Most Shocking Moments In Pro Wrestling History

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1 The Montreal Screwjob at Survivor Series 11/9/97

This was messed up... screw Vince - KingSlayer93316

The reaction from Bret when it happened says it all. - egnomac

The mOmen that changed wrestling forever!

2 Hulk Hogan Turns Heel at Bash at the Beach 7/7/96
3 Mick Foley Gets Thrown of the Hell In a Cell at King of the Ring 6/26/98
4 Brock Lesnar Superplexes the Bigshow Causing the Ring to Break
5 Raven Crucifies Sandman On ECW 10/26/96

The ECW fans are a ravenous bunch but even ECW fans have there limits when following a match between Raven and Sandman Raven Crucified the Sandman in the ring, Raven later apologized for his actions. - egnomac

6 Bigshow Throws John Cena Through the Spotlight at Backlash
7 Ivan Koloff Ends Bruno Sammartino's 7 Year Title Reign
8 Andre Turns On Hulk Hogan

I remember it like it was yesterday. Yes I know, but if you watched a WWE interview from 1984, when Hogan was the champion, Andre said he would like one day to challenge Hogan for a championship, it took 3 years for Hogan to say yes.

9 Brock Lesnar Defeats The Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXX

Hey, Taker's Streak Had to End at Some Point - s646451

For 21years what all the legends couldn't do Brock lesnar did in 1 night. How's that?



10 CM Punk's Pipe Bomb

Punk the legend forever #respect #legend

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11 Stone Cold Gives Vince the Stunner On RAW 9/22/97
12 The Shockmaster Debuts 8/18/93

How shocking was it, not so much if it was funny but it did. Instead on focusing on making a name for himself in WCW, he trip and fell and totally unscripted and made the blooper reels all over the world.

Shockmaster made an impact all right but not in the way he would have wanted to when he crashed through the sheetrock wall losing his helmet in the process.

13 Vince Hires Eric Bischoff Raw 7/15/02

No one in a million years ever thought Eric Bischoff the same man who tried to put WWE out of business would be working for Vince McMahon.

14 Brock Lesnar Winning WWE Title After Destroying John Cena (Summerslam 2014)

If he destroyed Cena, you should of seen this coming - KingSlayer93316

15 Edge Spears Mick Foley Through a Flaming Table at Wrestlemania 22
16 Brian Pillman Pulls a Gun On Stone Cold Steve Austin Raw 11/4/96

It was a moment that ALMOST cancelled WWF RAW forever. Yes Pillman and Austin have no love lost what so ever, and on that night in November 1996 it went into total chaos and yea they were shots fired according to one outside Pillman's house. It was a desparate attempt for WWF RAW to gain ratings against WCW Monday Nitro which was running away in the Monday Night War. The WWF later forced to apologize to what happened on that fateful night in Ohio.
Its Joeysworld

17 The Death of Rocky Johnson

It was a tragedy that ended one of pro wrestling's most popular superstars of all time. His sportsmanship and desire made him excel to pick up amazing victories and induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.
Its Joeysworld

The father of Dwayne Johnson who helped him follow his footsteps passed away at only 75. A TOTAL tragedy for all of wrestling along with his fans & son Dwayne. R.I.P. Rocky.

18 Larry Zbyszko Turns on Bruno Sammartino

Zbysko trained with Sammartino while he was at Penn State. In 1973 Sammartino brought in Zbysko to the World Wrestling Federation. In 7 years, Zbysko was one of the best, he was the 1974 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie of the Year and was a tag team champion with Tony Garea, but despite all of his wins, he never escape the shadow of his teacher (Sammartino) so in january, 1980 Larry challenged Bruno to a match on TV or himself faced retirement, Bruno later said yes.
On January 22, 1980 the two fought on national TV as Sammartino dominated early in the match, but as the match rolled Larry started to get angry and then after Bruno threw Larry out of the ring, Larry came back and then attacked Bruno viciously and then the first pro wrestling shocking moment of the 1980s happened when Larry walloped Bruno with a wooden chair 3 times, leaving him in the pool of mud in the middle of the ringand instantly turned Larry into a big time heel, thus started the Zbysko-Sammartino feud that ...more

19 Kane Tombstones Linda McMahon

He did it to a woman what better reason.

20 Mickie James Kisses Trish Stratus Raw 12/26/05
21 Undertaker Hangs The Big Bossman from the Cell WrestleMania XV
22 Nexus Invades WWE
23 CM Punk Leaves Money in the Bank with WWE Championship

Only to return with it 8 days later... - KingSlayer93316

24 Maven Eliminating the Undertaker at the 2002 Royal Rumble
25 Shield Reunion 10/9/17

Wasn’t really shocking because of all the dumbass rumour websites ruining it. Plus, Miz was making fun of The Shield anyway. So, I saw it coming a mile away - KingSlayer93316

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