Top 10 Ways Why Men Have It Easier Than Women

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1 Don't Have Periods

This is why we need feminism.
1. I get terrible pain in most of my body.
2. I get heavy ones first and second day (Which is the worst)
3. I get sickness like morning sickness which I have to take tablets for and the tablets are supposed to be for pain but they don't help pain just sickness
4. It caused my epilepsy.
5. It caused my weight gain when I was younger starting them.
6. A day or something before I start I go to the toilet more not for that.
So males should not make excuses with their private parts bleeding and giving them pain when some people get more than blood and pain. I first thought the sickness was just something everyone had with periods like the pain.

Think about it. Its 5-8 days of continual blood coming from the butt every single month until you either get pregnant or can't ever be again. It comes with an additional week of PMS, along with the actual period, which comes with cramping, ruined clothing, leaking, bloating, and feeling gross and tired. Plus, it isn't society inflicted.

I knew this had to be number one because it is by far the worst part of being a girl, I hate it, I wish I could get the pills for it, but I have a heart problem so my dr say's it isn't safe, so I guess the amount of blood I lose is better?, so stupid.

Every month I have to take more Ibuprofen than I ever had. I've seriously ruined like, four different pairs of pants. My life was great until about five months ago when I started...

2 Less Pressure to Look Good

This one kind of depends on what you mean. If you mean just looking good, I agree, but men definitely have it harder when it comes to things like weight. I see guys get body shamed a lot and the people that claim to be against body shaming don't seem to care, but if you body shame a woman, they will treat you like you killed someone.

I think it's a tie.
1) men have to work harder to look like men in magazines/commercials than women
2) a lot of men find overweight women attractive while the opposite... there aren't really any plus-size male models yet in my country
3) make-up use

But at the same time:
1) as age passes, it's easier for men to keep up with the ideals
2) men who work out are considered attractice even when their face is ugly, they can do more for their appearance while women have to be born attractive
3) men don't have to worry about their body after childbirth or menopause, and also scars, wrinkles may be considered attractive on men
4) some people even degrade men who care about their looks too much

This comment is pretty cringey but I was just trying to explain what most males who comment here refuse to admit

Men complain they don't have a lot of chioces in clothing. That is because if a guy wears the same outfit all week no one will comment but if a girl wears the same outfit twice on non consecutive days everyone notices! We also need to look good and we get judged on our apperence.

How to look good if you're a women:
- be thin
- get called an anorexic for being thin

-be curvy
-be called obese for being curvy

Men, be muscly and your good.

3 Don't Have to Go Through Painful Childbirth

Want to have a child? Yeah. This is what we have to go through if we want that. Imagine your skin ripping from the hole of your penis to your butthole. Yeah that's what's happening to us.

This is the worst, I'm a man, but come on... maybe this and having the period every month. By the way, "They Age Slower"? Bullcrap, we age as fast as women, we just pull it off better

Imagine in the older times! No painkillers! But, it means women are very strong since god chose women to do such a task.

We have to push a human being out of us and men get to just watch and still get the reward. So unfair!

4 Can Fart / Burp Without Feeling Guilty

Bull. I don't see anyone saying that women should never fart/burp, so how can the feel guilty. Yes, I am a boy, but this is just common sense. Your body is constantly trying to regulate itself and farting/burping is a part of that. Why that is so hard for women to accept I will never understand.

We can burp and fart around our friends and they can rate it on how funny, loud or smelly it was. If a girl burps then we taken back by it a bit and we take time to try and process what just happened

Actually, I agree with this one. In grade 10, a boy burped really loud and the teacher laughed. 5 minutes later I accidently burped and said excuse me and I got detention.

I was brought up NOT to do these nasty bodily outbursts in public as it's "Most unladylike" Why is it funny than men can get away with it?

5 It's More Acceptable for a Man to Put On Weight

If a man gets fat it's all fine and good and no one notices, how many times to magazines do articles about MALE celebrity weight gain? But every magazine spins out of control when a women gains weight, look at a magazine there is almost always an article ridiculing a female celebrity for weight gain but if a man gains weight it's no big deal.

Exactly. Men cam gain weight and beat his girlfriend half to death and still have a successful career with millions of fans, yet a woman can put on a few pounds and she's fired, shunned, ridiculed and mocked.

Exactly. Plus, boys can eat a million things and not put on a single pound. Girls eat half that amount and they swell up like a hot air ballon

Why is this. A thin woman would happily settle for a fat man but a fat man is always looking out for a thin woman.

6 Don't Have to Pay Out On Makeup

I actualy preffer girls who don't wear makeup. I sad girls because I'm 14, and every girl I dated didn't wear makeup ( if she did she was going to an expencive lunch ).

Don't put on makeup:
I get called ugly.

I put on makeup:
I wear too much.


Most girls do though because society makes them think they aren't pretty by going natural

7 Less Likely to Be Sexually Harrassed In Workplace

But, women are MORE LIKELY to be sexually harassed. That doesn't mean men don't get sexually harassed.

There are more male perverts than women. When was the last time you heard a man being sexually harassed on the news,

The sad thing is, that some people take this as being that men don't get harassed.

Yeah, less likely, not they don't get harrassed at all.

8 Cannot Become Pregnant

Um how do I respond got this...sorry God made me that way...?

I mean, sure, you get a kid out of it (unless you kill the baby through abortion -_-) but really it still hurts like hell.

9 Can Go Topless

So apparently men's nipples are fine, but a women's, no. What. And like I mean it's stupid because the only different is women's come off our chests a bit. Literally there shouldn't be a problem.

In three states, women going topless is illegal, and in all the other states you can get in trouble for it. So don't even think about saying we can, because we can't!

"I hate how men sexually objectify women! "
Says that as they support women showing their naked breasts in public

Unless you are Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus.

10 Age More Slowly
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11 Are Taken More Seriously

If a women has a good idea, it's tossed out the door. But a man, right away it's like oh yeah great idea.

Definitely. Women are always treated not as seriously, it's really annoying.

12 No Makeup to Take Off at Night

Not hard for me to take it off, cause they'll fade slowly.

I Respect Woman but I will agree with this one!

13 Look Better Than Women First Thing In the Morning

That is true, because of the fact that sometimes when women wake up there hair is all messed up sometimes, but when men have there hair not all that messy.

That part is true. Anything looks better than me first thing in the morning, in fact, anything looks better than me, period.

Exactly. My boyfriend always looks perfect in the morning. I look like I just got run over.

My hair looks like it got hit with something, I don't know what.

14 A Well-Dressed, Well-Spoken Woman Is Called A Snob But A Well-Dressed, Well-Spoken Man Is Called A Gentleman Or "Distinguished"

That wasn't a criticism. I was saying that it's ironic that women who are well-spoken are generally referred to as snobs, and it's unfair on them. It is nonsensical that men get a positive look if they are well spoken and dressed, whereas women don't. So sorry if I sounded as if I was calling them snobs, which, of course, they aren't just because they're dressed well and well spoken.

PositronWildHawk: our paths cross yet again. I am a well-spoken woman and because of my job, I am also well-dressed and sometimes find myself at upmarket functions. My neighbours are forever calling me a snob. None of them take the time to get to know me to find out that I am FAR from a snob and in fact DESPISE snobbery in all forms. Make sense now?

I dress well, apparently I look like a snob. Then I wear sweatpants and a T-shirt one day and then I'm called poor and ghetto. In between, I'm a nerd try-hard. What.

Yes, have experienced this but I do love a well turned out "distinguished gentleman" (sigh)!

15 Make More Money Than Women

You talk like every woman is like that. What if they don't want children or buy studies. End the stereotypes. You just want more money. GREED.

16 Don't Get Creeps Staring at You

Creepy guys ALWAYS stare at me. And I'm in my freshman year of highschool, so I'm 14, and I get like creepy 25 year olds hitting on me and staring and its really creepy.

Well that's grade school. I'm Not saying guys aren't stared at too but you mostly hear about girls getting harassed because it happens more often

I had two harassers in sixth grade and one in seventh so I get it.

17 Don't Need to Wear a Swimsuit / Bikini

My bikinis always come off when I'm swimming and it sucks. They just have to wear shorts.

I don't mind a swimsuit, but I don't like wearing bikinis where 95% of my body is shown.

What if they did?

18 A Woman Who Sleeps Around is Called a Tart. When a Man Does the Same He is Known as a Hero

A key that has the ability to open many locks is a master key. A lock that can be open with any key, is useless.

Not necessarily a hero, but he does get praised by everyone.

19 Don't Need to Wear a Bra

It also depend on the size of your boobs. If their bigish it will hurt but if their small they won't really hurt. There is also the trouble of finding a bra the right size and is comfortable.

Same here. In the summer, guys can just take off their shirts. Where I live girls should only strip down to a T-shirt.

Oh god it's like being restrained and it sucks so much.

I hate my boobs.

20 Men Can Get Dirty and It's Fine but When Women Do It's Weird

I think the idea of being a tomboy is kind of weird.

21 Are Encouraged to Pursue Subjects Such as Maths, Engineering and Science

It's not cool for women to look "smart" in school. They are encouraged that acting dumb and ditzy is attractive. They are not prepared to support themselves as adults, they are expected to support their man who is the breadwinner. This is unfair and encourages women to have to rely on men.

22 Less More Prone to Obesity and Autoimmune Diseases
23 Don't Have to Shave Legs and Armpits

The most annoying thing ever. And waxing hurts. And so does getting it lazered off. And if you cut yourself while shaving... Ouch.

I feel self consious with hairy legs. I got my dads genes. So I kind of agree with this one but some people don't mind having hairy legs

I love a man with a beard, chest hair, and leg hair.

Men can become Hairy beasts that's for sure!

24 Women Had to Fight to Vote
25 Men are Deemed the Stronger Sex

They ARE the stronger sex. They have more muscles and bigger muscles.

Physically, then yes. However, both can be just as mentally strong.

And women are deemed the more flexible.

I hate this, what is the difference.
Yes men are stong physically
but we women are strong mentally

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