Worst Pro Wrestling Pay Per View Matches

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1 Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs The Warrior (Ultimate Warrior) - WCW Halloween Havoc 1998

Absolutely awful. Everything about this match, from the buildup to the actual event, was horrible.

Horrible match. Everything was awful from start to finish. The ending, with Hogan burning his face off the paper, was hilarious.

The first match at Wrestlemania was great. The second was a complete disaster from start to finish.

2 Al Snow vs Big Boss Man, Kennel From Hell Match - WWE Unforgiven 1999

Even on paper, the Kennel From Hell Match sounded ridiculously stupid and horrible.

3 Dustin Rhodes vs The Blacktop Bully, King of the Road Match - WCW Uncensored 1995

This match was obviously taped. I've seen direct-to-video movies that looked better than this.

4 Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan - Wrestlemania XXVIII 2012

Went too long. The crowd was sick of it halfway through and was dead for the finish. This is an example of how having mega-long Wrestlemania matches isn't always a good thing.

5 Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt - Payback 2017

This was the worst match I have ever seen on WWE programming.

6 Mark Henry vs Big Show - WWE Survivor Series 2011

A terrible championship match that seemed to go on forever. Even the audience was bored.

How was this ever going to be a good match? Maybe if it was over in 5 seconds...

The fans made it pretty clear this match was boring.

7 Undertaker vs Bossman, Hell in a Cell Match - WrestlMania XV

The only thing anyone remembered from this match was when Undertaker hung Bossman from the cell.

8 Vicky Guerrero vs Santina Marella, Hog pen Match - WWE Extreme Rules Match
9 Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar - WrestleMania XX

This match should have been better considering all the buildup to it. It took forever for the match to start, and the only cheers they got were when Stone Cold gave both Lesnar and Goldberg the Stunner at the end.

This match was bad, and both wrestlers were booed because they were leaving WWE anyway. The only cheers happened when Stone Cold Steve Austin stunned both wrestlers.
Its Joeysworld

Two wrestlers stood around looking at each other for 95% of the match without touching. Pitiful!

10 The Oddities vs Kaientai - WWE Summer Slam 1998

Such a pointless mismatch. This match is actually why I searched for others' opinions on the worst matches ever. Laugh out loud.

A 4-on-3 handicap match that was a cavalcade of utter silliness.

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11 Kevin Thorn & Ariel vs Mike Knox & Kelly Kelly (Intergender Tag Team Match) - ECW December to Dismember 2006
12 Adrian Adonis vs Uncle Elmer - Wrestlemania 2

It became nothing more than a squash match. Adrian won it very easily.
It's Joeysworld.

13 Sean O Hare vs Rikishi - WWE Backlash 2003

Not very interesting and did little to help Sean O'Haire's career.

14 Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs Sting - WCW Starrcade 1997
15 Jerry The King Lawler vs Michael Cole - Wrestlemania XXVII
16 Undertaker vs Big Show, Punjabi Prision Match - WWE The Great American Bash 2006
17 Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler vs Al Snow & The Coach - WWE Unforgiven 2003

No commentary and the lack of ring ability by J.R. and Coach made this match really unbearable.

Couldn't they find anyone to do commentary for this match?

18 John Cena vs Randy Orton - WWE Unfrogiven 2007
19 The Undertaker vs The Giant Gonzalez - Wrestlemania IX
20 Sting vs Jeff Hardy - Victory Road 2011

Jeff was plastered. Everyone knew. The main event match went on regardless, and Sting beat him in two moves, with Jeff's shoulder up the whole time he was pinned. This left the broadcast with 35 minutes of dead air. I have not watched pro wrestling since.

21 Jenna Morasca vs. Sharmell - TNA Victory Road 2009

There's a good reason this match started the MINUS FIVE STARS meme. Jenna was so bad that she made even the worst WWE divas look like the second coming of Lioness Asuka.

Two non-wrestler women had the sorriest excuse for a pay-per-view match, which seemed to be TNA's attempt to make WWE's divas era look good.

22 Shelton Benjamin vs Maven - New Years Revolution 2005

Maven spent most of the match talking on the mic and then lost within seconds. He challenged Benjamin again and lost in a matter of seconds once more.

23 DDP vs Jeff Jarrett vs David Arquette - WCW Slamboree 2000
24 The Ultimate Warrior vs Hunter Hurst Helmsley - Wrestlemania XII
25 Edge vs John Cena - Royal Rumble 2006
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