Top 10 Tickling Tools and Methods

Let's just say I've got a confession/fetish to tell my fellow friends and TopTenners about, and I guess the best way to say it is...You know what? Screw it, I have a love for tickling! There, I said it!

My story is way too long for this, but trust me, it's crazy! My main reason for making this list was to share one of my biggest secrets because I can! And before you say really loving tickling is weird, there are much stranger interests out there than tickling! Tickling is one of my hidden passions and desires!

Though I'm tickle deprived, why not share some of the knowledge I have in this topic for a good time? Go ahead and remix this list and make your own version if you disagree with the order!
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1 Fingers/Fingernails

Oh the power our fingers have!

Why not use the Tools we all have & hey it's effective! Twice as much when they've got Fingernails! Oh wow that's tickles and I can only imagine then feeling if a girl tortured me with her Fingernails in the Tickling way! Fingers work on every spot just some places fingers have a tough time! There's so many effective method while using the fingers Soft touch, Hard touch, Spider Tickle, massage, knuckles, really Fast, light, All over and many more! Works great whether their fully clothed or In the Buff!

THE WORST. My most ticklish spots are my back and my sides. When people tickle me, they always do one or the other. Until one day, on the bus, I was annoying my friends (as per usual) and they tickled me to make me stop (as per usual).
However, one of my friends put ONE hand on my left side (my worst) and one hand on my back and started tickling. NO ONE has ever done that to me before, and it tickled the worst I have ever felt in my life!
All my friends now know about this and use it against me all the time!

So I as babysitting this 5 year old to earn some money. It was a hot day so I were a crop top. When I got there she was upstairs doing whatever. So I laid on the couch with my arms stretched out. After 3 minutes she came down stairs and asked me why I was showing my belly and ribs. And I said because it was hot. So she sat on waist and started using her long fingernails to tickle my sides, belly, ribs. She kept this up for an hour.

Nothing beats the ticklish sensation of someone's fingertips running across your skin. However, a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that the harder they do it the more it tickles. They end up just hurting you instead. Find people who are good at torturing you slowly and lightly. It tickles the worst!

2 Electric Toothbrush

Once I had a few friends over for a birthday sleepover. We were playing games and each taking turns playing them one at a time. Now I used to brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush, however now I do not. One of my friends went into my bathroom and found my electric toothbrush. After I finished the game, I reluctantly went to lay on my bed with my friend waiting there. Then before I realized what was going on, they pinned my arms above my head, then my other friend jumped out from under the bed. They pulled up my shirt and stuck my electric toothbrush in my belly button and held me there for at least a half hour. Ever since then I've used a normal toothbrush. Whenever I hear that buzzing sound I always get nervous.

Once my boyfriend asked if he can tickle my feet for 30 mins and I accepted. He tied me up to his bed, removed my socks and start tickling my feet. I laughed a lot and he found that I am ticklish. A few minutes later, he went and came with an electric toothbrush and start tickling my toes. I was trying to escape since I can't stand my toes getting tickled and he didn't stopped for half an hour. He still loves tickling my feet and I still love Being tickled

This may seem odd mainly because of what we use them for originally but those Vibrating Rotating Bristles can work Ticklish Wonders and on every spot on the body! Also this is the most effective way to Self Tickle yourself.
Just make sure you don't use that Toothbrush for anything else but Tickling or there will be a problem! Feet, Armpits, Inner Thighs, Belly/Belly Button, Ribs, behind the knee, Toes, Butt, Genitals & other places. Do this while there skin is exposed in there cloths and insert the tool through openings of the shirt or pants they'll go nuts
It's effective even fully naked then there all yours!

So this one time I had agreed to be tickle tortured by my friend. So she tied me down in a spread eagle position while I was in my bikini. She started out with tickling me with nails then feathers but then switched to an electric toothbrush. It tickled so much as she moved around my upper body. But it tickled the most when she put it in my belly button. She soon figured out that my belly button was really tickled and taped the electric toothbrush to my belly button and left it on for quite sometime. It drove me crazy.

3 Feathers

My friend didn't seem to have ticklish feet, but feathers eventually broke him. First I tickled his socked feet. No reaction. Then I took his socks off and tickled, and all I got out of him was a smile. I then challenged him to last 5 minutes while tied up. I tied his knees, ankles, and big toes together. I then used a feather. He chuckled lightly on the heels and arches, giggled on the soles (he has soft feet for a boy) But then came his toes. When I tickled under them and he laughed and curled his toes. When I tickled between his toes them with the feather, he laughed hard and, curled, wiggled, flexed and spread his toes as he laughed hysterically. Sometimes now when he is barefoot, I tickle his toes.

Now This depends on if your Feather Ticklish. So react and some don't to when Feathers Caress there skin! This is the most used Tickling tool and one of the all time faves! Feathers work very well in most body parts and there are many kinds of Feathers to choose from Thick, Thin, Long, Soft, Fluffy, Stiff & others! Oh also the the rend of the Feather the Stem words wonders too! When Skin is exposed that is your best bet for laughter.

It was 6:00 in the morning and I was really tired. But I had to watch my cousin for the day. So I laid on the couch and fell back alseep. My cousin was 14 and I am 18. I was wearing a small shirt that exposed my stomach. He stretched out my arms and stripped me to my underwear. He then grabbed a feather and started tickling my belly button, belly, ribs, and sides. This tickled so much and I squirmed everywhere. In fact I was squirming so much my bra almost came off.

Feathers tickle so much to me. My friends like to tickle me with feathers when I usually expose my belly like when I wear crop tops. One way to use it is to get a soft feather and to gently glide across the person's belly or sides. Or you could do this with a stiff feather also. What's also fun is to get a stiff feather and to tickle a belly button with it by twirling it around in it.

4 Tongue (Licking)

I was over at my friend's house just hanging out. I was wearing a crop top and laying down on the floor on my phone and my friend was eating a peanut butter sandwich. Apparently my entire belly was exposed and I didn't notice so my friend had smeared peanut butter all over my belly and belly button and played it off as he dropped peanut butter. And instead of wiping it up with a paper towel he began to lick my belly and belly button. I was laughing so hard especially when he started licking my belly button.

Licking is an odd way of tickling but it works. I just figured it out as I was hanging out with my friends (we are all girls) and I stretched a little since I was tired. And apparently it exposed some of my belly and my friends had the bright idea of tickling me, so they pinned me on the ground while they licked my belly and belly button. I was laughing like crazy.

In the Tickling Community when the Tickler uses their Tongue to Tickle someone we call it Lickling! And hey Tongues can work very well on the Feet, Bellybutton, Underarms, Toes, Neck and other places! Also it tickles when your Dog comes up to you and licks you which is quite fun! Best to use this with skin exposed or just naked!
The licking can be very Sensual and make the Victim feel good!

The best tool for a deep belly girlfriend and I always lickle each others belly button, boobs and tummy when we are having sleepovers. My parents will always come to my door and say keep it down, if only they knew what was really going on.

5 Tied up & Blindfolded

I have a cousin a year older then me. We don't really annoy each other on purpose but one day I told his crush that he liked her. When my cousin found out he got two of his friends (which I was also friends with) and they tied me up and blindfolded me. My cousin tickled my armpits (my most ticklish place) his friend tickled my feet and his other friend (which I had a crush on) blew me raspberries on my bellybutton. It was kinda embarrassing when I peed my pants but they all felt bad for me and apologized. Now my cousins friend that I had a crush on and I are married and he tickles me all the time but I enjoy it. I like being tickled.

I was looking after my little cousin one day. It was really hot and I wanted to go to the pool. So I changed into a bikini and went to tell him. But instead he wanted to play a quick game of cops and robbers. So after 10 minutes of playing I was caught and sent to be interrogated. When I didn't tell him anything he tied me to the bed with my arms stretched out and blindfolded me while I was still in my bikini. He then started tickling every where he could find that showed skin. I laughed so hard that day. Now when I go to watch him he always tickles me.

So my friends and I were having a sleepover and I fell asleep first. Someone woke me up and I was eagle tied on a bed in the basement with a sleep mask on.
I was stripped to nothing and they were tickling me with feathers and brushes and I was laughing so hard. I kept begging them to stop but they just laughed and kept torturing me.
Then they took the mask off and stopped tickling me for one glorious minute while I tried to catch my breath.
My friend Anna left the room and returned with a couple electric toothbrushes she found. They put the blindfold back on and started tickling me again.
The worst was my vagina. Someone was tickling it with an electric toothbrush. I was screaming with laughter and tears were streaming down my face.
I don't know if I enjoyed it but I always stay awake at sleepovers now.

I would love for my friends to do that to me, the feeling of being hopeless and unable to defend my self is something I never feel. I am a tomboy (a girl that acts like a boy) ( NOT TRANS) who is a huge dare devil and risk taker, that feeling of pleasure and not knowing what will come next would be very different and pleasurable.

6 Baby Oil

People have rubed baby oil on my balls & between my legs & then tickle me lots because I'm very very ticklish on my balls & crotch. I love it when my dad & his friends tickle me like that.

Something so unique and simple but is a very popular tool not just for making skin smooth but this stuff actually enhances the Sensitivity so if your were already super Ticklish then oh wow your gonna have fun! This stuff when applied a lot not only make there skin super smooth & Shiny but Slippery for your fingers to roam!

My girlfriend started rubbing baby oil on my feet after she tied me up to the bed. It tickled so much!

I tickled my 11 year old son using baby oil. I rubbed it on his feet and tickled under the toes.

7 Hairbrush

So very effective I remember when I had a sleepover with my friend she aka kerry would use her hairbrush on my feet or my inner thigh or my belly but I could not stop from laughing !

Hairbrushes used to be the only way that someone could tickle me. I would tell my friends that I wasn't ticklish anywhere but, one day, we were playing truth or dare and my friend asked me if I was ticklish. So of course I had to say yes. I told them it was my feet, so they took my foot and started to tickle it. No reaction. They accused me of lying so I told them that I wasn't, they just had to work out HOW to do it. Eventually though, I gave it away (I hinted that it was found on a dressing table and hesitated when they said it). And they pinned me down, whipped out a hairbrush and I just about died. It's completely UNBEARABLE!

One day, I was at my friend Miranda's house. We were laying on her bed when she asked if I was ticklish. Normally I'm a good liar, but not when it came to this. I said no and shook my head rapidly. Miranda said she didn't believe me. She sat on my ankles and grabbed a hairbrush from her nearby nightstand. Miranda began slowly draging the bristled torture tool up my sole and toes. I giggled helplessly. Then she applied baby oil and scrubbed mercilessly. I writhed and screamed. She applied more baby oil to my sides and belly and scrubbed. It tickled more than I expected.

I once read a story about a woman who punished her daughter by tickling her feet with a hairbrush. her daughter swore out loud so her mom told her to lay down and take off her socks while she went to get her hairbrush. The girl started begging cause she knew what was coming but the mom sat down on her legs and started brushing the soles of her daughter's feet with the hairbrush. The girl started laughing and screaming and begging for it to stop, but her mom kept using the brush to torture her daughter's feet for a few minutes. Then she started using her fingers to tickle the girl's feet and toes for even longer

8 Paintbrush

My friend loves to paint. Once I went over to her house while she was painting a picture, although I can't remember what exactly she was painting. I was laying on her couch right next to her. She was running out of red paint on her artwork. She asked me to go to the garage and get her more. As her friend I of course went to get her the red paint from the garage, when I came back and, once again, as her friend, jokingly made fun of her painting. I then went to lay back on her couch. At the time, I was wearing a crop top, which exposed most of my belly. I was looking at my phone, so I wasn't paying any attention to her. To get back at me, instead of pouring the paint into a small cup, she took the bottle of rep paint and squirted it into my belly button. It was cold and gooey sitting in my navel. As if that wasn't enough, she took her paintbrush and stuck it in my belly button and swirled it all around. It tickled and ungodly amount and I couldn't stop laughing. It was too perfect for ...more

One time when I was like 12 or something my friend sat on my legs and tickled my feet with some paint brushes she had.She tickle me with like 5 different ones one by one, It was HORRIBLE and it felt like forever. They were really soft and smooth but also firm which tickled like crazy. They were almost like fingertips but softer so they were really slippery on the bottom of my feet. They were the most ticklish thing I have ever been tickled with.

I was at friends house painting. I had rolled up my shirt so that I would not get to messy. My friend accidentally glided her paint brush across my belly and I started to laugh. She figured out what was going on and started to tickle me. She stripped me to my underwear and tied me up. She tickled me with the brush for 5 hours. It tickled like crazy.

Those small bristles are very effective in getting many spots but the Bellybutton is the best to use a Paint brush on if you like tickling the Navel!

Anywhere works when tickling with a Paintbrush!

9 Raspberries

I have an older girlfriend who has a pretty dominant instinct. She tickles me to discipline me, and since I told her about my ticklish belly, she always blows raspberries on it and she forces me to let her do it even if the ticklishness from her lips drives me crazy. At home, she takes my shirt and lays in her handbag so she can get my belly whenever she wants. She also let her female friends blow raspberries on my belly while she holds my hands. Luckily for her, it at least turns me on so I just can't make her stop even if it's torturous, lol.

Every year on my birthday, my mom used to blow raspberries on my tummy, one for each year. She stopped when I was like 7...until I turned 16. She woke me up on my birthday morning, but before I could get out of bed, she sat on top of me, rolled my shirt up, and started blowing raspberries. I was really embarrassed, and the tickles were torturous!

My sister, Eliza, and I made a game we call, "Do Not Laugh". 1st you lay on the bed stripped to underwear and bra while the other person gathers their tools. Then they blindfold you and you put your hands behind your head. Then there are the following stages:
1. Questioning
2. Jokes
3. Doctor
4. Tickling
If they give up, you win. If you laugh at any time, you lose.

So Eliza, who is 8, lay down 1st. I questioned her about tickle spots and how to tickle and whatnot. Then I did jokes, with no result. Doctoring failed too. But tickling succeeded when I tickled her thighs, her only ticklish spot.

So then it was my turn. Eliza asked, "Where are you ticklish? " and I said, "My armpits, tummy, knees and feet." She asked, "How? " and I said, "Normal on the armpits, I don't know on the tummy, behind the knee, and scratching or hairbrush on feet." Eliza then did brief jokes and doctoring to get to the tickling part.

The armpits I held in, same with the knees. ...more

I have this one aunt and every time she sees me she tickles me. She greets me with a big raspberry on the neck, even if we're in public, and it's so embarrassing. Raspberries are the most ticklish, ESPECIALLY on the tummy, and every chance she gets she pins me down and gives me one.

10 Your Hair

This is quite funny actually that you can use your own hair to tickle someone! This can work either way because men have their Facial hair & Women have there long smooth Hair so both are very Effective!

Yesss my friends at school have this obsession with stroking their hair on their faces and I'm just sat there like 'how the hell are you not cringing and laughing rn?!? '

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11 An Animal

Once when I went camping with my family down by the lake. While everyone else was swimming in the lake, I was tanning on the beach in my bikini. As I was laying there, I hadn't noticed anything happening. However it had seemed that a spider had crawled up my strap and was staring directly at me. I had a sudden feeling that I was being watched by a little tickle monster. I looked down and saw that spider, it froze and stared at me, then darted down my belly. As it skittered down it tickled all over my and I giggled a little, trying not to cause a scene. Then it dove into my navel to hide and kept moving and wiggling its legs and tickling my belly button so bad I burst out laughing so hard. Another time I was laying on my sleeping bag in my tent taking a nap. My younger brother came in undetected and put a little worm in my belly button.( I was wearing a smaller pajama shirt and I was stretched out so you could see my navel ). I woke up to a light tickling sensation, I kinda liked it ...more

This was the go to punishment for me for staying in bed for too long. My parents bought meal worms for the aquarium and if I didn't wake up, My navel is flat, but has a vertical slit, that can't even be seen if you don't know that it's there. And inside is actually my actual navel. My parents would sneak into my room and carefully use some pincers to open up this slit without waking me up and insert a tiny 1cm long meal worm and left me in my misery.
Usually I would sleep on for some time, but the tickling sensation of a worm crawling inside my navel slowly wakes me up until I consciously feel the worm tickling my navel, which is when I loose it. The mean thing is that this slit in my navel is literally closed. So the worm is not going to fall out and it's not possible to open it without any pincers. That means I thrashed around my arms and legs and run like this to my parents and beg them to remove the worm from my navel. But they are so mean that they would force me to first eat ...more

I was 19 and chilling with my cousin 20 he asked me if I'd like to make some money I said suture what do I have to do? He said all I have to do is endure some tickling me not knowing what he fully meant said sure next thing I remember is being tied to a bed my bare feet exposed covered in a mixture of alpo and corn syrup two large German shepherd dogs licked my soles until they were raw it tickled sooo bad!

Once I tried to see if insect could tickle me. Me and my friend made a box for me to lay in. Next to it was a jar of many ladybugs. I stripped down to my underwear and lied down in the box with my arms up. The ladybugs were poured in and plastic was quickly put on top of the box (there were air holes of course) and I was left to enjoy the tickling. They striated crawling all over. On my tummy, legs, feet, underarms, etc. It tickled so much. They got so many giggles out of me. It was fun.

12 Your Own Toes

Truly the best way to be ticked my cousin and girlfriend do this to me all the time my cousin would sit on she and use her toes to tickle me so much her toes wiggled so fast. My girlfriend tickles me but when I pull her away she puts her toes on me I laugh and she pushes me away still using her toes to tickle me for a long time

This happens to be very effective when using your Toes to tickle someone ( works wonder when in a Tickle Fight).
This works in many places but underarms and ribs are the best!

Play airplane, lift person with your feet.
Once they are up on your feet, wiggle your toes on their tummy.

Really ticklish, my dad tickled me like this with his toes.

I was lying in the middle of the floor at my besties bday party, triping people up and just being annoying. So my boyfriend put his feet either side of my stomach and tickled me with his toes for AGES! I laughed so hard and loved every minute of it!

13 Kissing

Basically every fanfiction that I wrote having to do with tickling has one scene or another when the tickler (usually a male anime character) kisses his victim's (usually a female anime character) feet. I wish I had a boyfriend that would worship MY feet!

My girlfriend loves to kiss my belly and if I don't let her she would start pinning me down and licking and kissing my belly.

I kiss and tickle my girlfriends belly all the time, it feels so nice!

My girlfriend started licking and kissing my armpits.

14 Poking

My friends used to poke me all the time. I am quite ticklish on my sides and belly area. My friend came over and tased me.
( poked both of my sides at the same time )
They came up behind me and tased me, as a reaction I jerked my arms back and elbowed my friend in the face. I gave them a bloody nose and nobody ever tased me again.

I was sitting in English and my friend poked my side, and I jerked away from him, for obvious reasons. He found that funny, and continued.

when my friend kerry or my boyfriend Jamie Magnifico would poke me on my sides or my ribs I can't stop from laughing . definitely effective anywhere .

This is how everyone found out I was ticklish! I was ignoring my friends so they poked me in the side and I laughed. Ever since then they always tickle me.

15 Love-Bite

I would say love-bite because if you had sexy, friendly looking girlfriend you wanted to tickle her by biting her belly gently I would recommend love-biting.

16 Electric Massager

Oh my gosh, I too had a sleepover, and we played truth or dare. I was asked my crush but would not say. So my friends circled me, and grabbed my wrist's and ankles. They slowly rook off my clothes, and I was out. They took a small masagerto my neck, and then brought it to my breasts. They took it in circles, circling my nipples and I was screaming. They tickled me everywhere, and then one girl pinned down my stomach up, and the girls pulled my legs to the side, and arranged the strongest massager, on my vaginia,and I freaked. That laughed and continued this, keeping my legs app art, and used nails and such there, and would nit stop. They put managers everywhere else, too. Gosh I was like dying.

One time my friends had an sleep over at my house, and then I told them I'll go to sleep first because I'm so tired, and then I woke up a later and then I was tied down to my bed, and then I was fully nude and I'm for sure I was probably redder than a tomato, and then they started to take some electric masagers and put them everywhere! And then they started teasing me like "coochie coochie coo" and stuff and then one of them put the massager on my breasts and it circled around my nipples and then I was screaming with laughter! And I was begging for them to stop! And I was even slightly moaning actually, and then they just laughed and then one of them took an electric toothbrush and tickled my vagina with it! Yes on the tip of my vagina! And then they were teasing me, so they got tired eventually so they just taped the electric toothbrush and masagers on my body and left! And they kept it going for 5 hours! And I actually peed myself several times...and I was moaning too...and I ...more

I had a sleepover. My friends tackled me and I was insanely ticklish. They suddenly stripped me down to nothing, and took all of the electric massagers, and put them EVERYWHERE. Oh I have not been so tickled so bad, and I squealed like a pig when they found my most ticklish spot... That spot between the legs... Oh my

I had a sleepover birthday party with like 10 other people there. I fall asleep really fast so when I did I woke up and I realized I was on the bed, not my sleeping bag, and was stripped down to nothing at all and tied up to the bedposts.
Then the people started putting electric massagers all over at high. I tickled crazy on my belly, behind my knees, and my feet. But it was my vagina that truly killed me.

It is WAY to ticklish and the one there had my squirming and screaming and crying like crazy and that went on for an hour. I'm ticklish as hell and I hate it😢

17 Pencil/Pen

One time my friend was drawing a picture and she was running out of paper and decided I was the next best thing. I was wearing a sports bra so basically all of my belly was visible. He took his pencil and started writing lines all over my belly and it tickled like crazy. The worst part was when he stuck the pencil in my belly button and swirled it everywhere, which tickled so much I was just dying of laughter.

At school, my friends always draw all over themselves. I never did. When asked why, I said it felt really wrong and kinda hurt, that I couldn't draw, or that the inks could be toxic.

When I was hanging at my friend's house with one other friend, they drew all over each other. They're both great artists. Riley went to come do me on my arm, and I refused. Meg tried to do it by force, and managed to pin me down. Riley started drawing on my hand. I started laughing and squirming. They laughed and kept going.

Now they do it like all the time in class. So annoying, so agonizing, but so much fun!

I was at my friends house to study. I was laying on the ground with my arms stretched out. This lifted my shirt up to show my belly button. My friend knows how ticklish I am and immediately pinned me down and used the pencil he had to tickle my belly button. I don't know why this tickled so much.

That KILLS! At a sleepover one time I was lying down bare dotted (big mistake) and my friends grabbed a hold of my ankles and then my bestie started doodling all over my feet! She said she ran out of paper! It tickled like hell and she did it for a full 20 mins while I just sat there, dying from laughter!

18 Vibrations

Sometimes I forget that I put my mobile phone on vibrate and freak out whenever someone texts/rings me (my blazer pocket is right over my sides and that is my most worst spot ever)!

I haven't heard much aboot it but from the tickling videos I've seen
There is this device called the Magic Wand? Apparently outside of the feeling of pleasure, sometimes it tickles a woman good like a regular tickle tool!

Sometimes my friend Cambree would use her voice next to my sides and it would tickle insanely and I would have to keep it in because I would be in school.

They just do! it's a ticklish feeling when you got good vibrations! It's a main reason that cause us to laugh!

19 Feather Duster

One time I made my friend clean with a feather duster while I sat on the couch with my feet up. What did THEY do? They came up to me sneakily, and held my foot in a lock because the only thing I do when I get tickled is I weaken and I laugh, so they tickle tortured me for a half hour with it

Maids have teased this method all the time. they don't even know the effect them using this to clean makes some people feel if they see them using the duster to clean!

Feather dusters are wonderful for tickling the entire body..

A historical favorite----very visual and effective for longer-term tickle torture/pleasure!

20 Nylons

Nylon fabric increases the ticklishness of already sensitive skin.

21 Light Touch

I can do this to myself, a light touch on my shoulder and I breakout in a fit of giggles. Once I do it, if I try again it feels like I know when I'm going to tickle. Aka I turn into a ninja!

If you lightly glide your hands over my sides,tummy,feet and the back of my thighs then it tickles like crazy!

If someone tickles your feet lightly...

22 Pinwheel

I made this tool where feathers are on the pinwheels. I put them on two tables where I'm in between them. Two fans blow them and keep my arms up. It's a fun little tickle machine. I also adjust them so that they can tickle my feet and belly.

There are many different versions but each one I've seen works!

23 Comb
24 Ice Cubes

It was a hot day so I got a few ice cubes from the fridge. I then took off my shirt and placed the ice cubes on my ribs and stomach. They started to glide around and this tickled me a lot.

Cold! But glide it across the skin and certain areas will make them giggle!

It works try putting skinny cylinder ice cube's between there your toes

Tickles a bit

25 Hair

My girl friend has really long blonde hair and is OBSESSED with tickling! She'll tickle me everywhere with her fingers then she'll go to raspberries. When she does it her hair goes all over and tickled like CRAZY! She likes to use her hair like a brush or just drag it up and down my body.

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