Worst ADHD Effects

There's are the effects of ADHD from me, a person with ADHD.
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1 Intention

I have ADHD and agree with every effect on this list, but this one is by far the most annoying! I'm intelligent but received a B+ in my subjects due to having a hard time focusing.

It makes it almost impossible for me to complete my work.

It's really easy to get distracted.

2 Endless Energy

You could jump up and down for hours and not get tired!

3 Hyperactivity

Sometimes it's hard to control this one.

4 Anger

My anger is really bad. I get upset easily. I have thrown my phone in anger once. I broke my phone and also broke a few of my video game controllers getting angry by having a frustrating hard part in a game.

5 Impulsiveness

I hate it. I just hate impulsiveness because it makes me tend to say something really weird or stupid to people, which makes them start finding me weird or stupid.

It's really hard to think before you do, and normally it happens automatically.

This is the main effect with mine.

6 Losing Items
7 Forgetting Tasks

I always forget to take my medication. My parents have to remind me every day. I wish I could remember myself. I also forget to shave every 2 days. I have to get reminded of that as well, same with taking a shower.

I hate that I always have to be reminded by my phone to remember my tasks. If I didn't have it, I would forget to shave every few days, and forget to brush my teeth, and take my pills if I didn't have the reminders.

I forget to take a shower every 2 days. I always get reminded every Sunday, then I don't all week. I wish I could remember. I also forget to take my medication. I once went a month without taking my pills.

8 Eating Too Much

Some people may be confused by this. Let me tell you how ADHD can cause eating too much.

When we eat, it creates a reward system in the brain that feels good. So, when someone with ADHD experiences this, it can cause them to eat too much. This is not only because of dopamine but it also stimulates the brain.

And if not careful, it can lead to overweight/obesity, gall bladder disease, type two diabetes, and heart disease.

Oh, and I want to make this clear. People say only people with obesity are physically sick. There are normal weight people that are dealing with incurable diseases, whether they're born with it or not.

Sorry, just wanted to get that off my chest. Anyways, if people with ADHD get help and support, then they can overcome the overeating.

9 Tiredness

You get easily tired when you really control yourself for that day.

10 Depression

Every day I just feel sadness and pain.

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11 The Giggles
12 Social Awkwardness
13 Being Smart but Not Being Able to Display It
14 Messy Home
15 Forgetfulness
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