Top 10 Most Painful Ways to Die

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1 Burning to death

First, imagine getting a slight burn while cooking on a stove. Ouch! Then, imagine falling onto the stove, even just for a second. Now, imagine being bound to the flaming stove, with burns multiplying all over your body. You would have to bear that pain, probably being tied to a pole, watching your friends cry in vain, feeling your skin slowly ripping apart as your insides burn and shrivel. Your color and complexion would become disoriented as your torturers poke and prod you with a sharp wooden pole.

But I think the most painful way of dying is inside a brazen bull filled with boiling oil, with spikes that pierce into your skin, causing you to die slowly.

I think living is the most painful thing until we die eventually and abruptly, which we don't know when. Slowly decaying, dying, suffering, enduring pain every second. I don't think anything's more excruciating than this.

I saw a video of a man in an 18-wheeler. He smashed into the back of another large truck. In this video, the door is stuck shut, and the cabin is engulfed in flames. The man is trapped and fully conscious. The pure terror in his desperate cries and shrieks is plain scary. Wouldn't want to die this way. Period.

2 Skinned alive

Imagine having a minor paper cut. Now, a small piece of skin violently peeled off. Now imagine your whole body being skinned, being ripped apart from your muscles.

No. Just no. Being cut with a paper hurts, imagine being skinned while being alive. It's terrifying. I think this is like the worst way to go.

For the amount of time this would take, definitely the most painful.

3 Drowning

This would be the most painful death. Imagine this: you hold your breath for 20 seconds. Hurts, right? Now imagine doing that for 5 hours (you will die before then) without being able to escape. You wouldn't be able to breathe.

You have no clue how painful it is unless you die this way. Unlike burning to death, I guess it would be a slower death, though, which just may be even more painful than burning, if not as painful.

Imagine the feeling of a freezing cold shower, but instead, you can't just jump out, and you're slowly breathing in tons of equally as cold water.

4 Stabbed

Depends on how many times you get stabbed. One? Pretty painful, enough to make you pass out. A bunch? Makes you suffer without passing out first.

A blade repeatedly piercing your body, excruciating pain everywhere it hits, then the sensation of blood loss, not fun...

You would be bleeding to death. If you've seen enough movies, you know what it looks like, but imagine the pain.

5 Getting ripped in half by rope

Ouch. I watched a movie once where this man had his arm ripped off by a wire. Not a rope, but still pretty painful.

Crisscross Applesauce, but without the crossing. Or applesauce. Pretty much just criss.

Rope burn hurts. Imagine being ripped in half by it.

6 Animal attack

It kinda depends on what animal it is. Although, there are many insects out there that would cause a painful death.

That would be scary.

7 Melted with sulfuric acid

Melted? No, I wouldn't say that. It's more like dissolved. Your skin, then flesh, then organs, and, of course, senses - eyes, ears, mouth, tongue, you know - also, absolutely not.

And then, all the remains of you are blood puddles mixed with decaying organs.

I hate the thought of being in acid. It's just slowly eating away at you.

8 The tub

Known as the punishment of 'sitting in the tub,' the convicted person would be placed in a wooden tub with only their head sticking out. After that, the executioner would paint their faces with milk and honey, and soon, flies would begin to feed on them. The victim was also fed regularly and would end up swimming in their excrement. After a few days, maggots and worms would devour their body as they decayed alive.

Bugs, in my opinion? No. So, having maggots eating your flesh and flies chewing your skin? Also no. No matter how you slice this pie, this is one of the worst ways to go.

Sounds scary, and due to my fear of being eaten alive and being in tight spaces, a nightmare.

9 Electrocution

I'm glad I haven't been electrocuted.

I hate thunderstorms because sometimes when there is thunder, there is lightning.

10 Falling from a great height

I don't really think you would feel any pain if you fell from really high. You would just die. I once fell five feet off a trampoline, and you better believe my hands and head hurt.

When you hit the ground, you would be dead instantly without even feeling anything, before falling all the way down. Not only painful, but scary as well.

Imagine being pushed off a high building or whatever by someone, and you don't have a parachute to keep you alive. Yeah. It's scary.

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11 Hanged, drawn and quartered

This is humiliating, painful, and breathtaking, literally. The condemned is tied to a wooden hurdle and drawn to their execution place. They are then hanged until they are almost dead, then disemboweled. Then once their heart has been extracted and the head chopped off, their corpse (now it is) will be chopped into quarters. Crazy! I love death, and that's a nine-year-old speaking!

During medieval times, the penalty for high treason in England was to be hanged, drawn, and quartered in public. Although it was abolished in 1814, it was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. In this torture technique, the victim is dragged on a wooden frame called a hurdle to the place of execution. They would then be hanged by the neck for a short period of time until they are near death (hanged), followed by disembowelment and castration where the entrails and genitalia are burned in front of the victim (drawn). The victim would then be divided into four separate parts and beheaded (quartered).

12 Having your organs be ripped out while alive

Now, imagine your skin being peeled off. This will have to happen first, or your skin would be cut apart with a knife (check my comment on that above). Then, imagine after that, your intestines and lungs are ripped out.

That might be one of the most painful ways to die, probably third. But again, it would depend on which ones are pulled out first.

Okay, but your kidneys? Last time I checked, those things are practically hardwired to your body, not fun.

13 Starvation

Sucks for you.

14 Being beaten with a baseball bat

Much worse than getting stabbed. When you get stabbed, it's pretty sharp and can kill you faster. For a bat, something not sharp but instead hard could maybe cause a long time for you to die, at least longer than a knife. It kind of depends though, how deep a stab wound would be, how strong the person hitting you with the bat is, is it a metal or wooden bat? There are many ways to die from getting stabbed or hit by a bat.

If you watched that one episode of The Walking Dead, that's all you need to know about this way to die. Pretty insane.

This could give you memory loss if you get hit in the head a lot.

15 Rat torture

Being in an enclosure with rats is torture enough, but apparently, this was not enough for medieval times. One of the most sadistic of all torture techniques involved having a cage with one open side strapped against the victim's body. It would then be filled with large rodents, and a heating element would be placed on the other side of the cage. The rodents' natural instinct led them to flee the intense heat. In order to escape, they would burrow through the victim's body with fatal results.

Okay, I have a couple of snakes, so I'm not one to be terrified of rats or any sort of rodent for that matter. But still, watching the life-hungry animals tear and rip through your flesh, no, just no.

Rats eating you to survive. Imagine all that pain you'd have to go through. And what if they eat through your organs on the way?


It would be suffering.

17 Severe frostbite

Also known as hypothermia, it's the opposite of being burned alive but hurts just as badly. Instead of your skin being burned, your fingers will freeze and fall off.

Sounds like it would be one of the worst by far.

This would suck.

18 Getting hit by a car

I was hit by a car and survived. But I still remember it. The stench of blood and exhaust, the people crowding around me, the faint crying I could hear in the distance. No, I would not want to go out this way.

Almost got hit by someone speeding when the light was red while walking home from school. Screw that guy.

19 Ripped in half by an elevator

Honestly, it would probably not be a fast death since the doors aren't really sharp. It kind of depends on how fast the elevator door closes and opens. If it does so slowly, I don't even know if you could die from that. If it does so pretty fast, you probably wouldn't really end up being cut in half, just a huge vertical line in the middle of your body, red and bloody, kind of squished. Sounds painful. It could probably squish your organs, damage the heart, although I don't know how fast you could die from that happening.

The thought of it makes me want to cringe. The way your body slowly rips apart until there is just a bloody half of you left. Disgusting, but I'd feel bad for them.

Ouch, that might go head-to-head with getting split in half with a rope.

20 Brazen bull

Also known as the Sicilian Bull, it was designed in ancient Greece. A solid piece of brass was cast with a door on the side that could be opened and latched. The victim would be placed inside the bull, and a fire set underneath it until the metal became literally yellow as it was heated. The victim would then be slowly roasted to death, all while screaming in agonizing pain. The bull was purposely designed to amplify these screams and make them sound like the bellowing of a bull.

Just like burning, this pain is unimaginable. No matter where you lie, you're going to be in extreme pain. While your skin burns, your insides boil.

Imagine getting your finger stuck in boiling oil. Now imagine the same thing happening to your whole body. Now imagine that you are trapped in a melting metal box at the same time, being cooked, your insides roasting.

21 Bloody eagle

Why, just why? I mean, what did they do with the body afterwards? But yes, this would 100% be the absolute worst way to go. Imagine looking at yourself afterwards. That would be traumatizing in itself. Honestly, just be thankful you get to die.

I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. Well, I will when I die of that.

22 Alkali Bath

Drowning while you watch your skin turn into liquid. Your lungs burn as they dissolve. Next comes your eyes. You can't close them because your eyelids are long gone.

After reading all this, I'm wondering, why do people do these things? There's only so much pain one can take.

I would hate for that to happen.

23 Choked

My mom always told me not to eat too fast!

I always choke!

24 Cardiac arrest

Don't confuse this with a heart attack. Cardiac arrest is sudden, which is why it's actually one of the most painless ways to die. Once the electricity in your heart stops, your world goes black without realizing it. You won't be able to notice the pain before passing out.

25 Flesh eating disease

The slowest, I bet, is more of something that you become used to the pain.

Thank you for introducing something much worse than anything on this list.

Does this mean that the disease literally eats your outsides?

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