Worst Things About Bullies

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1 They Make You Lose Friends

Exactly. How they do that is alienate you like there's no tomorrow. And if anyone thinks that bullying earns him or her friends, he or she is sadly mistaken. All bullying does is make enemies out of people.

It's the opposite tho, they're the ones that are losing friends, I can tell you right now that nearly everyone can see how pathetic they are.

I just got finished with one. Used to be friends but their personality changed once they made knew friends.

2 They Lie to the Teachers and Make an Innocent Talk to Make the Teacher Think That You're the Bully

This happened to me. I was in gym and there was a bully. I was shooting hoops earlier and then later walked away because she was bullying me. Then I happened to be near the teacher at one point and she walked up to the teacher and started blabbering nonsense about how I was trying to get her a zero. Thank goodness that teacher didn't pay attention to what she said.

My bullies always call me a bully because of "false accusations", but they have done a lot more bad things than me. They have an Instagram page where they make fun of me. My bullies are the real false accusers here. I really hate them.

3 They Lead to Some Kids Committing Suicide

My best friend was bullied so bad in high school that he attempted suicide. Thank God he didn't succeed. He got help afterward and transferred schools. Unfortunately, the boy who bullied him received no punishment or warning. I wish something more could have been done.

I saw this movie where a girl was getting bullied by a popular group of other girls and she took a lot of pills. Boom! She was out like a light!

I feel bad for the victims because a lot of them committed suicide because of those good for nothing pigs.

4 They Steal Things

Bullies ought to know what it's like having their possessions stolen from them and see if they enjoy it.

Like extorting lunch money from innocent students, which is very bad.

5 They Think They Are the Nice Ones

Okay, when I was in Fourth Grade, my bullying experience was the worst. It caused me to develop depression and stuff. This girl, who was always mean to me was trying to find out about me through my friends and I found out about it. I told her friend, who told another girl who told the mean girl. I heard my friend say, "Why are you being mean to her? " The mean girl replied, "Cause she's mean! " But, I'm pretty sure I caught the mean girl making fun of a guy with down's syndrome. That's a whole new level of low, and she thinks SHE'S the victim?

6 They're Mean

One time this bully always beat me up I was scared of him cause he is big and tall way taller then me. He always laughed and was mean and scary but I'm not scared of him

So true. This is like the most popular one of all time. There are these two girls at school and they always hang out with each other every chance they get. They do this weird handshake and don't participate in anything. Girl J (Yeah, don't really wanna say her name here) She's like, " Eh hehehehehe, I WAS LIKE GET OFF ME YOU WEIRDO! " Girl M starts laughing her head off. And there's this boy that just stares with eyes like he's amused or something. At gym Girl J told me to get to my place where we switched for Nitro Ball. Of course I said I wasn't there. So she just rolls her eyes and starts laughing about something stupid with her dumb friend. They don't bully nerds but whisper stuff into each other's ears like, " Hehehe, look at him! " They usually leave me alone now but once in awhile they just laugh and snicker at people. I shouldn't have to put up with people who think they're cool and popular. Nobody should

7 They Make Enemies

I was totally wrong about claiming that all victims who make enemies with bullies are as delusional as hell. Specifically, part of what I posted here early is a mistake. And that mistake is putting "enemies" instead of "friends" between "make" and "with." And so, I apologize sincerely.

Anyway, bullies don't deserve to have friends because all bullying does is make enemies with other people. So if any bullies antagonize innocent people, they should expect their asses to be handed to them. But if they don't expect, it's their funeral.

8 They Disrupt the Class
9 They Don't Think Before They Do It

Flipping cereal why didn't you fight back and run away. You could have held your breath. I hope you get revenge!

That sucks. I'm really sorry for you. If I were you I would beat her to death! Or at least tell her parent.

Flippingcereal. that's sad if I were you I would just kick her down the stairs.

10 They Act Innocent

There was this really popular girl. And I thought "What is this beautiful, perfect popular girl coming over to a messy tomboy girl? Maybe she wants to be friends! " Nope. She makes fun of my clothing and sneers at me. She punches me in the stomach hard. I punch her in the arm. The teacher sees now and I get in trouble. Great

There's this girl at school who everyone thinks is so sweet, but she's evil and wicked. She spreads lies and steals friends. Everyone think she's so nice, but she hates me. She's just like Umbridge from HP. Sour on the inside and sweet on the outside.

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11 They Like Making You Cry

As much as I hate to admit, that's totally true.

12 They Can Get You Introble
13 They Never Stop

Well, that's dumb. Bullies should be stopped forever.

14 They Make You Feel Like Nobody Likes You

Yep my family don't care neither do teacher so I just get mad and go crazy instead

15 They Beat You Up

Isn't it obvious? I can tell that it is.

16 They Try to Get You Suspended or Expelled from the School

This happened to me in third grade, people blamed me for pushing a kid. I never pushed anyone and they got me suspended and no one believed me but my parents. These bullies once tattle taled on me saying I wanted to kiss a boy, I never said that. Then I moved to a new school, now I have many friends. I am thankful my parents decided to move away. Now I feel so much better and don't get blamed on everything.

Those things ought to happen to them as punishment for their bad behaviors.

17 They Judge You by Your Flaws

Bullies...this is one of their reasons for never breathing the same oxygen that we do, they go around judging people who they think are weaker and less attractive than they are, it's just despicable to see this happen everyday to nearly everyone I've known..simply despicable

Once a bully beat me up and kicked me right into the nuts thinking that I will break down ( I didn't), well in the end he just provoked me to fight back.

18 Teachers Don't Do Anything to Stop Them

Teachers who do nothing' to stop bullying should be sued.

19 They Are Stupid

They don't know what they're doing
Like what they're doing to the victim is actually so foolish because what did they do ? Did they provoke you into bullying them ? Ostracising them from everything ?
No because they're so mindless and they would make up "lies", that's what my bullies did, because they're stupid

20 They Make Fun of You
21 They Call You Vulgar Names

And vulgar names are what they deserve to be called.

22 They Fart on You

That ought to get 'em disowned by their teachers and folks.

Bullies used to fart on my self. It was super rank

23 They Never Own Up to Their Behavior

In other words, they refuse to admit that they've done wrong and so, pin the blame that they deserve on others. Well, it should be the other way around in that bullies ought to own up to their bad behavior by being actually sorry about it and promising never to do it again.

Yeah and they're crap at owning up.

24 They Do Name Calling

Has anyone ever been called Squeakers based on how high your Voice is?

Well, they should be called names and see how they like it.

Yep. That's one form of bullying.

25 They Bully You for They Way You Wear Your Hair or Clothes
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