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1 We spoke every thought in our minds?

I would go to jail for impudence.

Now, this would be interesting.

2 We didn't have the capacity to remember things?

We'd be living constantly in the present. We'd be living constantly in the present. We'd be...

Hmmm... interesting question. Well, I think... hold up. What was I doing?

3 We followed our gut instincts?
4 We didn't know right from wrong?

Thanks to fifty years of cultural and educational indoctrination with relativism, and the ever-present (though currently faltering) propaganda of political correctness, far too many truly believe that right and wrong are simply a matter of opinion, or personal choice (but only when defending what five thousand years of civilization tell us is clearly wrong). This sorry condition is ideal for those without courage and honor, but for the future of civilization - specifically, Western civilization - hardly auspicious.

5 We all shared the same opinions?

Then everything would be considered good. Critic websites would never exist, and we'd all live in peace.

Utopia by any other name would still be a mindless, soul-crushing bore.

6 There were no bad people?

It would be amazing. The world would be very peaceful without corrupted, selfish, and violent people.

7 We couldn't lie?
8 There was no music?

Yawn. I can't even imagine one day without music, so I think that speaks for itself what I think of this. It would not just be boring, also very shallow and lifeless. Seriously, who could imagine a life without music?

9 You knew when you would die?
10 We were able to live forever?
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11 The World Wide Web was abolished?

I honestly don't think some people would be able to function without it. They've become so dependent on it that they just wouldn't have a clue how to live normally from day to day. They'd be lost. It would cause untold mayhem if the World Wide Web was abolished. There would be more aggression and more impatience, even more than there is now. The internet is ruining lives, but abolishing it could prove fatal.

About a billion-and-a-half nervous breakdowns, conservatively. For me, there's always radio, landlines, etc., and... oh, I don't know... maybe interacting with fellow human beings in person? I would miss one person in particular, though.

12 There was no laughter?
13 We lived it as a musical?

"Oh, what a beautiful morning,
Oh, what a beautiful day.
I've got a beautiful feeling,
Gonna knock boots in the hay."

14 We didn't have eyelids?
15 We were born elderly and died very young?

I think there was a movie about that.

I've always thought about that.

16 Jesus was never crucified?

Let's hope atheists and people of other religions don't start arguments with us here.

17 We only had to say yes?
18 We live in The Matrix?
19 We ate and digested the other way around?

Haha - hey, a person's butt would be jealous of the crap that comes out of their mouth!

20 Dogs ruled?

We'd all be wearing waterproof chaps, fetching their slippers, and begging for treats. On the other hand, let's see how they like gagging on our breath and getting their legs humped in front of company.

21 Insects ruled?

Where have you been, girl? They already do. They're the roaches and black flies we call politicians.

22 You could anticipate sudden, inexplicable turns of events?
23 We could turn back time?
24 People didn't treat others as though they're blind and stupid?
25 We could control our lives by remote control?
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