Top Ten Rules for Surviving a Zombie Outbreak

If zombie movies have ever taught us anything is that anything can happen during a zombie outbreak, knowing who to trust and knowing ways to kill off zombies without wasting precious ammo here are a few tips that may help you survive a zombie outbreak.
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1 Aim for the Head

Its common knowledge destroying the brain is the fastest way to kill a zombie.

2 Maintain Ammo Count

Every bullet counts during an outbreak its never a good idea to go out guns blazing there is nothing worst than being surrounded by zombies and to have no ammo.

3 Stay Fit

Zombies are relentless staying in shape is the best way to live a longer life, the fat and the slow are the first to go.

4 If a Person Is Bit Dispose of Them Immediately

It doesn't matter who they are a family member, a friend or loved one once a person is bit there's no avoiding it they will turn zombie kill them before they kill you.

Too many people in movies and in games have made the mistake of allowing an inflicted person to live.

5 Be Careful Who You Trust

Its always important who not to trust some people might seem seem helpful at the time but will betray you by stealing your supplies or leaving you behind.

6 Use Your Environment

Anything and everything that isn't nailed down can be used as a weapon.

7 Stay Away From Dark Places

Zombies tend to hang out in dark places such as train tunnels and abandoned houses.

8 Basements Are a Deathtrap

When picking a safe house make sure there is an emergency exit while hiding in the basement may seem like a good idea but when zombies break through the door there's no way out.

9 Working Together Is a Must

Night of the living dead taught us that teamwork is important for surviving a zombie attack, not working together always ends in disaster.

10 Always Check the Backseat of a Car

If you ever need to travel its always wise to check the backseat of the car zombies are known for hiding there and jumping out when you least expect them to.

That should be number one! That would suck if you got in your car and then a zombie came out of no where and killed ya!

The Contenders
11 Always Make Sure a Zombie Is Really Dead
12 Choose a Reasonable Weapon

Gun's are powerful and long ranged, but will eventually run out of ammo. Keep something like a sword, as well as a low ranged melee weapon with you at all times to insure protection during dangerous situations.

13 Don't Use Butter Knives as Weapons
14 Get Your Gun
15 Use a Quiet Means of Transportation
16 Don’t Be a Hero
17 In Dangerous Situations Act and Dress Like a Zombie
18 Avoid Cities
19 Eliminate the Weakest Link
20 Use Quiet Weapons
21 Know Your Surroundings
22 Head for a Harbour

Commandeer a boat and sail away. Zombies can't swim and even if they could, the sharks would get them.

23 Grab a Flying Machine

Preferably a hot air balloon or a helicopter since they don't require a long runway to land safely.

24 Go to a Hill
25 Never Trust an Animal
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