Top Ten NWO Possibilities

These are possibilities in the 21st/22nd Century where the New World Order/ a possible future New World Order group can seize power and force humanity to an NWO. Keep an eye out for these.
The Top Ten
1 Zombie/Infected Human Apocalypse

What may seem fictional is actually the most dangerous NWO possibility and unbelievably fearful possibility. Zombies are likely to never happen but their colleage of demonic Zombie Infected human form is likely. It would mean guaranteed horror, suffering, evil, human destruction. Even the NWO would lose as this would likely crush IT (only good part). Zombie Apocalypse guarantees end of the World and end of hope of all humanity. No hope of peaceful revival of humanity and living organisms would be guaranteed.

2 RFID Transhuman System

A Transhuman is only surpassed by #1 Apocalypse. This likely 21st Century issue would guarantee an end of humanity with implantable microships. Transhumanism made normal would mean animal-human being and robotic humans would appear and guarantee and NWO (likely immense evil follows).

3 AntiChrist or Individual Super Being Arrives

Many believe in a possible AntiChrist. If this being does truly exist IT will likely have the power to force the world to a NWO. A world worshiped being could crash all those who do not want ot believe in IT. IT could also guarantee the destruction off all morality and provide only 'evil' things.

4 World Communism/World Revolution

World Revolution or World Communism can at 90% chance almost guarantee an NWO, even if it were to be done to the top ten world economic nations. This would mean a guaranteed New World and maybe disguised evil New World Order.

5 Alien Invasion (hoax) / Massive International Hoaxes

A staged alien invasion like the 1969 moon landing hoax could force people to accept strong government and an NWO. Massive hoaxes of which are set up with green screen/ studio with actors can deceive millions to a horror for an NWO. This would seem much easier and keeps the NWO 1st commandment of DECEPTION.

6 Crippling World Terrorism (Hoaxes/Genuine)

Similar to the 9 11 disaster of 2001. Similar events of this magnitude daily could cripple world human rights and set about an NWO. If more of these take place either false flag/hoax, people could be duped to NWO (even if genuine terrorist events).

7 Alien Invasion (genuine)

Outside of the human mind an alien invasion happens perhaps in Early 22nd Century. Should the world unite to this invasion? Or should their be an acceptance of these new species to the world. Either way it can easily indirectly mean an NWO.

8 Extreme Globalised Capitalist Regional World States

By late 21st Century possible regional world states. EU, North American Union means no more states. Possible destruction of militaries and identity of the states. Worryingly the 'peaceful regional world states' begin to transfer to adespotic unified NWO, the mask is off but too late for mankind.

9 Nuclear War WW3

A WW3 would likely mean massive people wiped out. This would mean a guaranteed 'Apocalypse'. Keep an eye on countries with nukes and tensions with these states (e. G North Korea and USA).

10 Mass Biological Disease.

WHO and UN require mass vaccines worldwide to all humanity. Major disease results in a 'cure' of which only slows the death 'virus' which can take out 80% world population. Deliberate?

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