Worst Feelings In the World

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1 Depression

It's like being out at sea, with nothing around you but endless water. You try to keep your head above water, and for a while, it works. But without rest, staying afloat gets tiring, and eventually, you can't take it anymore.

So you go under, but the moment you try to come back up, a wave washes over you and pulls you back under. Keeping conscious no longer seems like a good option, and all you want to do is stop fighting. But your body won't stop. No matter how hard you try, you're stuck in this endless cycle of misery.

2 Fear

The basis for all insecurities and also everyone's biggest bully. The start to hopelessness.

Fear is overwhelming to say the least, and holds hands with paranoia.

Can paralyze you. Nothing goes in any direction.

3 Loneliness

Loneliness is a horrible feeling. I recently had a breakup during lockdown, and being stuck in the house on my own with my own thoughts and feelings of loneliness was a real low point for me.

When you're used to having a partner around you and friends/family, and then go to having nothing, it makes life feel empty and almost pointless.

I would go about my normal activities but just struggled to get the usual motivation I had.

I am lucky that I was still able to speak to friends on the phone and virtually, and was working (although from home).

My experience has taught me that having a social network of friends and family is one of the most important things in life.

One of my biggest fears is being stuck lonely and socially isolated. I wouldn't wish that on anyone and feel like the society we live in (me included) needs to make more of an effort to pull together and really start to bond with each other. We seem to have lost old values of commitment, respect, community, and have become more selfish and obsessed with the self.

4 Stress

The feeling that you can't escape whatever it is that is causing you to feel this way and often even just thinking about facing it makes you feel as though you're unable to move forward.

5 Helplessness

It's the end of the world when you are in any kind of feeling or problem and you don't find someone or something that can help you.

You throw everything you've got at it or them, and there's nothing you can do about it. You pull every trick up your sleeves, in your pocket, sacrifice an arm and a leg, and even your heart and soul... and yet your efforts are in vain.

6 Paranoia

I can only describe it as a creeping suspicion. Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong? Paranoia makes you think of what could be wrong, which in turn makes you feel worse.

Definitely not number one worthy, but super horrible nonetheless, especially when the thing you're paranoid about is real and tangible.

7 Heartbreak

When you are in love with someone and have shared years with them and had experiences, you form a really strong bond. It's easy to take love for granted, but if you lose someone, it's a horrible feeling and can leave you feeling lonely and empty.

It's happened to me twice in my life, and both times were really tough. It helps if you have a good support network of friends and family around you.

There are different kinds of heartbreak. Losing your job can break your heart. Having to beg to survive and being insulted can damage you permanently. Love relationships bring just one kind of heartbreak. Being publicly humiliated can break one's heart. Some people commit suicide over severe heartbreak.

8 Anxiety

Constant static noise in my mind. "Did you forget something? Are you going to fail? I'm not sure about this." It constantly pulls me down.

I agree, anxiety, especially social anxiety, can be hard to cope with.

9 Guilt

The phrase "Sorry doesn't cut it" goes both ways. Saying sorry doesn't take away the aching feeling of guilt in your throat. It lingers and makes you feel awful.

That horrible guilty feeling when you feel like something is eating at your throat. Can make me feel sick for days!

Yes, often we do something wrong and we hate ourselves.

10 Regret

I think it's the worst feeling. You think and then you feel sad because you think you shouldn't have done that.

Especially when you would do anything to make things right and cannot due to circumstances.

I wish I could go back. What was I thinking?

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11 Emptiness
12 Anger
13 Being Hated

It's a pain in the heart. As someone who is a people-pleaser, it brings me down so much to hear that someone hates me.

When it's by someone you love and care about, it's got to be the worst feeling.

Trust me, this will make you want to move to another town or planet.

14 Unrequited Love

It can go either way so long as the feelings are one-sided. I've loved her my whole life, and this has caused her to hate me and distance herself from me. This probably shouldn't be as high as depression, but it's a horrible feeling you can do nothing about.

This is really one of the worst feelings, knowing someone will not be with you yet you're so obsessed with that person. They will eventually be with someone else, and someone else will get to have your crush in their life, but not you.

This is very ridiculous. This is the thing that can put you through the above things (depression, loneliness, stress, heartbreak, emptiness, feeling of being a failure). I'm also a victim of it. What I can say is that it is a ridiculous state which makes the one in it behave ridiculously.

15 Being Ignored

Being ignored by the only person you want to talk to makes you feel lonely, empty, and invisible. It makes you feel not good enough. Some say being hated is better because at least they treat you like you exist.

Heh. Yeah. I walk up to my friend and she just turns her back to me. After a while, she turns around and says "oh hi" in a bored way.

It hurts, especially when the people you thought cared about you just ignore you.

16 Inadequacy

It's not that I'm not good enough, but I always feel like I'm not good enough, and that feeling really destroys you.

That's the reason why I don't have many friends. As you can tell, the world isn't the friendliest place.

17 Rejection

Replacement is horrible! It's like one minute you mean the world to someone, and then the next you feel like you're second best.

Sometimes it's actually happening, and your best friend isn't actually turning against you. Sometimes it's you thinking that it's happening when it's not. It's so hard to tell. But it may not even be your best friend replacing you. It's that new "best friend" they have that's the reason for it. That's what's happening with me...

It feels like I'm being pushed away from my best friend, and this girl is trying to take my "spot". And it's just so hard to deal with on a daily basis because you see her every day, and you can't help but not think about it.

18 Embarrassment

My whole life summed up in one word.

19 Loss

In loss, I think of grieving. Grieving is tough. Acceptance is tough. Loss groups fear, anxiety, loneliness, anger, and sometimes guilt and regret. Far the worst feeling ever.

I lost my mom a couple of months ago and my cousin before that.

20 Pain

Pain is the worst feeling, whether it be physical, mental, or both. It incorporates many feelings that are listed here.

Distracts you from thinking and acting.

21 Jealousy

This is such a disgusting thing. This feeling would make anyone a sociopath, and it already affected me. Just listen to my words. Please do not let this feeling come into you. It would change your life and make you into a terrible person.

I know jealousy has different types, but still.

We need jealousy. When anyone on this earth has or does something that makes them better than others, or when someone takes over something, like someone's place, that's when we need jealousy.

When you're jealous of people who are having the best life while you're suffering, of people who are rich and have the perfect parents and friends while you have to deal with financial issues and unreasonable, aggressive parents, of people who have an amazing love life while you're being ignored by your love interest. The anger and hatred that you feel against those people because of the unfairness - it hurts.

22 Failure

Failure can make you question your future. And it can be really scary because when the future is foggy, it can lead to thoughts like, Is it worth it? Will I even amount to anything in this capitalist world?

Sometimes you need support or help, but you can't afford it or find it. The worst part is when you are trying your hardest, yet it still doesn't work.

Failing, even if I tried my best, is terrible pain. I feel as though I'm not good enough for anyone. It starts a downward spiral of self-doubt.

Reminds you of how worthless you think you are.

23 Uncertainty
24 Betrayal
25 Shyness

Dream destroyer is one of the reasons I'm lonely. Shyness is holding me back from doing everything, which includes making friends. It makes me look weak, makes me fail, etc. You may think shyness is the best trait in the world because it's "cute." Yeah, a trait that nearly completely destroyed my dreams of becoming famous - how cute! To me, my shyness is one of my worst enemies.

Shyness is the root of heartbreak. Can't get the girl because I'm too shy, so I sit here brokenhearted, wondering how much simpler life would be in first-world culture if I was able to speak my mind with no internal force holding me back every time.

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