Top Ten Most Painful Situations

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1 Loved One's Death

Three of my oldest family members died within a year of each other. I didn't want to see them before they died because I was scared of them. I advise you all to say I love you to your loved ones every day because you don't know whether either of you will wake up tomorrow.

Dad died when I was only 7. I'm 15 now and still cry every once in a while about it.

2 Period Cramps

Ow! I'm right there with you on this one. Sometimes it's so bad you think you're going to die. And it makes you feel so dirty and bad-tempered. Really painful.

Periods are really stupid. Why do they even happen?

Why are we supposed to get periods? I hate it.

3 Being Pregnant
4 Going to Hell

This is the absolute worst thing ever that will happen to you.

In Islamic sources, it's the most painful thing ever.

Thank God (literally), I'm never going there.

5 An Injury

If you are talking about getting kicked in the balls, then injury is number one by far.

6 Stomach Aches
7 Failing

Especially if you have high-expectation Asian parents.

I've never made a big failure, such as exam failure, but it must be devastating. I felt really sorry for one of my friends who failed an exam once. It had such a big effect on his life.

8 Puberty
9 Having to Study
10 Cluster Headaches
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11 When Your Favorite Cartoon Character Dies

Just think of Terra or Optimus Prime (in the '80s cartoon) or any other dead character.

From the old writers' and animators' perspective, Tom and Jerry are considered dead. Sure, there are new cartoons now, so to us they're not dead, but to the old writers and animators, they are considered deceased.

12 Homework
13 Being With Someone You Can't Have

Due to either past mistakes or intervening people. Sucks.

14 Molar Removing

How is this not higher on the list? I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed on 2/24/2022, and the recovery process was hell. I remember feeling unbearable pain in my sinuses, cheeks, and throat for three days straight after I had the surgery. To make things even worse, they were all completely impacted, which means my surgeon also had to remove some bone.

My worst nightmare in the future.

@toshdeluxe: Are you talking about getting wisdom teeth taken out? If yes, I feel for you. I may need mine out in the future as well. And I'm a bit nervous about it.

15 Spanking

You're sick, dude. It is painful. I have been spanked as a child.

16 Getting Teeth Pulled

My childhood dentist pulled out my baby teeth extremely hard, and he caused me so much pain. Now I'm dreading possible wisdom teeth surgery in the future because of my experiences.

17 Heartbreak
18 Being Robbed
19 Wisdom Teeth Coming In
20 Sprayed by a Skunk
21 Stepping On Tack
22 A Breakup
23 Picking Up Poop
24 Ruined Project
25 Banging Your Head Against Windowsill

Why would you even do this in the first place?

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