Top 10 Ordinary Places You Could Easily Die In

Possibilities of death are all around us, even in places we may not often think about. Always remember to stay safe no matter where you are. I do not mean to scare people with this list.
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1 Your Home

Yes, even your own living shelter poses many hazards. Your furnace could have a gas leak, your home could have electrical surges, or the roof could fall down on you any minute. It's important to check your home for any possible dangers. Small mishaps can result in major problems as well.

2 Your Neighbourhood

Not every neighbourhood is a safe one to live in. In some of them, the rate shootings, brutal fights, & car accidents are high. There are also chances of someone's dog attacking you or anobject from someone's balcony could fall on your head. Depending on which type of neighbourhood you live in, the dangers are different.

3 Playground

A fun place for children can be a potential danger. Always keep an eye on your children when they play. For example, they could fall off from a high height if they're climbing where they're not supposed to, & you're not paying attention to them.

4 School

Schools are intended to be a safe learning environment for students, but they aren't always like that. A fire might burn the school down with people inside or a shooting could occur. I've heard a lot about school shootings, especially in the United States.

5 Open Field

Lots of places in nature are generally dangerous. An empty field may not seem ideal for dangers, but it is. Wild field-dwelling animals such as wolves or bulls could attack you when you don't see it coming. Fields are also dangerous to be in during heavy storms. If there's a thunderstorm or tornado & there's no shelter nearby you, you're doomed.

6 Shopping Center

Many shootings have taken place in shopping areas as well. You could also have a chance of being trampled on, especially on events such as Black Friday. While incidents like those are uncommon, they're still possible.

7 Pool

The most common accidents are drowning. Lifeguards aren't always on duty, & it's a terrible idea to swim in deep ends of a pool if you don't know how to swim. Swimming is a vital skill to learn.

Very easy to die here, just drown!

8 Beach

Not only drowning, but skin infections caused by sunburns, shark attacks, & storms pose a threat to you while at the beach. Stay prepared.

9 Zoo

Just because animals are caged doesn't mean you're safe. You never know when an animal could break out of its cage & run amok. It's especially dangerous if that animal is something like a lion or an ape. Cageless zoos speak for themselves. Also, be careful in petting zoos. The animals in there may unexpectedly attack you.

10 Amusement Park

This one speaks for itself, although most people will assume a ride is safe to go on. Choose wisely when going on rides. If the ride looks unstable or you know it's had a history of mechanical failure, don't go on it. The most dangerous rides are rollercoasters. There have been incidents such as where a coaster box falls off the coaster. That's one of the reasons why I don't like rollercoasters.

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11 Skyscraper

When you go to the top of a skyscraper and look out over the world, you feel unstoppable! The dangers are that you could fall off, the building could collapse, many more.

12 Road

So easy to die here, just walk at the wrong time and get smushed by a car!

13 Hospital
14 Train Station
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