightning itself can contain 1,000,000,000 volts of electricity. Air may gather resistance, but air resistance can be easily disregarded by this element. Even more resistance, to the point of humans falling like slips of paper, would do nothing. The electricity can travel through air itself. Any defense created by air is entirely bypassed and serves only to make the situation worse. No more needs to be said.

5 Earth

Earth is number 1 because earth encompasses animals, the ground, plants, and so much more! You might be thinking air is the strongest, but air needs plants to survive. Plants produce oxygen, which is crucial for air. So, air actually depends on plants to survive.

It's the best because you can summon animals and plants. There's an unlimited supply of food because all food is made from nature, or at least has a part of it from the earth. Plus, you could break the world with this power.

With earth, you could literally control the whole planet. You could destroy it and everything on it as a result. With earth, you could basically control everything around you. Water wouldn't be able to do anything because earth is sturdier and the planet is at your command. Fire wouldn't either, because fire can be put out with earth. Wind is powerful, but against earth, there is not much it can do, and lightning is also a good power, but remember, with earth you could basically control planets.

6 Ice

Ice and frost can do many things. You can manipulate water to turn into ice, meaning you can control water. This means that you can have ice anywhere on Earth because there are water molecules in the air. Also, if it is raining, you will have complete control over the entire area. Additionally, with frost, you could freeze people to death or create barriers to block attacks such as lightning and fire. Frost also means that it will be harder for anybody to hit you because you can either freeze the ground causing it to be a frozen floor or freeze them to slow them down and eventually kill them of hypothermia.

If you could manipulate water, that means you can control human beings. Water molecules are inside our bodies, so if we can manipulate it, we can move it, allowing us to control them. (Sorry about too many Avatar references, but it is true). And with ice, you could potentially fly because if you could control water, you could make ice particles around your body and move with the ice particles if they are large enough and fly with them.

7 Dark

Dark means you can't be noticed. You could move so quickly without anyone noticing you. And yes, light could defeat you, but you can cover light with some of your darkness.

Darkness is the most powerful. You can escape guards by turning yourself into a shadow. You can create life forms and other living things like a shadow wolf, dragon, etc. You can easily steal or break into the most secure place in the world. You can even see the secret recipe in Coca-Cola unnoticed.

You can manipulate black holes, create dark matter and energy, which means you can manipulate space and even time. The only thing faster than light is darkness. It is existent, but also non-existent, so practically it is very hard to kill. You can create anything with shadow powers, even extra lives!

Darkness is very powerful. I don't think it is the best, but in my opinion, I think it is 2nd or 3rd place. Darkness is basically shadow, so it can summon guards for me. I can trap them in my darkness as they won't be able to see anything. I'll probably summon a weapon and attack the particular person. If elements were real, I would love to master darkness. I don't want hate. It is just my opinion on what's the strongest element.

8 Life

The power to create anything and control the state between life and death literally puts you on par with a god. Forget natural elements like air/wind, water, or fire, you could literally kill the person using said elements just by thinking it. You could create a more powerful duplicate of your enemy to fight for you. Or even a nuclear explosion that vaporizes ONLY your enemies and leaves everyone else untouched. A god is not to be underestimated... ever.

The nature/life element is very important as we practically live off of it. Nature provides us with oxygen, beauty, resources, whereas life allows us to live. It's our souls, our personalities. Both combined into one element is risky and comes with lots of responsibility. This element is very vital as it's practically everywhere, everything, and everyone. This is perhaps one of the most dangerously powerful elements to own.

9 Time

Time is, well, time is just broken, no two ways about it. If we're judging these powers based on fighting ability, then you have to realize that being able to react before your enemy is just busted, lol. Example! Ahem... How to Win a Fight when you can control time! Step 1: Stop Time. Step 2: Stab someone in the eye with literally anything! Step 3: Grab popcorn and then unfreeze time.

I know that was kind of graphic and cruel, but that's the really scary thing about time control. Traceless crime. Stop time, rewind it at will or upon death, traveling through time - if someone has that ability and you don't, you lose. The only way you win is if they let you beat them, or they decide that killing you is either not worth the energy or, if they're a sadist, has gotten boring.

I think that time is very overpowered because you can stop things from existing. It is also good when fighting because you can freeze time and hurt your opponent without them knowing. You would also be able to go back in time, get some old stuff, and become rich. In addition, time is everything because it plays a very important role in our lives and without it, nothing would be possible.

10 Energy

In my opinion, energy is literally everything. You can't beat energy because you are energy, and you could literally destroy the universe since there is basically nothing that is not made of energy. Also, all the elements are made of energy, so technically any person who wields this element also wields every other element in existence. You could also resurrect yourself and others. You could also make yourself immortal. You could also kill people in an instant because we have atoms inside of us.

Energy is basically part of the universe. So, if there was no energy, that means there would be no universe and possibly nothing inside it either.

I actually created a character for my own liking who controls energy as an element. At first, he is only able to control psi energy, but he is able to convert other types of energy into psi and manipulate them that way. But when he has a near-death experience in Limbo with Nature, he gets extra divine powers: now he can tap into the universe's limitless stores of cosmic energy. So, he can generate force fields, levitate by altering gravitational potential energy, use telekinesis by altering kinetic energy, and suck the chi out of others to kill them. He is basically overpowered! And I love the element of energy for that: because of its limitless possibilities. You can even absorb energy into your own body and become immortal!

The Contenders
11 Light

Light has many different properties that can be utilized in various ways. Scientifically speaking, you can manipulate part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which means several things: you can listen in on people using devices that tap into this spectrum, like radio waves. Blind people. Ignite fires. Fly. Move at the speed of light. And if you could "harden" light - like what Green Lantern does - you'd have an arsenal of kinetic weapons and armor you could summon at will. But let's be real here: blinding people pretty much hinders a great deal of individuals who still rely on eyesight to use their abilities effectively, and is probably the most effective, albeit crude, usage of this ability.

On a fantasy note, light is the obvious counter to darkness-based abilities. Also, fire users are at a disadvantage against you since you can manipulate their power if they try to set you or something else on fire, due to how photons work.

12 Telekinesis/Mind Control

This really sounds like a cool element. I would choose this because you can literally bring stuff from a far distance with your mind. You also can control people and make them do weird stuff, either for payback or as a prank. This element takes a lot of skill and practice, and it takes a long time to get the hang of it. I would also know the answers to every test question just from reading a teacher's mind.

If it was anything, I would have this element! But if it was between this and 100 trillion dollars, then no, I'd pick the 100 trillion dollars. I like that more!

Having this skill could be a miracle! You could make people do what you want and, if you had the gut, even kill somebody. You could see their thoughts if you were well trained. You could even see where they live and what they live through at home. You could see that they're getting abused or having a bad life. You could use this skill to make a person's life better!

13 Death

Death means you can make anyone dead with just a flick. You can also bring anyone back from the dead, like maybe a family member. Death is very useful, and I think it should be number 2.

Honestly, any form of element manipulation is dangerous. Just because you control fire doesn't mean you are immune to it. Powers close to omnipotence are always too dangerous. You stop time and you basically stop air from flowing into your lungs, stop light from entering your eyes, and electricity from running. You create a big black void and not expect to be sucked into it? Also, it would possibly be highly dependent on how far you can see. Lightning would be like detonating a huge bomb right beside you, loud enough to make you deaf, bright enough to blind you, and that's not even considering what is needed to cause lightning. I could go on like this for ages, but I advise you to carefully consider science before using any superpower.

14 Space

Space equals time.

So, then you could freeze time.

You could also have the power to manipulate space, supernovae, hypernovae, meteors, gravity, wormholes, black holes, white holes, energy, fire, water, earth, air, etc.

Everything in space is what you can control.

You could create nothing and destroy all atoms or you could create strange matter.

When I think of the best element, I think of the best element in the long term, not just for fun, but you can do other stuff as well.

There is a known planet that is made out of water, except for its core. You could manipulate gravity and use that to your advantage.

You could teleport anywhere or turn invisible (by making the stuff you are made out of thinner) or fly (using air).

Think of every single thing in the known universe, and you could use it to your advantage.


Elements that might be stronger:

Mind: You could lose consciousness and not be able to summon stuff.

Luck: You could keep on missing.

Fate: It controls the future, and YOU (yourself) are forever in the present. But you are in the future for other people.

15 Gravity

In my opinion, gravity has to be one of the best. You can increase or decrease a person's weight, create black holes, and, because gravity can alter spacetime, you can speed up or slow down your enemies, or even yourself. You can also fly (technically). I suppose that would just be falling, just not downwards.

You can control gravity. So you can fly. So it is kind of like the force. You can raise an enemy army over 100 feet and bring them crashing down.

Gravity manipulation would be an extremely useful superpower, in both combat and everyday life.

16 Sound

Sound is actually pretty cool! In physics, sound is a vibration through matter in the form of a sound wave. It can travel through air, water, and solids. Ever feel the bass of loud music? That's a sound wave traveling through you! Most of the jolting that happens in earthquakes is from a massive sound wave traveling through the earth.

Sound is also key to communication. Speech is just a complex pattern of air pressure waves. So, having sound as an ability, you'd be able to distinguish multiple air pressure patterns in speech to understand and possibly mimic it to communicate back. Additionally, many animals can growl at such low frequencies, not as a warning but to instill fear in prey momentarily. There is such a thing as a sound wave that triggers the emotion of fear!

Sound can also be destructive. Consider how it can travel through land and is a vibration. Rocket launch pads are flooded with water after launches, not to subdue the flames and heat, but to absorb the sound so it won't travel and destroy the rocket, such as with the Saturn V launch. Also, consider shock waves. Sound can literally flatten things and cause objects to move, suggesting a form of levitation.

17 Shadow Magic
18 Magnetism

I think magnetism would be an amazing elemental power because you could control the magnetic field and control metal. It's like a mixture of Metal and Gravity.

Evangeline Samos is all I have to say. If you don't know who she is, please read Red Queen or look her up.

We can control any metal. We are able to create any weapon.

19 Aether
20 Weather

Thunder is already in sound/electricity. Sorry, but thunder is only sound. Also, note that thunder is the sound lightning makes. It's completely in sound with an electrical background.

For me, thunder is the superior form of lightning because it can destroy, such as a country, when it gains too much electrons.

Lightning, Air, Water, Ice, no matter what element, all of the ones that can be weather you can control.

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