Most Offensive Cuss Words

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1 N****r

Whoever said this shouldn't be on the list is wrong because it's just short for the original racial slur (you know what) and it's actually really racist. Black people say it all the time, but they have the pass to say that. It's racist for whites to say it because it's what they used to call us back when times were racist to blacks.

This is definitely the most offensive, though I do not understand why people let words have so much power over them. It is wrong to say this word, but somehow it affects people so much.

2 C**t

I hear this word three or four times daily. I hear it said because I live in Yorkshire, and people shorten 'could not' twice here, and it sounds just the same. It is deemed to be the worst swear word, and I guess, rightly so. However, I've said it in the car when someone pulls out in front of me. Find something else to be offended at. I think it should be number two because racism is worse than profanity.

How is this not number one? If someone is racist, who cares? It's just a word. But this. This is brutal. I remember learning this word when I was ten, very vividly. I also learned what cum was around that time.

3 F****t

This word is extremely offensive. It deserves to be in the top 5.

4 F*g

This list is confusing, but I'm guessing this is because, as someone who's been called this a lot, I can tell you it hurts. A lot. The reason I'm voting for this and not the n-word is that gays don't use this for other gay people in a casual and friendly way because we know how bad it actually is, while blacks use that word for other black people.

Nothing is more offensive than being called this word. Nothing could put a person down lower than calling him this. That is why I choose to use it as much as possible to insult people I don't like.

5 F**k

To all the people offended by this word: Don't talk to me because I spit F bombs faster than a cheetah can run.

A boy in my class said the F word is a synonym for beautiful. I have my doubts...

I remember when my school teacher used this word when he got angry...

6 Sl**

I'm in fourth grade, and my friend got called this by some other girl...

I hate this word. It should only be used on people who are okay with it.

If girls are called that word, then boys should be too!

7 Ret**d

People use this word to call someone stupid, not realizing that this word is used to represent someone who is disabled or is autistic. I feel so bad for people who were called this word, especially if they are disabled or autistic.

The term retarded was actually once used to describe someone who was what we would now call mentally handicapped. However, since its usage back then, it's gained a much more negative meaning. If you want to look like a terrible person, use it.

I find this cuss word to be extremely offensive, even more offensive than the n-word. It hurts me to the core when this word is used, and I am shocked it isn't on this list.

8 K**e

If you attend school, you will know all of these.

9 B***h

Offensive for women and also used to emasculate men. It's used often, sometimes offensively, sometimes in a "funny way".

All of these young kids use it as a nickname for their actual friends.

10 P***y

Means vagina, also used for emasculating men, creating toxic masculinity.

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11 W***e
12 Motherf****er

We all have a mother. This swear is offensive to everyone in equal measure.

I hate this word. Anyone who uses Motherfunder should rot in the deepest depths of heck.

Not a word you should be saying.

13 D**k

It's offensive to anyone who's named Richard. My heart goes out to those people.

How is this not in the top five? So offensive.

14 C**k
15 Z********r

Another bottom-of-the-barrel word.

One of the absolute worst words.

16 R*****ed

This isn't a curse word. It's a medical term and it's politically correct. Some people are just retarded.

This is probably the most offensive word that I wouldn't consider swearing.

I hate when people get bullied because of their disabilities.

17 S**t

I have already advised no one to use that word unless it meets both requirements as stated above.

This word was used in the movie Flight of the Navigator. Yeah, nice job, Disney!

18 An*****y
19 W***er

It's a British term for a contemptible person.

20 V*******o
21 T***
22 F***tard
23 Cuck

A man who is desperate for acceptance, approval, and affection from women. This desperation has led to the compromise of his beliefs and values, the desecration of his dignity and self-worth, and his inability to stand up for himself and what he deserves as a human being, e.g., loyalty, fidelity, and honesty in a romantic relationship.

I know John's always wanted a girlfriend, but since he and Mary started dating, he's become a cuck. She spends all of his money and flirts openly with other men. I can tell it bothers him, but he's so afraid of losing her that he doesn't say anything.

24 Minge
25 Meecrob
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