Top Ten Things Used as Insults that Shouldn't Be

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1 Calling someone "a jew"

There are kids at my school who use "Jew" as an insult and salute to Hitler. If I needed a decent insult then I'd call them "mentally challenged." Or "retarded." Either way, calling someone a Jew as an insult is ridiculous.

Believe it or not I have seen someone call someone that on the Internet. It is the equivalent of saying, "You like apples! " in an accusing tone. Yeah, what about the apples?

Not exactly an insult. This is typically objective fact that you only use as a last resort

2 Calling someone "gay"

I just hate how you can't like pink as a male. Of course, I won't wear pink clothes, I won't have a pink bedsheet, but I can't even write with a pink pen?

It's ridicuolous how some people like to call everything "gay". Pink? Gay. Green? Gay. Rainbow? Gay. Purple? Gay. Cats? Gay. Being kind to others? Gay. Speaking about your emotions? Gay. Non-metal music? Gay. Come on,

1. being gay doesn't mean you're less masculine
2. there is nothing feminine in the above listed things
3. you're not masculine because you hate and torture people and wear black leather clothes

3 Calling someone "Muslim"

Never really heard this used as an insult by anyone at my school.

Also, I feel like this has gotten more popular as an insult ever since 9/11.

Some people actually are muslims and not ashamed of it. Plus you never see someone using Christian or Hindu as a insult.

I don't like the prospect of other religions being used as insults.

4 Calling someone "black"

People use this as an insult? I know they use the N-word, but just black? Why?

Sounds like something that was used as an insult in the 1800s and early + mid 1900s.

5 Calling someone an "Asian"

I literally saw a diss track aimed to RiceGum that I think used this term in an insulting manner. I know it's aimed to someone who isn't really the best person out there, but trying to use their ethnicity as the punchline of a roast sounds more like it's targeted towards the entire race and not the targeted individual who happens to be a part of that race.

I don't understand how even being called "Asian" is a real insult.

I mean, this can be used as an insult towards someone who is obsessed with anime, but weeaboo is a better term.

6 Calling someone "autistic"

Using autism inappropriately as an insult is not only calling someone autistic. There are also common phrases like "it gives me autism". I haven't noticed yet the meaning behind this insult, because it seems it has little relevance to autism (lots of famous people like Napoleon were slightly autistic)

Thanks a lot, fidget spinners -.-

Now everyone uses this as an insult and no, it doesn't mean retarded it means you have impaired social skills but some autistic people can learn to develop social skills and become "normal" or whatever.

7 Calling someone a "nerd"

That insult is outdated isn't it?
I thought it was in the 20th century people used nerd and geek as an insult.

Translation: 'I'll be your slave in ten years' time'.

I am proud to be a nerd. I take it as a compliment.

8 Calling someone "Hillary Clinton"
9 Calling someone a "geek"
10 Calling someone "disabled"
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11 Saying someone has "Down Syndrome"

Why would this be used as an insult? Likewise can be said about calling someone disabled, cancer, and much more. It's just lying.

12 Calling someone "retarded"

I actually taught the mentally challenged in my Senior year of high school. There's a big difference between them and me and you. It's a low blow to call someone retarded.

So calling people autistic will result in you getting hate, but yet they use this word and you won't get any hate for using it? And I am saying that as an autistic guy

13 Calling someone a "terrible actor"

Ah, yes. One of the most common insults out there. One of my friends got called a terrible actor by a reviewer in a tabloid, and he spent the last 48 days suffering from severe depression.

This is a common insult on this website. What if I said the same thing about your favorite actor or actress? How would you feel?

14 Calling someone a "mistake"
15 Calling someone "cancer"
16 Calling someone "overrated"

People take overrated as a bad thing, but it really isn't.

17 Calling someone "Boomer"
18 Calling someone "slutty"
19 Saying someone has a "mental disorder"

Reasons I hate it when people use mental disorders as insults?
1.They are often false accusations because they may not have that mental disorder in real life
2. They are often used out of context
3. They use unpopular opinions as symptoms of mental disorders that are not even the symptoms in real life
One time On buzzfeed, someone said people who say Halo Top is the best ice cream flavor have an eating disorder. I replied the real definition of an eating disorder because of that stupid insult.

20 Calling someone a "midget"
21 Calling someone a "freak"
22 Calling someone “emo”
23 Calling someone "Karen"
24 Calling someone "SJW"
25 Calling someone "feminist"
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